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Buying Your First Time Bike Insurance

Buying Your First Time Bike InsuranceAlmost every action film has a bike scene. It’s exciting to see the main actor drive under a huge truck, or right between doors that about to close.

But this is the real world, and though we likely won’t ever do any stunts like that (or will we?) we do need to make sure we have first time bike insurance to cover anything that comes up. Read More


How Blue Apron Can Save You Money

I’ve always wanted to be a professional cook like on TV.  When I got my Blue Apron box, it was a little like having a secret fantasy come true.

If you know you want to sign up already click here. If you need to know more about it then please keep reading.

Ordering Your First Blue Apron Box

The ordering process is quick and easy. Simply go to Blue Apron’s webpage and sign up. After inputting your information and any coupon codes you find you select which meal plan you want.

Blue Apron will let you pick your favorite types of meat to eat, or rather your least favorite. In the settings menus, you can check or uncheck meats you do or don’t like. This allows Blue Apron to tailor the meals to what you like rather than what they just currently have available.

Blue Apron also offers vegetarians a wide array of options. As someone who loves to eat meat, I can say that the vegetarian meals they sent so far have been some of my favorites.

If after you sign up you don’t want to get a box every week you can “skip” a box. Or you can go in like me and skip all the boxes. Not that I’m never going to order again but I don’t want to accidentally forget that I’ve got a box coming and I’m on vacation and can’t get it.

When It Arrives

The box itself is not that large, or at least not as large as I thought it would have been. Once you open it though you see everything packed perfectly. It’s in an insulated bag with several ice packs and has so much food in it that it looks like you’ve just gone grocery shopping.

I took everything out of the bag and cleared a shelf in the fridge that was designated for Blue Apron meals. There were some things that came that I already had like limes, garlic, and oranges that I didn’t want to mix.

Preparing The Meal

Have you ever been jealous that TV has perfectly portioned out amounts of whatever they need? The first 15 to 25 minutes of making this meal will be making that for yourself.

Blue Apron comes with recipe cards that have instructions so detailed anyone could do it. Starting with chopping, mincing, slicing, etc. all the food. What I like is that it will have you start cooking one thing and then the instructions tell you when it’s time to start working on another portion of the meal instead of waiting.

According to the recipe cards, the meals I made should have taken a total of 30 to 45 minutes. It took me about an hour on each. Probably because I’m not as comfortable with a knife and don’t chop as fast as they are expecting. I also had to stop and read the card over and over again in an attempt to make sure what I’m doing is correct.

Once you start the process though it is really fun and relaxing. A warning however, it does dirty a lot of dishes. I used a small plate or bowl for each ingredient as I was prepping so I could just dump the whole thing in when needed. There are ways that you can decrease that but, to me it’s part of the fun to be able to just pour it in the dish.

How Filling Is It?

Having just two people in my family made the choice of sizing easy. One of the dishes I made I had several people over and turned into 4 dishes instead of 2. They were very filling and we all were happy with what we got. Making me think that had I eaten a whole amount myself I wouldn’t have been able to move because of how much food we had.

Not all the meals were as filling. The first meal, Oaxaca Cheese and Plantain Torta, was not nearly as filling. It fed both of us and we were full but had no leftovers. So there was no way we could have fed more than just us.

Should You Use Blue Apron Every Week?

We loved Blue Apron so much we want to do it every week. The food is great, better than anything I make on my own, but the cost is also pretty steep. I can usually make a meal for the two of us for half the price that these meals cost.

However, my wife and I also go out to eat from time to time and that can get pretty expensive. So we consider Blue Apron meals more as a special night type thing and it actually cuts down our budget. Instead of spending $35 to $50 at a restaurant by using Blue Apron we spend $60 for 3 nights of amazing meals.  In fact, it might also be cheaper than going to the grocery store in some situations. did a neat analysis of a Blue Apron meal and found it was about half as expensive as supermarket prices once you factor in the unit costs (here).

Not only will Blue Apron save money, but it also teaches me how to make things I would never have thought to make before. The plantains are things I’ve never really had before, especially in a sandwich. But, they were amazing and I would gladly eat them again. Not to mention I can get them at the produce store for less than $2, making it a very inexpensive meal.

If you have ever wanted to cook like the pros making delicious meals you can brag to your friends about then you need to sign up for Blue Apron. This link is good for $30 off your first order.

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A Complete Paribus Review – From How It Started To The App

A Complete Paribus Review From How It Started To THave you ever bought something and only a few days later found the same exact thing but for a lower price? Of course you would like that price difference refunded to you, who wouldn’t? With Paribus that’s completely possible and easier than ever. So here is More Than Finances Paribus Review.

What Is Paribus, And How Did It Start?

Paribus was created by Harvard Alumni Eric Glyman and Karim Atiyeh in 2014 on the belief that you shouldn’t always pay full price. Paribus reviews your recent purchases comparing the price you paid and the price it currently is. If the price has fallen within the products price match guarantee they get the refund and keep 25% of what they save you. If they don’t save you anything then they don’t make anything.

How Does Paribus Review Your Purchases And Save?

