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Sensorium Announces Senso Token Availability On

Sensorium Corporation has announced the addition of its SENSO token to the Exchange. At press time, purchases are enabled, according to the announcement. Sensorium Corporation is a virtual reality developer with an emphasis on live events, 3-D VR experiences, and “alternate worlds” entertainment.

Its product, Sensorium Galaxy (developed with Redpill VR), is described as “social virtual reality”, and boasts “radical changes in the way users perceive virtual reality, going beyond its former solitary nature”.

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The Bitcoin Halving Effects on Future Prices

bitcoin halving effects

Expectations are high as the next Bitcoin halving approaches. The event will take place in the week commencing 18 May 2020. After the halving, the block reward will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 Bitcoins. While communities in the blockchain space are steaming with excitement, there are some reasons to remain cautiously optimistic. The effects of the Bitcoin halving cannot be ignored.  Read More


15 Celebrities Involved in Cryptocurrencies

celebrities involved in cryptocurrencies

Many celebrities have come and gone but never before in the history of mankind have celebrities been vocal about something like “magic internet money”. Cryptocurrency, in its infancy, was divisive and something to avoid in discussions for the sake of saving face. However, the years have passed and more people are realizing just how powerful this technological embodiment of monetary freedom really is. With more celebrities involved in cryptocurrencies than ever, the “digital gold” is becoming a more popular talking point. Read More


Bitcoin as an Insurance in COVID-19 Period

bitcoin insurance

Bitcoin is often neglected as an investment choice. A lot of people have written it off as fake money or a scam. Despite these notions being spread through different groups, Bitcoin has managed to stay profitable through most of its existence. This is one of the reasons Bitcoin could be considered as a suitable medium of insurance against the economic events that follow the COVID-19 period.  Read More


Legalities Of Buying A House With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has gained popularity as a means of not only investing but also as a great way of buying physical goods. Buying a house with Bitcoin has become more popular over the years across the globe. Read More