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Long-Term Mortgage Rates Hit a Seven-Year High

It Will Cost You More to Buy a Home

Long term mortgage interest rates reach seven-year high
The housing market topped a new threshold over the past week. Buoyed by a strong economy and a series of interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, thirty-year fixed mortgage interest rates reached 4.61 percent – the highest number since May of 2011.

Rates crossed the 4 percent threshold in the week of January 11 and they have been on a relatively steady rise since then. If this pace continues, we may hit 5 percent before the year is out.

Should rising interest rates deter you from buying a home? Not necessarily, but it may cause you to re-think your definition of an affordable home.
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Card Balances Drop While Consumer Credit Growth Slows

Card Balances Drop While Consumer Credit Growth Slows

A new government report provides both good news and bad news about America’s massive consumer debt load.

The bad news: America’s total consumer debt continues to rise.

According to May’s G.19 Consumer Credit Report from the Federal Reserve, combined (revolving and nonrevolving) outstanding debt rose by $11.7 billion in March to reach $3.875 trillion – continuing a string of monthly debt increases that goes back to January 2016.

The March increase equates to a 3.6 percent annualized debt growth.
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Tips for Investing by Trading Stocks

Stock trading or holding stocks is one of the best-known ways to invest. It is possible for anyone to buy shares from a company that has undergone an initial public offering (IPO). Stocks are great assets to diversify an investment portfolio with.

Stock trading, though popular, is also known to be one of the more riskier ways to invest. Stocks of even the most established companies can become volatile because of unpredictable market forces. For example, no one in the early 2000s predicted that Lehmann Brothers stocks would be worth nothing only a few years later.

If you are new to stock trading, there’s a lot to learn. Here is what you can do to become a new stock trader:

Get a Stock Broker Account

You need to have an account with an online stock broker to start trading stocks from the comfort of your home. There are plenty of websites that offer stock brokering services, but don’t trust all of them. Make sure you are signing up with a reputable website with an actual business registration address. Read online reviews, such as this Warrior Trading Review for an educational platform, to separate the good sites from the bad.

Once you have opened the account, start familiarizing yourself with the software platform. Most of these websites have virtual trading tools, free trading options, and research on stock available exclusively to clients. Spend some time learning all this before you start trading.

Learn about Stock Trading

Stock trading is not necessarily something you can learn in practice. Remember, you will be spending real money on these stocks. Therefore, read books, watch videos, and engage in online learning about stock brokering. There are websites like Warrior Trading dedicated entirely to educating the public on the art of trading stocks.

Try a Trading Simulator First

Before you go on to spend a lot of cash on your first trade, consider using a trading simulator. You can find these virtual trading programs online where you can make trades for practice. If you have never traded stocks before, this should give you an idea of what it’s really like.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start making actual trades. Start small with less than 10 shares at once. Walk before you run. Small-scale trading will give you valuable experience and a better  understanding of how stock trading works in real life.

Read the News

If you are trading stocks in a certain sector, you can’t afford not to read the news related to this sector. In fact, you will have to become an avid follower of the news if you want to become a responsible stock trader. Subscribe to The Wall Street Journal and browse other sources of reliable business and financial news. Stocks are affected by real-world political and economic events, so you won’t be able to make potentially lucrative trades without knowing what’s going on.

Don’t make the mistake of going all-in and trying to score big with your first stock trade. It’s an art that you have to gradually master. Don’t risk losing your hard-earned savings on a bad bet. Educate yourself and become a pro stock trader to build true wealth.


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What Should I Do with My Tax Refund?

By now, most people have filed their taxes. That means you likely know whether you are getting a refund or may have one already.

Tax refunds can be substantial, so figuring out what to do with that windfall can be challenging. Luckily, a refund is a chance to take some positive financial strides that can help you well into the future.

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