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Chicago’s Newest Start-Up Helps you Save Money by Comparing Services

Bootler Full Logo Green-01Ever feel like you want to try out some new restaurants, but do not have the time or the money? I for one know how easy it is to get into the routine of eating the same things every single day, but it gets boring quickly. Luckily, I recently stumbled upon something that has helped me mix it up and change the way I eat meals.

While at work the other day, I felt like I wanted to try something new for lunch. My usual turkey sandwich and chips from the shop down the street were just not going to cut it for me. Unfortunately, I was not left with many choices. I could walk further and cut into my lunch time or I could order something. Ordering something seemed like the better option, but I didn’t want to waste extra money on delivery expenses. I began searching online to fulfill my appetite and I came across a new website called GoBootler.

GoBootler is a new Chicago Start-Up that makes ordering food online a lot easier and helps you save money. The directions are pretty straight forward, it’s really no nonsense. You can browse through restaurants by cuisine type or even just search a place you have been wanting to try.  You click on items you want, thus building your meal and then voila, GoBootler compares different delivery companies for the best price. I seriously had no idea how many delivery companies there were. After using this new site, I have saved money and my meals keep getting better and better!


Why It’s Important To Learn Forex Trading Online?

Forex trading offers a lot of opportunities for profit making to the investors. But only smart traders succeed as a profitable Forex trader. A big percentage of the beginners in Forex fail due to the lack of knowledge. It’s easy to enter this arena but not so easy to become a profitable trader without investing your time and energy in learning Forex trading.

How To Learn Forex Trading?            

Many beginners consider Forex trading a gamble. The first and foremost thing is that Forex trading online is not a gamble. It is a way of trading currencies smartly with the use of successful strategies, and correct prediction of the movement of prices in the markets. That is why it is important to learn Forex trading to understand the trading strategies well and get a full knowledge of the Forex market.

Learning Forex trading online is important and there are various methods by which you can learn Forex trading. Whatever may be the method of learning Forex trading the quality of learning is important. Here are some of the ways for getting knowledge about FX trading.

A Demo Account Is The Right Way To Go

Learn through a Forex demo account- No one is perfect from the beginning whether it is any field or discipline. With the practical knowledge comes the perfection and that is why it is recommended to try a demo account to learn Forex trading. Demo account is available with almost every broker and you can trade in the real Forex market without using any real money. Forex brokers provide demo money to trade and thus real money is not at risk even if you trade in the wrong direction. For more learning you can try the demo accounts of different Forex brokers and gain more experience as a beginner. When you become confident, you can start trading online at with a live account.

Learn Forex trading through Forex forums and communitiesForex forums and communities are great sources of Forex education since there are many Forex experts and traders who meet in these Forums and discuss their views and experiences with the trading they perform. If you have any doubt or you have any query regarding any Forex term or strategy you can discuss in the forum and know the views of different traders and experts.

Read trading online tutorials- Online tutorials are a great source to read and understand Forex trading. They cover the basics and the advanced level of Forex trading knowledge. But the most important thing is to read those materials only which are of high quality and provided by experienced Forex traders or brokerage companies.



Retiring with a mortgage: Should you sell your house?

If you are thinking about retiring in the near future, but are worried about how to pay the mortgage, then maybe you should consider selling, paying the mortgage off and downsizing?

With more and more people stepping on to the property ladder later in life, it has become common to carry mortgages well into retirement. Paying off your mortgage and moving is a good idea if you feel that you can’t keep up with the monthly payments after your working wage stops.

Assess your retirement savings

Before you make the transition into retirement, you must assess your savings. If you think you’ve got enough savings to last you through retirement comfortably making mortgage payments then it’s probably best that you don’t budge. .

However, if the interest rate on your mortgage overshadows the growth potential of your savings then paying off your home loan quickly by selling your house may be the best idea for you.

Cashing in your pension early

For some, retirement promises a debt-free life, eliminating monthly payments and bills. If you want to say goodbye to your mortgage for good but don’t have the available funds. you could cash in your pension.

However, this should not be taken lightly, carefully consider the consequences if you are thinking of taking this step.

Downsize your property

Instead of eradicating your mortgage completely, you could always consider downsizing your property and moving the mortgage on to a different building.

Sell your current property to pay off the existing mortgage. Then move to a smaller property where the mortgage payments are much less. You could even apply for a reverse mortgage, available for the over 65s, which converts part of the equity of the home into cash so that the mortgage provider pays money to the borrower.

