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3 Ways To Stop Spending Too Much Money When You’re Sad

3-ways-to-stop-spending-too-much-money-when-youre-sadWhen I have a bad day, I come home and order food, books, or whatever else I think will make me feel better. Sad people often do this and call it retail therapy. But there has to be another way, something else you can do.

A Study On Sad People

Studies show that when people are sad they spend more money. This is especially bad if what make the person sad in the first place is their finances.

Imagine that you get the credit card bill, or an emergency comes up costing you more than you have. Instead of dealing with the problem you go out and buy something that will make you feel better. In the study it was simply a bottle of water, but what if that something was a new outfit or even a new car.

So how can you avoid spending more when you are sad?

Change How You View Spending

Instead of feeling like buying something new will make you more important. View spending as it truly is, something that will enrich your already amazing life.

One suggestion is to think of every expense as a part of your autobiography. Every time you spend something think “is this who I am? Will people really think more of me if I buy this? Or, worse will they think less of me?”

Sad people want to feel better, spending won’t do that so change how you view spending.

Put Your Wallet In The Freezer

When you’re sad if you don’t have easy access to your money then you can’t spend. You could do something as drastic as freezing credit cards. Or,  leave your money at home not allowing yourself to even be tempted to spend.

Regardless of how you decide to keep your money away, if you are truly sad and depressed and can’t stop yourself from spending. Then removing the ability all together is probably the best option.

Do Something Fun, Different, and Free

The best way for sad people not to spend money is to simply stop being sad. That can require as little as going for a nice walk or as much as seeking professional help.

But you can curb spending and increase your happiness by simply changing what you typically do. If you would normally binge watch Netflix all night, then get out of the house. If you live on the beach then go to a park. The important thing is to do something different.

Odds are that there is plenty of fun free things to do around your town. Pick up your local newspaper and find out what’s going on. Some places have movies in the park that are free. Or if you want to get some exercise some places have running groups. Perhaps you could even just go out with a friend.

Change your surroundings, change what you typically do with something that is no cost curbing your spending and decreasing your sadness at the same time.

It’s true that sad people spend more, but with just a few changes you can stop this cycle.

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