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Woodcoin Crypto Review: An Eco-Friendly Coin

cryptocurrency rating - thumbs upWe give Woodcoin (LOG) crypto a thumbs up. Woodcoin is a cryptocurrency that we believe has good potential. It has a high market capitalization and a large number of active social media followers, indicating good market adoption. The coin also solves significant market problems and is working to combat climate change. We believe that Woodcoin has good potential and recommend investing in it.



What is Woodcoin?

Woodcoin crypto was created by Lukas Saul in 2014 as a way to raise awareness about the impact of mining on the climate, and to contribute to the protection of ecosystems. The Woodcoin blockchain is like a tree, with its branches representing different programs for environmental protection and improved eco-friendly mining mechanics. It is a currency that is listed on 3 exchanges. The amount of coin is limited, which makes the growth of the coin organic. By investing in Woodcoin crypto, investors are supporting a project that is dedicated to making mining more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Coin owners earn rewards by staking their funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operation of a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain system. You can read the coin’s whitepaper here.

Social Media

Woodcoin has a healthy social media following with over 207.7K total followers on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit. While Woodcoin’s Reddit account hasn’t been updated for a long time, Woodcoin’s other social media accounts remain active.

Daily Market Trading Volume

The daily trading volume for Woodcoin crypto is currently at $2,920,380. According to Coingecko, as of the time of this writing, the value of Woodcoin crypto is $2.52.

Price Momentum

The price of Woodcoin tokens has increased in the past year by at least 445%. This is likely due to investor assessments that the coin is very likely to increase its value. This may also be because the projects not only allow coin owners earn but also include an eco-friendly approach to global issues.

Past 12-Month Price For Woodcoin, Accessed Sept. 16, 2022, via GoinGecko


Does Woodcoin Crypto Solve A Significant Market Problem?

Yes, Woodcoin Crypto can solve a significant market problem.

WoodLand Eco Project

The Woodland Eco project is built on the philosophy of saving and multiplying natural resources to improve the ecological situation in the world. The developers see how the technology sector uses natural resources and they want to note that in most cases this is a huge expenditure of energy, so they have come to the philosophy of green mining.

The Woodcoin team is developing an application that will be linked to the Woodcoin Wallet. The application will give users the opportunity to receive rewards for planting trees. The project is currently giving away Seed Tokens for free in social media platforms. After the launch of the application, those who help contribute to a healthy future on a green planet will have 100% chance of getting a reward.

Seed Token

People can earn SEEDT/LOG tokens by completing tasks on Woodcoin’s Telegram channel, and then exchange them for $$.

Woodcoin (LOG) – Our Summary

Woodcoin crypto has a number of things going for it that make it a wise investment. Its distribution is designed to more closely model renewable resources than nonrenewable and the money supply curve is designed for stability and longevity. This coin also has a healthy number of social media followers. Finally, the coin has a hard cap to the coin supply through Proof of Work of just over 27 million. This makes Woodcoin a very attractive option for investors.

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