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Small Investments to Save You Money

Something funny about money is that sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot. While this may sound like a paradox, it’s the truth. We are always constantly worrying about money, even if we’re financially stable; it’s just one of those facts of life. Even after we’ve paid the mortgage bill, collateral loans payment and bought groceries we are still going to fuss about how much we pay for everything. But maybe it’s time to change the way we think.

There are a variety of consumer products on the market intended to help you save money. While you may have to fork over a little in the beginning, the savings will help you out in the long run.

“Smart” Surge Protectors

If you’re looking to save money on electricity, check out smart surge protectors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but ultimately have one goal: to cut back on your electric bill. A large portion of our electric bills are a result of vampire electricity, or electricity our electronics use when we’re not in use. These smart surge protectors will automatically shut off electronics and small appliances not in use, so you can keep everything plugged while still completely eliminating the building cost of electricity.

Solar Lighting Tubes

You can completely eliminate your use of electric lighting during the day by investing in a solar lighting tube. These handy tubes get installed into your roof and, through the use of innovative non-electric technology, fills a room with light as if you’re using standard electric lighting.

Putting Trash Cans to New Use

Trash cans are used for a lot more than trash nowadays. While their production and manufacture aren’t the greenest of processes, they can be used to help cut back on various expenses. If you drill a few holes in the bottom of a trash can, you can create your own composter, where you can throw your old food waste and plant trimmings, keeping your waste production to a minimum. You can then, in turn, use the broken down compost to fertilize your plants. You can also use a trash can as a rain barrel, which you can place under the downspout on the side of your house. By collecting rainwater, you can water your plants and keep your new composter moist, and save yourself a little money off your water bill.

Trash cans are also great for collecting recycling. Instead of paying for recycling pickup, look for recycling centers near you; it may be more worth your time to bring your recyclables to the center yourself. While you may not receive much, some do pay a small amount depending on the cans and bottles you bring in to them.


This is probably the most obvious of these, but investing in a bicycle is a surefire way to save you money. A bike is relatively inexpensive–depending on the model and design–and requires no gas. The only expense is the occasional maintenance on the bike. This is most appropriate for people living in metropolitan areas, or for people who have all their resources near by. You will get a healthy dose of fresh air every day, get a little bit of exercise, and save yourself the $40, $50 or more that it costs to fill up a tank.

So by making these small investments, you are not only protecting the environment but conserving your money as well. While some of these may cost a bit in the beginning, the potential for saving money is huge. All it takes is a little motivation and inspiration to get you started on saving your money for the more important things in life.

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