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Places to Buy Games Using Bitcoin

Are you looking for places to buy games using Bitcoin? Depending on when you started searching you might have some false starts–all the way back in 2017 the Steam platform ditched its support of cryptocurrency after having accepted it as payment. And that might discourage some (especially Steam loyalists who are also into Bitcoin) but there are other options to consider.

As always, what follows in this space should not be construed as financial advice, investment advice, or tax advice. This is for informational purposes only and invest in cryptocurrency at your own risk.

Where To Buy Games Using Bitcoin

So if a big and influential platform such as Steam won’t deal in cryptocurrency, who will? Third-party sites such as Green Man Gaming have in the past offered Bitcoin support for game purchases; other third party sites such as Bitrefill take a different approach. These sites don’t offer games for direct purchase but rather have (in the past) offered gift cards for the platform you want to play on. Steam doesn’t accept Bitcoin? Buy a Steam gift card through a third party using Bitcoin instead. Read More


Is It Smart To Receive Your Salary In Cryptocurrency?

Is it smart to receive salary in cryptocurrency? Opinions vary, but much depends on how much of your salary is paid in cryptocurrency, the state of the market, and other variables. To begin this discussion, let’s examine two things the federal government of the United States advises consumers about where cryptocurrency goes.

The Nature of Cryptocurrency

The Federal Trade Commission official site reminds us, “Cryptocurrencies are not insured by the government like U.S. bank deposits are. This means that cryptocurrency stored online does not have the same protections as money in a bank account.” That fact alone warns a lot of people off having their salary paid in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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How to Make a Business Out of Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, have become very popular in recent years, with the early investors in Bitcoin likely having achieved small fortunes. More and more investors with each day that passes discover the profits that can be [or rather, were] made from cryptocurrencies and turn their hands to it. While it is unlikely anybody will make profits similar to those made during the early days of the Bitcoin, there is still considerable money to be made. Read More


How to Make Money With an Ethereum Node

how to make money from ethereum nodes

Some want to know about the economic incentives of running an Ethereum node. This practice differs from buying and selling Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because maintaining an Ethereum node requires more technical know-how from those who seek to make money or earn direct monetary benefits from doing so.

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The IRS Is Watching Cryptocurrency Traders

tax cryptocurrency

Does the IRS tax cryptocurrency? Yes, they DO. And if you trade in cryptocurrency, don’t lie to the IRS about it–or ignore their communication with you regarding such cryptocurrency issues.

That’s the latest word from a variety of sources including the Internal Revenue Service itself, which reminds traders, “Virtual currency transactions are taxable by law just like transactions in any other property. Taxpayers transacting in virtual currency may have to report those transactions on their tax returns.”

You read that correctly, consumers are being advised that when the IRS chooses to tax cryptocurrency, they do so with an eye on extra scrutiny on those perceived to be flaunting the rules.

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