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The Secret to Quality Dental Care at a Low Cost

zahnreinigung-1514693_640Whether you have dental insurance or not, more and more people are avoiding going to the dentist all together because of the high cost. Research shows oral health care is without a doubt the most unmet health care in America. Family USA, “found that dental care was the most common type of health care service adults with non-group coverage (insurance not provided by an employer) skipped because of affordability issues.”

Even if you brush and floss every day, dental issues still arise if regular dental visits are missed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 27 percent of adults in the United States ages 20 to 44 have cavities that have gone untreated. Over time these issues get worse and before you know

it, you are having a painful dental emergency. Not only are dental problems painful and a financial burden, for many it can also be embarrassing.

Lack of quality dental care has become a detrimental problem among adults. Unless something is wrong, most Americans won’t go to the dentist. This has led to the number of emergency room visits for “long delayed dental care” to double among adults, the USA Today reported.

The Secret to Lowering Your Dental Cost

A growing number of Americans are realizing the features of True Dental Discounts. With easy access to a wide network of participating dentist and significant discount for dental services. No need to worry about waiting period or pre-existing conditions. There also isn’t any paperwork to fill out. Specialty care, such as periodontics and orthodontics are also included.

Don’t Put Off That Dentist Visit Any Longer!

Getting your dental care up to date involves a routine exam, cleaning, and x-rays. Any issues small or large need to be treated before they get out of control. Oral cancer screening is also important.”

Close to 48,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. It will cause over 9,575 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 48,250 newly diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in 5 years,” according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. “Oral cancer is particularly dangerous because in its early stages it may not be noticed by the patient, as it can frequently prosper without producing pain or symptoms they might readily recognize, and because it has a high risk of producing second, primary tumors.”

Dental Discount Plans are much less expensive that traditional insurance and cover everyone in the family. Even expensive procedures such as extraction, crowns and root canals are covered. You will be able to choose your dentist from a large network of quality dentist. Most dentists prefer patients with dental discount plans because they don’t have lengthy wait for insurance companies to process the claim.


A Complete Paribus Review – From How It Started To The App

A Complete Paribus Review From How It Started To THave you ever bought something and only a few days later found the same exact thing but for a lower price? Of course you would like that price difference refunded to you, who wouldn’t? With Paribus that’s completely possible and easier than ever. So here is More Than Finances Paribus Review.

What Is Paribus, And How Did It Start?

Paribus was created by Harvard Alumni Eric Glyman and Karim Atiyeh in 2014 on the belief that you shouldn’t always pay full price. Paribus reviews your recent purchases comparing the price you paid and the price it currently is. If the price has fallen within the products price match guarantee they get the refund and keep 25% of what they save you. If they don’t save you anything then they don’t make anything.

How Does Paribus Review Your Purchases And Save?

First, you have to give Paribus your information to tie into your accounts. With Amazon you simply provide your sign in information and it will automatically track everything you have purchased in the last 30 days. You can also have Paribus review your email account checking for other merchants such as Best Buy, Walmart, Overstock, Costco, Macy’s, and others.  Here is a screenshot from the Paribus website showing all the retailers they currently work with.

Completed paribus review

This is money you are technically already owed, they will give you a refund of the price difference if you ask. However, you have to do a lot of work in order to do so. Paribus does all the hard work for you and does so automatically. You never really need to check in with it, Paribus will let you know when they have done their job and email you.

How Much Will Paribus Really Save You?

Do you shop online often? Do you use major sites like Amazon or Walmart? Then Paribus can save you a ton of money. If you buy online from time to time it may not save much. The more shopping you do online the more money it could possibly save you.

For instance if you buy on average 100 things a month (go with me here) you could very well find 1 to 10 things a month that will save you money. However, if you only buy 1 to 10 things a month you may only see a few dollars a year in savings.

Personally though, I would have it activated anyway all the time. Even if you don’t buy things often when you do this is a nice backup to make sure you get the best price available.

