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U.S. Grocery Stores That Accept Cryptocurrency

U.S. Grocery Stores That Accept Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular many people are wondering where they can spend their coins. We recently covered hotels that accept crypto payments, but what other common places accept payments like Bitcoin and Ethereum? Here are the U.S. grocery stores that accept cryptocurrency.

Do Grocery Stores Accept Crypto?

Yes, it’s true. There are grocery stores that accept cryptocurrency. However, as with most things crypto-related, it isn’t very widely accepted. For the most part, they are more obscure grocers or wine shops (think Total Wine and similar outfits). If you want to spend your hard-earned crypto coin on wine or other goods, below are several places in the United States you can do so.

Bardo Farm

Bardo Farm isn’t a place you might think of when you think of groceries, but you can purchase farm products from the off-grid family farm. The farm is located in New Hampshire and focuses on livestock, gardening, foraging, forestry, and more. When you go to purchase any of the farm products from Bardo, you’ll be happy to find they’ll accept your crypto payments.

Bees & Trees Manuka Honey

Located in Atlanta, this honey store may surprise you by accepting crypto payments. In return for your crypto coin, you will receive some delicious honey sourced from New Zealand. Sounds like a fair trade.


Blockchainbottle, which has nothing to do with blockchain in relation to crypto, is a family-owned liquor store in New Jersey. You can checkout using your digital wallet. While this isn’t a traditional grocer, the small store will accept crypto.


Located in Brooklyn, New York, DeWineSpot is one of the few grocery stores that accept cryptocurrency in the U.S. Not only can you purchase different wines here, but there are also tastings offered in the evenings on the weekends. Best of all, they’ll accept your crypto payment.


A common theme on the list of grocery stores that accept cryptocurrency is honey stores. Humbees, located in Redding, CA, is another honey store that allows you to trade crypto for honey. It is also a veteran-run business.

Mission Market

Another grocer you can spend cryptocurrency at is Mission Market. This store was founded in Fullerton, CA, and is mainly located in the Western U.S. They have a wide selection of “grab n go” foods and they are the only market in California accepting Bitcoin payments currently. Mission Market also offers delivery for many of its products, making it easy for you to shop using your crypto.

Primal Pastures

Primal Pastures is another organic farm located in Murrieta, CA. The business’ goal is to ensure they know where every piece of food they eat comes from. They want to responsibly grow a sustainable farm.

Product of Italy

This e-commerce site focuses on bringing quality Italian products to the United States. Whether you are cooking an authentic Italian meal at home or hoping to score some certified Italian products, ProductofItaly.com will accept your cryptocurrency payment at checkout.

These are just a few of the stores, wine shops, and organic farms that accept cryptocurrency in the United States. If you are wondering about a specific company’s crypto policy, your best bet will be to check their website or give them a call.

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