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Too Much Change? Sort Out Your Coins at Home

Lots of people put spare change in a jar to use for laundry or perhaps mass transit fare. Others just let it accumulate until there’s so much that counting them all becomes a bit of a production. Here are a few simple ways to sort out your coins at home.
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I Love My Morning Coffee More Than Finances

Almost every morning I wake up and make coffee for my wife and I. When we don’t have anywhere to go right away I get to sit and watch the news, read, or binge some Netflix while drinking my coffee.

This doesn’t really cost me much (coffee is pretty cheap if made at home) but has a huge impact on my life.
An impact that is far more important than finances.

Starts The Day Off Right

My morning coffee starts my day in a relaxed comfortable way. I don’t feel rushed to get to work, nor does it make me feel like I have all day to get things done.

Many times I use this time to plan out my day. How many articles do I need to work on, do I have podcast interviews, should I go sourcing for Amazon FBA?

This morning routine of drinking my coffee allows me to put myself in the right frame of mind and actually accomplish more that day than I would otherwise.

Gives Me Time To Myself

On my “work days” my wife leaves first thing in the morning and I get to drink my coffee all by myself.

I love my wife and spending time with her, however, sometimes I need to be by myself with enough time to relax.

For me, if anyone is around me I can’t get work done. I like people, I like talking to them, hanging out, or just watching TV together.

Put simply my morning coffee allows me to set up my day in a calm relaxed way all to myself.

Find Your Morning Coffee

Do you drink coffee? If you don’t what’s wrong with you?

Seriously though, maybe you don’t have enough time to spend your morning drinking coffee and relaxing. It’s possible that all the time you have is to grab a to-go cup and hit the road to work.

But, do you have something that you do that relaxes you and puts you in a good mood?

Can you spend a portion of your lunch break reading or listening to music, or doing anything that is simply there to help you focus and relax.

Maybe you don’t have time until the evening and you prefer a scotch and a book, or tea and a book. Maybe just binge-watching your favorite television show is the most relaxed you can be.

Whatever the case is, find your “morning coffee” and make sure that it isn’t taken away. Hold on to it, treasure it.

Because there are so many things more important than finances, and having time to yourself to get things you want to do done, is definitely one of them.


How Saving $10,000 A Year Is Possible

How does an extra $10,000 sound to you? Well unless someone is going to hand you that much money, it may be better for you to start saving $10,000 in a year.

Break It Down

Step one would be to find out exactly how much money we are talking about. I know it seems like a simple question, $10,000, however that sounds too large.

Instead cut it down smaller.

Saving $10,000 a year would take $833 a month, $192 a week, or $27 a day.

Depending on your income even those numbers can seem a bit overwhelming, so let’s see how we can make even these numbers easier to attain.

Cut Costs And Save The Difference

Saving money seems the same as losing weight. We all know we need to eat less and exercise more but doing it seems impossible.

The same is true in saving money, we know we need to spend less but how do we do it?

Start small. Don’t try to do everything at once, if all you can do to start is have one less coffee a day do that.

Those small victories become larger ones. Then cutting coffee out altogether isn’t too much, moving to a smaller apartment becomes the next step. Bringing your lunch every day is common, and eating in instead of going out to eat seems normal.

You know those things will help save money, but doing all of it at once is difficult, try to start one good habit a week.

With each new habit still spend that money, just not on things. Put that money in your savings account. The first week may only be $3 (one less cup of coffee) but by week 5 your saving $15 a week.

Increase Income And Save

You can either view this as your next step, or something to do at the same time.

Increase your income by asking for a raise, starting a side hustle, or selling things you already have.

A raise can be difficult depending on your job and what the company has to spend, however, if you spend some time gathering statistics as to why you are worth more it will help.

If you want to start a side hustle it can be something as simple as driving for Lyft or Uber. Or you can start freelancing, create a business around your skills, start a blog, the list is endless and has been discussed many times.

What’s important though is that you not spend that money. The goal is saving $10,000 in a year, if you have a side hustle that makes your $27 a day that alone can accomplish your goal.

Increasing your income while increasing your savings can make it that much easier.


It will require sacrifice, but it is achievable.

You may have to move somewhere smaller, where you don’t want to live. Or eat food that isn’t as good but provides the needed nourishment. You may have to work the majority of weekends in order to save.

But, at the end, saving $10,000 in a year won’t feel that hard and you’ll have quite the nest egg.


Equipment You Need in Starting a Restaurant

Are you planning to start a restaurant soon? One of the most important decisions you will have to make is how you can set up your kitchen efficiently. Having your restaurant properly furnished and equipped requires you to invest your time and money in making the best choices for your business.

Careful research and planning are crucial to ensure that you can maximize the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. With this in mind, you will need good quality equipment that can withstand the demands and pressure of daily usage.

Regardless of what type of restaurant you are opening, here’s the equipment you will need to start your business:

  1. Refrigerators and freezers. All commercial kitchens require at least some type of refrigeration to provide food freshness, cold storage space and prevent food spoilage. Before you make that purchase, you should also consider the size of your kitchen operations. Larger cold storages can be custom built to fit any type of kitchen but smaller restaurants may not require a walk-in freezer. Whatever you choose for your kitchen, this is will be one of the essential equipment you need to have for your business.
  2. Ice makers and ice machines. Commercial ice makers are definitely necessary for a majority of restaurants or food service establishments. It is important to ensure that you have clean, fresh ice all throughout the day, so that you can keep those food chilled during transport or you can continuously provide ice-cold drinks and beverages to your customers. You can choose with either undercounter ice makers if you have a small kitchen space or Manitowoc ice machines if you have a bigger space and the condenser is stored outside.
  3. Stove tops, ranges, and ovens. If your restaurant needs your food to be cooked over an open flame, you will need stove tops or a kitchen range. Having a range is the powerhouse of the kitchen, so you should choose one that meets both your aesthetic and cooking needs. Most ranges also come with a built-in oven. If your restaurant operation does center around baked goods too, then you should purchase a range with a convection oven. This is an excellent appliance for toasting, roasting or making pastries and pies.
  4. Shelving can provide solutions to storage of appliances or even perishable and non-perishable food. When you have an organized storage system, it can help you a lot to streamline your kitchen operations. You will know where to get the item you need. Shelves and kitchen racks do come in a variety of materials and sizes to satisfy your preferences and storage needs.
  5. Dishwashing equipment. Having your own dishwashing machine, complete with a landing area, a dish table, and a garbage disposal can be the best way to tackle your needs when it comes to dishwashing. You may need to invest a bit more when you want this installed, however, it can save you time and money in the long run.


Do you have any additional tips what type of restaurant equipment to use in the kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


What To Do When You’re Dead Broke

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