How Good Is The Paribus App?

On top of having a great service that you can look at online anytime there is a Paribus App. Right now unfortunately the Paribus app is unavailable for android. As part of this Paribus Review, I reached out to customer service I discovered that at one time they did also offer a Paribus android app however it isn’t currently available. They are in the process of completely redoing it and should have it working in the near future.

The Apple Paribus app however, works great. What I love is that you can go through and see how much others have saved today. It also shows the “top payout” which on the day I looked was $102.84 for a mini bike. The majority of things on there though save anywhere from $1 to $15.

Another way the Paribus app saves you money is by allowing you to buy things others have saved money on. If you see something someone else has received a refund for and you would like to buy it then the option is available to you.

How Do I Sign Up For Paribus?

Sign-up is easy. There are four steps, taken directly from Paribus’ sign-up page. These should help you get started:

So, pretty much:

1. Get the app.
2. Give your email and credit info to Paribus.
3. Shop online
4. Sit back and get paid.

Finally, if you have a few spare moments, consider checking out this video on Paribus.


3 Ways To Stop Spending Too Much Money When You’re Sad

3-ways-to-stop-spending-too-much-money-when-youre-sadWhen I have a bad day, I come home and order food, books, or whatever else I think will make me feel better. Sad people often do this and call it retail therapy. But there has to be another way, something else you can do.

A Study On Sad People

Studies show that when people are sad they spend more money. This is especially bad if what make the person sad in the first place is their finances.

Imagine that you get the credit card bill, or an emergency comes up costing you more than you have. Instead of dealing with the problem you go out and buy something that will make you feel better. In the study it was simply a bottle of water, but what if that something was a new outfit or even a new car.

So how can you avoid spending more when you are sad?

Change How You View Spending

Instead of feeling like buying something new will make you more important. View spending as it truly is, something that will enrich your already amazing life.

One suggestion is to think of every expense as a part of your autobiography. Every time you spend something think “is this who I am? Will people really think more of me if I buy this? Or, worse will they think less of me?”

Sad people want to feel better, spending won’t do that so change how you view spending.

Put Your Wallet In The Freezer

When you’re sad if you don’t have easy access to your money then you can’t spend. You could do something as drastic as freezing credit cards. Or,  leave your money at home not allowing yourself to even be tempted to spend.

Regardless of how you decide to keep your money away, if you are truly sad and depressed and can’t stop yourself from spending. Then removing the ability all together is probably the best option.

Do Something Fun, Different, and Free

The best way for sad people not to spend money is to simply stop being sad. That can require as little as going for a nice walk or as much as seeking professional help.

But you can curb spending and increase your happiness by simply changing what you typically do. If you would normally binge watch Netflix all night, then get out of the house. If you live on the beach then go to a park. The important thing is to do something different.

Odds are that there is plenty of fun free things to do around your town. Pick up your local newspaper and find out what’s going on. Some places have movies in the park that are free. Or if you want to get some exercise some places have running groups. Perhaps you could even just go out with a friend.

Change your surroundings, change what you typically do with something that is no cost curbing your spending and decreasing your sadness at the same time.

It’s true that sad people spend more, but with just a few changes you can stop this cycle.

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3 Painless Money Challenges You Can Start Today


Saving money is something people try everyday. Some have the discipline to follow the old adage to “pay yourself first”, but for most of us we need to find other ways.

We are a competitive people so when we make something a “challenge” or “contest” we are more likely to do it in hopes of winning. That is why a money challenge could be the best thing for you. But which one would work best?

The Tried And True 52 Week Money Challenge

Most people have heard of this money challenge. It’s popularity and ease make it the perfect first choice. How it works is that the first week of the year (or anytime you want to start it) you save $1. That’s it just a dollar, then the next week you add another dollar. Every week after you continue to add a dollar so on week 38 you would be saving $38.

This is a easy to follow saving challenge that will leave you with a total of $1,378 at the end of the 52 week challenge.

