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How To Make Your Own Pet Toys

Pets don’t know the difference between toys you spend money on pet toys made from household items.  

Pet toy you can makeAdd to that the chance that your dog or cat may lose interest in a toy you buy from the store, and it makes little sense to buy them — unless you don’t the time to make them yourself.

Assuming you’re open to being crafty, here are some ideas for pet toys using things from around your home.


Dogs are happy to play fetch with any tennis ball you have lying around — and that you don’t mind getting dirty. Cats, however do best with a whiffle ball or ping pong ball.

Small bean-bag type balls that you might have for playing hackey-sack could appeal to either cats or dogs — but you might not want to let a cat have at it if their claws are intact.

Flashlight or Laser Pointer

This one is fun for dogs and cats. Hopefully you already own at least one flashlight for emergencies — and have a supply of backup batteries. If you break the flashlight out in the evening, you’ll some luck engaging your cat in playing with the light wherever you aim it; do it in broad daylight and it might not even register.

If you happen to have a color other than standard white, you might find your cat becomes even more interested. (Colored flashlights aren’t just for ravers, either; if your cat has ever had an accident outside of the litter box, your vet might have suggested you buy a black-light flashlights to illuminate where to clean up cat urine, which glows under the light.)

Even better: If you already have a red laser pointer for use in presentations, that device tends to be the biggest hit with felines. They love to chase after the light and appear to be less likely to catch on to the fact that it’s originating from your hand as they eventually do when you use a flashlight for this same purpose.

Ribbon and Yarn

Look for amounts of ribbon, yarn or even string that might be considered remainders — not enough to use for wrapping gifts or knitting. Tie them together to make a toy that’s too big for your pet to ingest in its entirety. Individual strands are much likelier to be swallowed, especially in the case of yarn or string.

Make Your Own Pet Toys

Remember to keep an eye on your pets when you first test out new toys. Anything they chew on might become something they swallow.

Most likely they will vomit back up anything that isn’t good for their digestive systems, but if they take ill, then that free toy suddenly becomes expensive if you have to go to the vet.

Speaking of your pet’s health, it will benefit if you vow to only make their toys so that you can use the money you save to buy healthier cat food.

Readers, have you thought about making your own pet toys?

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