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Danny Willett’s Net Worth

Danny Willett's Net WorthIf you’re a Golf fan, or just heard about Danny Willett’s surprising rise to fame, you no doubt were shocked by his winning the Masters in 2016. But how did he accomplish this especially at a relatively young age?

Danny Willett’s Career

Long before shocking everyone at the 2016 Masters by winning (claiming $1.8 million) Danny Willett started by playing for JSU (Jacksonville State University). This was in 2005 and he did such on a scholarship.In 2006 he won the Troy Invitational and in 2007 he won both the Mission Inn Collegiate Classic and, the Ohio Valley conference championship.

After ranking the number 1 amateur in the world he decided to go pro in May 2008 and ranked 59th for the Race to Dubai by the end of 2009. After that accomplishment he went on to the next coming in fifth at the 2010 BMW Championship which moved him to the top 100 in the world.

In 2015, 7 years after going pro, he again played in the Race to Dubai this time coming in 25th, a marked improvement. And then the very next year he won the 2016 Masters Tournament shooting 5 under par.

All of this bring’s Danny Willett’s net worth to roughly $2 million dollars, with the majority of it coming from the Masters ($1.8 Million).

Danny Willett’s Home Life

While moving up the rankings, and increasing his income, Danny was also having a successful home life. He was born in 1987 in Sheffield, England. Golfing from a young age at the course down the road from him.

In 2013 he married Nicole Harris who gave him his first son Zachariah in 2016.

What’s interesting to note is that Danny almost missed the Masters that he ended up winning. His son was due the same day and he had every intention of missing that in order to see his son be born. However, they were able to schedule a c-section a few days before and both mother and son cheered him on from home as he went on to victory.

What We Learn From Danny Willett’s Net Worth

Danny Willett is a young man by many standards (only 29) but has amassed a net worth that rivals many in their 60’s. He was able to accomplish this through fame, and winning a huge prize. Does that mean that if we want to have the same as Danny Willett’s net worth early in life we need to find a way to make it quickly? No, there are many paths to wealth.

We can set up many different income streams, take care of our financial health, or we could get lucky with some new fad. What we learn from Danny Willett is to stay focused on what we want and need, and money will come.

While accomplishing so much he has also been able to start and keep a family, something not the norm today. For many of us we would love to have the family life he has, and money can help with that. However, it isn’t needed. Make sure you make the most money you can, save all you can, but take care of your family.


How To Use Bitcoin In Your Everyday Life

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Jason Fieber’s Net Worth And What We Learn From It

Jason Fieber's Net Worth And What We Learn From It

When I started getting my personal finances in order I searched for great examples online of people who had already done what I wanted to do. Jason Fieber is one of the people, if not the main person, that encouraged me to finally take my fiances seriously and was able to turn around. So now, years later, looking at Jason Fieber’s net worth and how he got here is a amazing privilege.


Jason Fieber is retired, at 33 years old at that. Unlike some who was born with money, he was born in one of the poorest areas in the country.

Not only did he not win the genetic lottery but when he started making money he spent every penny of it and then some getting himself in debt. He received an inheritance at 21 of around $60,000 and instead of paying off his debt he spent it on really nothing.

After making a ton of mistakes, and finally discovering his net worth was less then a baby, he decided to make big changes in order to live the life he wanted instead of the life he was living.

How Jason Fieber’s Net Worth Grew

Jason Fieber’s net worth is not due to creating an amazing product to sell, or service that he was able to sell for a few million dollars. Instead he made his money the old fashion way. He increased his income through side hustle’s such as freelance writing and writing for his own blog. At the same time he decreased his expenses by moving to a state with no state tax (Florida), getting rid of his car and taking the bus everywhere, as well as cutting his food cost.

He then took the difference and invested in dividend paying stocks. It took him years to hit $100,000, but once he did the next $100,000 came rather quickly and then the next and so on.

Jason Fieber’s net worth currently sits at $334,308.57 as of May 2017. For many, if not most this amount would not allow you to retire, however Jason has cut his expenses so low that just the dividend income ($11,251.42 annually) is more than enough to cover his expenses.

Is This Practical For Others?

While what Jason has done is amazing, it’s not for everyone. First off, he really only has to pay for himself. He is married but his wife pays for her half of the bills (again something that might not work for everyone). He doesn’t have children, doesn’t own a home, or a car, and rarely if ever goes on vacation.

Does his life sound like he is deprived of luxuries? Or really even basic necessities? Well things couldn’t be further from the truth. Jason loves where he lives and it’s almost like he is on vacation everyday. He loves being driven around on a bus where he is able to read, or talk to people. His luxuries are going to the gym, going to the movies, night’s in with the wife, and his dog.

What We Learn

All of us will stop working at some point, whether that’s well we are alive or not. Jason has grown his net worth to a point that he can pay all his bills and still have money left over.

If we want to have the same type of lifestyle then check out Jason’s site and see what he has done to create it. For most of us we won’t be able to cut back as much Jason can, but can we make some cuts in our life now for our future self? Find ways to make cuts and invest the rest.

You don’t have to invest in dividends like Jason, but instead invest in growing a business, or going back to school, or whatever else will provide more income for you in the future.


3 Ways To Go To Costco Without A Membership

3 Ways To Go To Costco Without A Membership

I bought a Costco membership today. Not just the regular membership but the executive gold member membership. This made sense for my family, however it was after we decided to go to Costco without a membership.

With that in mind, I thought it would be good to explain the ways you can go to Costco without a membership to help you decide if it’s worth going or not.

Go With A Friend Or Family Member

If you know anyone that has a membership already it may be best to go with them. We personally went with my in-laws to buy a Costco cake a few months ago and loved it. $18.99 for a cake that can feed almost 50 people is amazing especially if you often have parties (think birthdays, picnics, graduation parties, retirement parties, etc.). Shortly after that we went to a friends house who had an amazing appetizer spread, and they got it at non other then Costco.

After looking at the perks that come from being a Costco member, beyond the great food for great price, we finally decided to get our membership. Yes going with friends and family is free, the problem is that I have to wait until they are able to go. And sometimes their schedule and my schedule doesn’t work. Bottom line one of us, usually me, is inconvenienced by the trip.

Buy Gift Cards

If you still don’t want a membership and also don’t want to be inconvenienced waiting for others then get some gift cards. You will be able to use them instead of a membership.

It can be difficult to get these, again you can ask a friend or family member and just give them cash. This though will also make you have to wait for them to be able to go and get you gift cards.

Another way to find Costco gift cards is to go to the secondary markets like Craigslist, and Ebay. Though you will have to pay a premium for those cards otherwise people wouldn’t want to sell them in the first place.

Pay More

What I didn’t know until recently was that you can actually go to Costco without a membership and just pay for things. Issue with this particular strategy is you will have to pay more. Yes being a member gives you the price on the items in the store, not being a member will simply add a percentage to your bill.

Just Get A Costco Membership Already

Odds are that if you are looking at this article then you should probably just get a membership. The first thing is that the food, electronics, shipping supplies, etc. are all worth the membership. Second, the membership is risk free. If you at anytime decide that the membership really isn’t worth it then they will refund you.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, personally the pesto sauce alone is worth the price. If you want to try it for free by all means use one of these ways to go to Costco without a membership, but it would be better just to get the membership.


4 Ways To Pay Your Rent When You Have No Money

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