You can make this easier by automating the challenge. Transferring money from your checking to a savings account every week, or even every month to make it come out to the correct amount at the end. Averaging it throughout the year ($114.83 per month) having your bank automatically take that out.

The weekly cash method works great though, you don’t feel the burn as much at the beginning, and by the end you’re used to putting money aside. Not only that but you have all that cash you can then take to the bank, or just go on a nice night out.


The Under Appreciated 365 Day Change Challenge

For some the weekly money challenge is too much, but who doesn’t have a few pennies to spare?

The 365 day change challenge is daily but requires much less money. On day one you put 1 penny in a jar, the following day 2 pennies, and so on and so on. On day 365 you are putting $3.65 in the jar (less then week 4 of the 52 week challenge).

At the end of the year you will have saved $667.95, less than half then the weekly challenge, but still a nice amount of money. With that you could go out to a very nice dinner, you could go on a long weekend getaway, or get new tires for your car.

The Unlimited Potential Dime Challenge

If you use cash to make purchases this may be the best money challenge for you. Every time you come across a dime in your daily life you set it aside. When you get home you put it in a empty 2-liter bottle, or a jar, or anything else available. Some days will be more profitable then others, but you may find yourself finding ways to get more dimes.

When getting change you may ask for it all in dimes, or you may buy an extra pack of gum so that you will get more dimes.

This challenge doesn’t have to be dimes either, you could choose pennies, nickels, quarters, dollar bills, or five dollar bills. The basic part is to pick something that you put aside and never spend and save it.

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Stop Overspending And Start Splurging Wisely!

Creating and sticking to a budget can be dull and difficult, but you can make life a lot easier some careful planning and forethought. Realistically, no matter how much you want to live within a sensible budget, the temptation to overspend on impulse buys is an ever-present danger and one sudden purchase can ruin your budgeting plans.

Trying to achieve a healthy financial state, organising your bills and paying your debts, doesn’t have to be all about doing without, though. If you build a ‘splurge fund’, an amount of money ear-marked for those impulse buys, into your budget you could actually save yourself money.

Manage Your Funds

Even the word ‘splurge’ might make you think of large, unplanned luxury purchases that throw budgets into turmoil. But you can plan, prepare and work them into a spending plan. Set aside a little money each month from your regular outgoings, either in a special bank account or just kept in a jar, for when temptation strikes.

The idea is to learn how to manage your funds without feeling deprived of the pleasure of spending on treats. Deny yourself the ability to spend a little something on a couple of inessential luxuries once in a while and you’re more likely to lose control of your spending at a later point. Having a splurge fund gives you a clear idea of what you can afford to spend on luxuries.

To free up money from the budget to put towards your splurge fund, review your current spending habits and cut back on the things that don’t matter to save for the things that do. Look at the things that you regularly spend cash on and rethink where your money goes. Lots of money is dribbled away on the little things that people buy from habit. You could swap expensive salon shampoos for supermarket own brands, stop buying take-out coffee every morning or popping out to eat every lunch time and save on transport by arranging a carpool to travel to work.

Shop Smarter

You can shop smarter to save money. Look out for deals, special offers and sales and don’t go to places where it’s too easy to spend money. Have clear objectives about what you want and what you need before you go shopping. Any money that you save can be put into your splurge fund.

If you’ve set aside a little money each month, then when the time does come for a little retail therapy, spend responsibly and get the maximum pleasure for the least amount of money. Just because you are splurging, it doesn’t mean you can’t still save money to splurge again later.

Wait for a while, whether it is one hour or a week, when you see something you want to splurge on. Research and compare what you want, check to see if there any deals on your planned purchase and don’t spend until you have that surplus of money saved. There is a definite sense of financial maturity with delayed gratification and none of the guilt of hefty interest payments on a credit card.

This guest article was submitted by Francesca, a financial blogger from the UK who writes for SO Switch ( Be sure to share your tips for smarter shopping by leaving a comment below, or Tweet her @franki_blogs.