Home equity

If you are hoping to use your home equity to cover some of your living expenses, then selling up is probably not the option for you. Keeping your existing mortgage will be cheaper than paying off the rest of your housing debt and taking out a home equity loan.

The process behind making a solid retirement plan may seem daunting, and every aspect should be carefully considered before any drastic decisions are made. What is right for some retirees, may not be the right thing for you to do, but it’s good to know that you do have options.


Making the Most of the Modern Age for Promoting Your Rock Band

It’s a tough world out there in this over-saturated market for rock bands. Anyone and their baby brother can make a record and put it out into the world. There’s no longer the filtration system of a record label having to approve your sound to be presented to the world. And because of this, so much terrible music is being created and put out into the world. And because of that, we are desensitized to the over-used phrases like ‘a must hear’ and ‘talented singer/songwriter.’ I could pick a homeless person off the street and call them a talented singer/songwriter and no one could tell me I was wrong. So what if you’re in a band and you want to get the word out? You have to think outside the box on how to promote.

1. Broaden Your Inspiration


We’re not talking musical inspiration here. You need to get inspired on promotional tactics from other realms. For example, in the world of trade shows, there are ways of attracting the passers-by to your booth. You have flashy signage, give aways, exciting audio visual interactive displays. Why don’t bands employ this type of marketing at their shows? They could and should. You can get pop up booths from cheap online resellers like and have a merch booth that will blow minds. It will be worth the investment. Instead of the age old annoying question of where to set up the merch, you come to the gig with a booth that catches the eye and brings in the bacon. Be sure to have a super hot merch girl, too, that never hurts.

2. Download Cards Everywhere


What’s the best way to get fans into your music? It’s to have music that’s awesome and then have people listen to it and love it. But they can’t listen to it unless they have access to it. Face it – you’re not going to get on the radio just now. But what you can do is offer you music for free and encourage people to come get it for free and to listen to it. You need to jazz it up, spice it up, and get people to actually download your music and give it a listen. Put download cards for free all over – at coffee shops and at clubs and everywhere you can think of. For every 1000 download cards, you’ll probably get 10 listens, and 5 new fans. But if 1000 download cards costs you a few dollars, you are talking about an easily recoupable expense that is a no brainer.

3. YouTube Covers


Then there’s the cheap easy way out. Don’t think of it like that. If you do a clever cover of a popular song on YouTube, you will definitely generate new fans of that song and even fans that don’t like that song but love what you did with it. Sure, you need to develop some thick skin, because haters will hate, and will say you’re lame. Would you rather have 995 people who like you and 5 haters, or no new fans because you weren’t willing to put it out there? You don’t want to be known as the band who does that funny cover of Gangnam Style, but if you get more viewers and fans, that can’t hurt now can it.


Life Insurance Choices: How to Pick the Best Option

Life insurance gives you the ability to provide for your family when you’re gone, all while covering potentially expensive final costs of funeral services and medical bills. Of course nobody actually likes to think about this possibility, it is necessary and the more prepared you are, the better off your family is going to be. In order to do this you’ll find obtaining life insurance is a must. In addition to comparing the life insurance rates there are also some other factors which should determine your decision.


Life insurance is going to help you pay for all of these circumstances and you’ll also have a nest egg for your family to live off of. On top of it all, life insurance can come in as a rather valuable investment, so you need to know what to look for and what sort of investment these services can offer. Not all life insurance policies are created equal, so it is essential to look over the different options made available to you and sift through the bad policies in order to locate the one best for you and your family.

Protection vs. Investment
This is the main aspect you need to look into when it comes to selecting the very best life insurance policy for you and your family. Protection is exactly what it sounds like. The protection policy is there to provide your family with a lump sum payment designed to cover all possible expenses and protect your family from having to pay out of pocket. This kind of life insurance usually only goes into effect should you pass on.


On the other hand, an investment life insurance policy does give you the option of keeping the insurance until you die, but you also have the option of cashing it in after a set period of time. This is because you pay in on regular or set premiums in which you gain interest. The interest is often higher than what you might receive in a savings account or other forms of investment (including CDs and high-yielding savings accounts). An investment life insurance policy is an excellent choice for younger individuals because even if you decide to cash this in, you have time to open a new life insurance policy without a hefty monthly fee. The younger you are when opening a life insurance policy the lower the monthly payments.

Payment Contracts
One necessary aspect to look into, regardless of the form of insurance you take out, is the payment contract. Some life insurance policies only pay out should you die, but this doesn’t help much if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or a critical illness. These are incredibly expensive, which is why it is important to make sure the life insurance policy pays out should one of these occur.