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Best Home Improvement Projects That Add Value To Your Home

Improving your home is one of the best ways to add overall value to your property. Whether you are looking to sell your property or doing casual upkeep, it is never a bad idea to add value to your home. Though trying to find what fits your style and the consumers around your area, is important in trying to understand the housing market. Finding the expenses to remodel can be hard though finding lenders is easy as you can get a loan from your local bank. Furthermore if you rent, private lenders for rental property can give great rates on loans to help improve your rental property.

Landscaping and Exterior

The exterior of the house is the first impression the consumer gets about your property and home. Adding a simple garden and native plants to the exterior portions of your home is a great way to improve its value. Gardens may require some annual maintenance, though the value they will add to your home is worth the effort. Furthermore, consider adding trees specifically for shade, as this can help reduce energy usage. For people looking for a bigger return on their investment, adding a patio can have a huge return. If an outdoor patio is not your vibe, try an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces seem to be very popular choices, especially for young couples. Try to make the exterior portion of your home comfy and simple don’t go too overboard with accessories. The exterior matters just as much as the interior so it is important to not neglect it and focus on both.

Bathroom Improvements

Bathrooms are one of the best improvements you can make to a home, especially if you want a big return on investment. Returns on bathrooms can range from 100 to 300 percent, and bathrooms can also be a make it or break it for the consumer. Bathrooms are a big selling point of any home and having too few, run down, or old bathrooms will not help when trying to sell your home. Doing simple tasks such as replacing and cleaning tile and repainting can help improve your bathroom’s value. A full scale remodel will produce better results, as the bathroom needs to complement the house and its atmosphere. For example, adding double vanity sinks for a family home or a single shower for more space depends on whether your target is a family or a single homeowner.


Seen as almost the centerpiece and heart of your house, your kitchen is the best place to get a nice ROI when trying to sell. Even small remodelings such as re-centering cabinets, reapplying finishes, and applying a fresh coat of paint can help improve the value of your kitchen.  Furthermore, open kitchens have been very popular on a variety of home improvement programs and are popular with younger tenants. It can be very easy to waste money, especially in remodeling a kitchen, so make sure to do proper research into what styles are popular in your area.

When looking to improve your home and property, value is more than just purchasing new and fixing old. You truly need to know the consumer and what kind of house you trying to sell. As the the homeowner looking to sell or rent, you truly need to know what consumers are more likely to buy.  Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your own unique twist, but finding common themes that have a common interest with the public can increase interest in your property as well as its value.




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