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Coin Market Cap: Correlation Between Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency market cap

The correlation between the coins is calculated using a correlation coefficient, which shows the strength of the correlation. A correlation of +1 implies a strong correlation, correlation of -1 implies the pair will move in opposite directions and a correlation of 0 suggests no observable linear relationship.

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Web3: How Does the New Decentralized Web Change Things?

Web3 decentralized web

According to Statcounter, Opera held 2.73% of the global browser market share as of March 2019. This may not seem like much until you consider other statistics which show it had over 300 million active monthly users. In the context of cryptocurrency adoption, it could mean a lot. Its recent browser update presents a gateway to the new decentralized web which encourages greater adoption of Ethereum. Many may wonder how this affects the price of alternative internet browsers, like Brave and its token BAT. Read More


Bitcoin Recession: How The Economic Recession Could Affect the Price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Recession

The concept of recession-driven value does not seem to matter much to a lot of bitcoin investors. While many individuals have some understanding of recession-proof jobs and the like, there appears to be little knowledge of recession-proof investments among the general populace of economies and the bitcoin (or cryptocurrency) community of investors within those economies. Read More


Jack Dorsey: Is the Man Behind Twitter Right About Bitcoin?

Jack Dorsey bitcoin

Bullish isn’t even the word. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and FinTech firm Square continues to push the movement for bitcoin. Square reached $30 billion in market cap in 2018, a huge leap from the prior year in which its market capitalization was $9 billion, less than that of Cboe and Nasdaq’s at $10 billion and $11.8 billion.

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Stablecoin Popularity: Investment or Fractional Reserve Banking?


Competition Outshined

At a recent conference, it was revealed that stablecoin could be classed as securities. US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) senior advisor for digital assets, Valerie Szczepanik believes stablecoin should be classified as:

  • Those backed by real assets such as gold or real estate
  • Those tied to fiat currency in reserves
  • Those backed by market financial mechanisms

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