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Diversifying Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Diversification is considered to be a very important aspect of Modern Portfolio Theory, which was developed in 1952 by Harry Markowitz who believed that returns from a  portfolio may be maximised by diversifying the assets in a portfolio. In the context of cryptocurrencies, uncorrelated coins may exhibit lower risks. Coins which exhibit correlation are likely to increase in value by similar measures. Read More


Is Facebook’s Libra the Next Best Investment?

Facebook's Libra

Facebook’s Libra

The cryptocurrency markets are so dynamic that it’s often quite hard to keep in the loop of the latest information that may be key to one’s next investment. Facebook’s Libra Coin has shaken the many in the cryptocurrency sphere with excitement, skepticism, and fear. Facebook finally released the details of its long awaited cryptocurrency, opening the gates to what could become a new business model for social media sites. Questions of regulations and market fit arise as more individuals consider the inevitability of the social media giant’s cryptocurrency. Read More


Leverage Trading Cryptocurrencies

Leverage trading , also known as on-margin trading, is the process of borrowing money to make an investment. Investors in cryptocurrencies use leverage trading to increase the potential returns of their investments. With leverage trading, traders benefit from margin. Margin is the amount of capital invested in the trade in proportion to the total position held. A trader with $100 can increase their trading position to $10,000, thereby achieving a margin of 1%. Read More


How Tax Efficient are Security Tokens?

More businesses have issued new types of tokens which present different tax implications for holders. A security token offering represents a taxable event. Purchasers of security tokens must take into account the regulatory changes taking place not only for conventional cryptocurrencies but also security tokens. Read More


Earning Passive Income With Bitcoin

Trading time for money is not advantageous in the long-run. Trading time for money means an individual is only paid once of time spent working. Getting your money to work for you can produce substantial rewards. Savings accounts and bonds do not offer opportunities to maximise investment returns like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have. Read More