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If you feel as though you have exhausted every possible way to save money each month and are still struggling to get by, you may want to consider your pant size. With obesity becoming a wide spread health concern across the U.S., many Americans are trying to trim calories out of their diets and maintain regular exercise regimens. However, losing weight and healthy living have more than just physical benefits. There are financial benefits to properly managing your weight as well. Areas in which a healthy weight will save you money include:

Health Care

Obesity can lead to a variety of high-risk health factors including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and joint erosion. Those suffering from obesity are also more likely to suffer from heart attack and stroke, and be more prone to other forms of heart disease. To reduce the likelihood of high health care premiums and high medical bills in the future, stay within the healthy weight range for your sex, height, and age.


Many who are overweight eat out at least once everyday, and eating out just once a day can quickly add up. “If you are someone who chooses to go out for lunch every work day to escape the office, you could easily be spending $50-$60 a week, or $200 to $240 a month, on lunches alone which is more than enough to cover the cost of groceries for personal breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for a month,” says Charles Bulger from Instead of eating out, cook for yourself or bring your lunch to work. Your waist will shrink while your wallet will remain fat.


Larger clothing costs more because more fabric must be used. Clothing for larger individuals also requires special tailoring and unique designs which also make it more expensive. If you have excess weight, shedding those extra pounds to fit the your body type’s healthy weight will not only make it easier to find clothes, but will also make them cheaper.

Losing weight has numerous short and long term financial benefits, and if you want to start saving additional money each month and are overweight, you should consider starting a healthy diet and exercise program. Doing so will not only help you add years to your life, but it will also help you keep money in your wallet which can be invested to enjoy the extra years you will have added to your retirement.

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