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Welcome to the Editorial Policy page of “More Than Finance”. This policy outlines the core values and guidelines that shape our content. As a crypto-news website, our mission is to provide accurate, unique, and valuable information. To achieve this, our team adheres to the following principles to ensure our readers get the best possible coverage.

Commitment to High-Grade Content

The Importance of Quality: At “More Than Finance”, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. Our primary focus is to create relevant, engaging, and informative content covering various aspects of the crypto and finance world.

Trusted Sources: To ensure content accuracy, we rely on credible sources from the industry. These sources may include company releases, financial data, and professional insights.

Avoiding Sensationalism: We stand firmly against the trend of ‘click-bait’ content and misleading headlines. Our news coverage always maintains an unbiased and factual approach.

Rigorous Fact-Checking

Verification Process: To uphold our accuracy standards, our editorial team examines every piece of content. Prior to publication, editors verify the facts with multiple credible sources. We ensure that our readers receive accurate and trustworthy information.

Correcting Errors: Despite our rigorous approach, inaccuracies may occasionally occur. We take accountability for our mistakes and correct them promptly. Our readers are encouraged to provide feedback to make our work better.

Editorial Transparency

Decision-Making: Our editorial team’s decision-making process is transparent, fair, and based on facts. We ensure our content is in the best interest of our readers, free from any external influence or bias.

Conflict of Interest: To maintain integrity and objectivity, we avoid conflicts of interest among our staff. We strive to provide unbiased content that benefits our readers.

Our Editorial Process

Selection Criteria: We believe in providing our readers with high-value content. Our editorial team chooses topics based on relevance, utility, and current relevance. Also, we diligently follow crypto market trends and technological advancements to keep our audience informed.

Review Process: Every article undergoes a rigorous review by our editorial team. They are not just proofread for grammar and style, but also examined for accuracy, soundness, and objectivity.

Editorial Team: Our editorial team comprises experienced journalists, fact-checkers, and editors. They are committed to delivering high-grade crypto news and content.

Handling Corrections and Feedback

Correction Policy: Despite our rigorous approach, inaccuracies may occasionally occur. When errors are discovered, we take prompt actions to rectify them. Corrections are made in the text with a note explaining the changes.

Reader Engagement: We value our readers and encourage feedback on our content. Our readers are a crucial part of our community, their feedback helps us maintain the quality of our work.

Disclosure Guidelines

In order to promote transparency, we have established the following disclosure guidelines for our staff:

Involvement Disclosure: If any of our writers are involved or invested in the projects they write about, we require disclosure. They must state their connection in the relevant article.

Asset Disclosure: Our writers should disclose any digital assets they own while writing about them. The nature of their holdings (not the quantity) should be disclosed in a disclaimer at the end of the relevant article.

Editorial Independence: Despite any partnerships or sponsorships we may hold, our editorial independence is vital. We create and publish content objectively and free from external influences.

At “More Than Finance”, we take pride in our commitment to quality, accuracy, and transparency. Reach out to us at info@morethanfinance.com if you have any inquiries or suggestions.


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