First, you have to give Paribus your information to tie into your accounts. With Amazon you simply provide your sign in information and it will automatically track everything you have purchased in the last 30 days. You can also have Paribus review your email account checking for other merchants such as Best Buy, Walmart, Overstock, Costco, Macy’s, and others.  Here is a screenshot from the Paribus website showing all the retailers they currently work with.

Completed paribus review

This is money you are technically already owed, they will give you a refund of the price difference if you ask. However, you have to do a lot of work in order to do so. Paribus does all the hard work for you and does so automatically. You never really need to check in with it, Paribus will let you know when they have done their job and email you.

How Much Will Paribus Really Save You?

Do you shop online often? Do you use major sites like Amazon or Walmart? Then Paribus can save you a ton of money. If you buy online from time to time it may not save much. The more shopping you do online the more money it could possibly save you.

For instance if you buy on average 100 things a month (go with me here) you could very well find 1 to 10 things a month that will save you money. However, if you only buy 1 to 10 things a month you may only see a few dollars a year in savings.

Personally though, I would have it activated anyway all the time. Even if you don’t buy things often when you do this is a nice backup to make sure you get the best price available.

How Good Is The Paribus App?

On top of having a great service that you can look at online anytime there is a Paribus App. Right now unfortunately the Paribus app is unavailable for android. As part of this Paribus Review, I reached out to customer service I discovered that at one time they did also offer a Paribus android app however it isn’t currently available. They are in the process of completely redoing it and should have it working in the near future.

The Apple Paribus app however, works great. What I love is that you can go through and see how much others have saved today. It also shows the “top payout” which on the day I looked was $102.84 for a mini bike. The majority of things on there though save anywhere from $1 to $15.

Another way the Paribus app saves you money is by allowing you to buy things others have saved money on. If you see something someone else has received a refund for and you would like to buy it then the option is available to you.

How Do I Sign Up For Paribus?

Sign-up is easy. There are four steps, taken directly from Paribus’ sign-up page. These should help you get started:

So, pretty much:

1. Get the app.
2. Give your email and credit info to Paribus.
3. Shop online
4. Sit back and get paid.

Finally, if you have a few spare moments, consider checking out this video on Paribus.


How Much Does A 2 Liter Full Of Dimes Really Save?

How Much Does A 2 Liter Full Of Dimes Really Save-After scouring the internet for all types of money challenges centered around dimes I found 2 things to be true. First, everyone loves talking about having a 2 liter full of dimes. And second, it seems almost no one has done it.

On Pinterest you can find thousands of pictures that say you can save $400, $500, $600, or even $700 dollars by putting every dime you come across into a 2 liter bottle. You may even have enough to try your luck Zipang Casino which is ジパングカジノ in Japanese.
Read More


The Age Old Question, Do You Tip House Painters?

The Age Old Question, Do You Tip House Painters-

We all know that we should tip our waitress, hair dresser, and maids (if you have one…that is). But who else should we tip? You would never consider tipping your Doctor or Lawyer would you? What about workers on your house? What about painters? Do you tip house painters?

How Much Do Painters Make?

According to Payscale the median hourly rate for a painter is $15.00. If a job takes a 8 hour day then that painter will makes $120 before taxes. Jobs can range in length from a day to a week depending on the size of the house. On top of paying for the actual painter, the materials, license, insurance,  and experience of the person you hire all go into consideration of the price you will be charged.

After seeing a job well done, and paying your large bill, it may be ridiculous to you to then give the painter a tip. And they will not be expecting it. However there are some very good reasons to tip house painters.

Why Do You Tip House Painters?

When we go out to eat we think nothing of tipping. Some of us may have even tried to impress someone by how much we tip. However when it comes time to tip someone who does a big job we are hesitant. But what if our painter did a good job. Not just an as expected job but they went above and beyond. They painted exactly what we asked them too, made sure the yard stayed in good condition, the windows didn’t get any dirt or paint on them, and everything looked amazing when they left. When people do their job well they should receive some sort of additional compensation for that.

Another reason to tip is for the future. If in the future you need to hire that painter for another job but he has another person also wanting to hire him. He will have to choose which one will get priority. Will it be the knew customer he has never worked with? Or, the customer who not only paid on time last time but gave an additional tip to go along with the payment?

How Much Do You Tip House Painters?

After we have decided we are going to tip our house painters the next question is how much? A good amount is 10% to 15%. If the cost is $1000 and they do it a day early and keep everything tidy then they should be closer to the 15% ($150 in this case). However if they didn’t do that great of a job, it took longer then expected, or they have to come out and fix some things they missed I wouldn’t tip.


While tipping a house painter is unnecessary, it can be good to do. Not only do insure that in the future your work is likely given priority you also show gratitude to the painter. You could also “tip” them with things like food and drink while painting. Or you could “tip” them with more work whether for you or someone you know.

What’s important is that you make sure those who you hire feel appreciated so that not only are they willing to work with you again, but they are willing to send quality people to do other things for you. A great house painter knows a great floor guy, and a great cabinet guy, and anything else. They love to help out those who they work with by sending them great customers like you who tip them.