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Cryptocurrency Taxation In Different Countries

Despite the seemingly slow pace of regulations being made in response to what can be confidently described as a financial revolution, almost a quarter of the world has intact began working on policies relating to cryptocurrencies. Inevitably, taxation is a leading influence on policies in many of said regions. A growing number of countries require taxation on cryptocurrencies in relation to both capital gains and income. Read More


Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency for any other digital currency or traditional currency such as US dollars and Euro. You may need to use an exchange to verify your ID or open an account if you want to trade professionally and have access to sophisticated trading tools. Read More


Investing in Cryptocurrency IRAs

Bitcoin may not be an ideal investment for retirement because of its volatile price fluctuations. Nevertheless, a growing number of financial services companies now offer the option to invest through self-directed IRA accounts in the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin IRA, one of the early providers in this area, claimed in an interview earlier this year that it had signed up for its service to 4,500 people. Read More


How to Pay Cryptocurrency Taxes in a Bear Market

While the cryptocurrency markets recently picked up, downward pressure can still be felt, with losses being experienced by many. Filing taxes adds to the heat of the markets. Many investors in cryptocurrencies will have to claim capital losses to reduce their tax bill. Read More


US States With the Most Cryptocurrency Friendly Tax Laws

As more US states create cryptocurrency regulations, cryptocurrency holders feel the heat of the taxation that is to come. While some states are taking a hard stance with respect to the taxation of cryptocurrencies, others are taking a different approach, opting for tax laws that attract cryptocurrency businesses and owners. Read More