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How To Survive Unemployment

What’s the future when you find yourself unemployed? Do you have one? Well, that depends very much on who you are and whether you are ‘a glass half empty or half full’ kind of person.
There’s no doubt about it, surviving unemployment becomes more difficult the longer you experience it, but there are ways to turn over the card life has dealt you.
Being proactive is probably the greatest asset you can adopt and you need to actively maintain this state of mind. Having a positive outlook will make a massive difference to how you cope with this difficult situation. Here are some ideas to help in re-assessing your options.

Top tips to survive unemployment.

If you used to leave work on a Friday and then enjoy your weekend, you still can. Come Sunday night, though, start planning what you are going to achieve on Monday. Make this a routine. Find a journal and get into the habit of writing in it every day. Make plans and design a schedule. Things don’t just happen; from now on you have to make them happen. So make a plan of everything you want to achieve in a day. Have different columns for different things:

  • Job Search
  • Application
  • Skills Search/Update
  • Domestic
  • Confidence Building

You can make up your own headings but these are basic ones.

  • Create a column with money saving and money making tips. If we worked as hard trying to save money as making it, we could probably cut down some of the hours we needed to work anyway. Think about how to make money even when you are unemployed. You might start a backyard or garage sale, clear out everything that is no longer any use like CDs and DVDs, for example, and sell them – be ruthless.
  • Review your skills. Is there a skill you have never earned money from? Think hard. Perhaps you repair electrical goods, can offer computer solutions or lessons, are an expert at painting and decorating, or you could possibly become a freelance writer or designer. Maybe you could become a freelance translator. Do some voluntary work, you never know who you might meet, what experience you might gain or what opportunity will come your way. The important thing is to check out opportunities: the internet is full of them.
  • Doing someone’s garden, cleaning, ironing, dog walking and so on are all stop gaps, though some people have turned them into thriving businesses. They may not be great jobs but they can be a stepping stone to running your own enterprise and are things people always need help with. Identify a need and offer a solution, it shows initiative.
  • Keep up routines, think about updating your skills and your CV. Consciously save some money for your ‘escape fund’ and maybe use this to enroll in a course. Check out free ones wherever possible.

Now you are home, can you save household expenses by shopping more carefully, checking out bargains, cooking for yourself, avoiding convenience foods that are expensive and freezing food. You might write a blog entitled Surviving Unemployment and end up getting advertising on it!

The most important thing is not to be closed minded about your situation, be curious, keep busy and keep looking. Unemployment may be just the opportunity to give you the life change you have always wanted.

Just because there is no paid work it doesn’t mean you need to be ‘unemployed’!

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