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Money Management Tools To Keep You On Budget

Good money management, unfortunately, isn’t a skill that we all possess. While budgeting comes naturally to some people, to others the word alone can send them pale with fear. However, we are living in a digital age, and with that comes the introduction of countless online and mobile-based tools that can help you make, track and keep to your budget. While you can opt for instant payday loans in the case of a financial emergency, keeping to a budget can ensure that you have money for what you need, when you need it. Without further ado, here are the best money management tools to keep you on budget.


The ‘envelope’ style of budgeting has always been one of the most popular, and rightly so. In this method, you essentially put your budget for the money in separate envelopes, and label them with what is going where – once the money from one envelope is gone, it’s gone and you can’t borrow from other envelopes.

A reinvention of the envelope budgeting process is offered by some companies at a price. Some options are available to use online and there a number of different packages which can unlock numerous different features, depending on your requirements, including a learning centre, mobile app and the option of a finance trainer depending on the company and package chosen.

Budgeting Apps

Mint is a budgeting app which is free for users, although this does result in a number of push notifications and ads. Nevertheless, the free app still allows users to track their spending habits in a simple manner via a smartphone. Users will have the opportunity to connect their bank and lenders, get alerts for any bills, and check their credit score from one application.

Another example of a budgeting app is You Need A Budget which offers information on money management and allows users to create budget plans in-app. For novice budgeters or those in a bit of a tight spot, this can provide help with the intricacies of money management. This particular example primarily runs on the desktop, but there are apps available for iPhone and Android to keep track of what’s being spent and where.

On this app, users can also share budgets with multiple individuals, which may be beneficial for families or couples. However, this app does cost $6.99 a month. Users can also enjoy a 34-day trial too to determine whether the user wants to commit the monthly payment or not.

Keeping on top of your budget doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you might expect. There are plenty of tools available online and on mobile to help you keep track of what you’re spending, what you can afford to continue spending, and most will even give you tips when things get touch. Hopefully one of these apps will help you with your budget in the future.


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