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Coin Market Cap: Correlation Between Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency market cap

The correlation between the coins is calculated using a correlation coefficient, which shows the strength of the correlation. A correlation of +1 implies a strong correlation, correlation of -1 implies the pair will move in opposite directions and a correlation of 0 suggests no observable linear relationship.

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Your Guide to Small Business Equipment Financing Options

It’s a well-known fact that 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. It’s hard to generate the amount of income you need for the first few years in business while you’re still getting established.

Getting the finances to fund your business in the first place is a problem for small business owners, as well. 27% of small business owners aren’t able to procure the financing they need to their business’ success.

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Web3: How Does the New Decentralized Web Change Things?

Web3 decentralized web

According to Statcounter, Opera held 2.73% of the global browser market share as of March 2019. This may not seem like much until you consider other statistics which show it had over 300 million active monthly users. In the context of cryptocurrency adoption, it could mean a lot. Its recent browser update presents a gateway to the new decentralized web which encourages greater adoption of Ethereum. Many may wonder how this affects the price of alternative internet browsers, like Brave and its token BAT. Read More


Things to Be Careful About While Building Food Delivery Apps


Today, online food delivery is trending and how! While the global revenue for online food delivery hit $95m this year, it left no doubt that the business has become popular worldwide and is extremely lucrative. If you are planning on starting something similar, here are a few tips to keep the finances in check while coming up with the ideal app!

Decide on the framework

Before anything else, think about the technical aspects of the app. The first step is to choose a platform or OS that the app will work on. Determine whether you want a native app or a hybrid app. Decide on the one that offers you the most features, especially the ones that are predominantly required. For this, take guidance from your app developer. Doing this can save capital.

Get clarity on the features

All your customers want to do is find their favourite restaurant and get the details of their order; nothing more, nothing less. For instance, Deliveroo uses separate platforms for its customers and delivery partners to screen unnecessary information for both parties. The delivery partners’ app provides them with the details of the restaurant and customer only. Figure out the necessary features you must invest in and this clarity will keep your budget in check.

Use attractive content and visuals

When your app is being developed, make sure it is attractive enough to retain a customer. A key to customer retention through the app is using content that is both engaging and informative. Spend your time and money on creating effective content (information about the food and offers) while focussing on pictures and visuals of food that provide details. Also, an attractive logo can do wonders!

Focus on ease of use

This is one of the most important things to consider when creating any mobile application. A good user interface can retain customers more than anything else. The UI of Uber Eats is a great example. On the app, a user can access all the information he or she needs seamlessly; a great user experience is guaranteed.

Have a USP

Nothing works without a Unique Selling Point. How you differ from the rest of the online food ordering services can decide to an extent, how quickly you become successful. Some services have attractive offers, while some provide ease of use. There are apps that detect the user location automatically and apps which require the user to manually enter the address. Many things can become your USP!

More responsibilities come into picture after the app is ready and your business is set to launch. You must market it in a way that is affordable and beneficial! Here are a few options.


Coupons and offers

Attractive offers and coupons drive call-to-action. In no time, the traffic on your app can increase and your online food ordering service can flourish.

Social media

There is no doubt that social media platforms have become an integral part of life today. Using them for marketing can prove to be fruitful for your business.

Referral programs

This is the best way to gain customers and exposure for your business! Referral offers spread like wild fire and get more people to install your food ordering app.


Emailers are a great way of attracting customers. Send out reminders, updates and offers with catchy subject lines and have your customer visit the app.

Before you start spending on a less-reliable marketing idea, analyse the requirements and determine what can draw customers towards your business. Since you are starting from scratch, be clear about the app requirements. Follow the tips mentioned to align the expenses with your budget and you are good to go!

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Bitcoin Recession: How The Economic Recession Could Affect the Price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Recession

The concept of recession-driven value does not seem to matter much to a lot of bitcoin investors. While many individuals have some understanding of recession-proof jobs and the like, there appears to be little knowledge of recession-proof investments among the general populace of economies and the bitcoin (or cryptocurrency) community of investors within those economies. Read More