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Paying for University Education: Role RESP Providers Like Children’s Education Funds (CEFI) Playing

For most Canadian high schoolers, graduation is only the first completed path in the road to a well-rounded education.  For many students, the most difficult task lies ahead in choosing the right university for their post-secondary studies.  Acceptance to a university is not guaranteed and it can be very expensive, depending on which school they choose.


Students must be prepared to pay oftentimes hefty tuition fees, which vary from school to school, and even program to program.

Of course there is financial aid available to assist students and their families with these costs, including student loans – which you do have to pay back – or scholarships, bursaries and grants which you do not.

Both the federal government and the provincial or territorial governments have programs that provide low-cost loans, grants and scholarships for students. You can get information from the institution you plan to attend or by visiting the National Student Loans Service Centre.

The costs of pursuing education beyond high school can add up, but for Canadians, there is a savings tool that is important to consider.  Registered Education Savings Plans or RESPs are tax-sheltered savings vehicles that can help to offset a child’s future education costs and are offered through leading providers like Children’s Education Funds (CEFI).  Anyone can open an RESP for a child: parents, grandparents, guardians, relatives and even friends.

When you open an RESP for a child, the Government of Canada will help by adding funds to the RESP through programs that encourage people to save. These programs are called the Canada Education Savings Grant and the Canada Learning Bond.

CEFI offers three types of RESP to choose from: the Self-Initiated Option Plan, which is designed for investors who are seeking a flexible, individual RESP option; the Achievers Plan for committed investors who are seeking a pooled plan; or the Group Option Plan, which is CEFI’s most popular plan and is designed for investors who value protection of principal and are disciplined, committed savers.  In fact, the latter plan has paid out the highest scholarships to Canadian students 21 years in a row.*

Saving for post-secondary education through an RESP is best when started early, but can be opened at anytime.

And it is never too late to fulfill your dreams.

For non-traditional students, such as adults looking to further their post-secondary education, it may be difficult to go back to school full time and also maintain a career.  To balance both,  many institutions offer part-time and distance education courses geared toward working adults, so they can study and work at the same time.

It’s important to note that each school will have its own deadlines and rules for admission. Some run on a three-semester basis and accept students at the beginning of each semester, while others run on a yearly basis, with deadlines to apply in early spring.

Students can simply contact the admissions department at their school of interest for more information or by visiting the school’s website.

Whether students want a school with a renown athletics department, innovative research or specific programs, Canadian universities do have a lot to offer. Students just need to remember the importance of saving early, and knowing where to look.

*CEFI has compared its Scholarship payments for the Group Option Plan to those of other Group Scholarship Plans through publicly available financial statements and prospectus documents at . On the basis of this comparison CEFI has determined that its Group Option Plan has paid the highest Scholarship payments per unit to beneficiaries from 1997 to 2017 inclusive.


Email Marketing and Spam

Today, many still do not know the true meaning of the term E-mail marketing and are often consider it as spam. Meanwhile, this direction is most relevant for those who want to keep up with the times and quickly convey their information to users.

Email marketing today

In the age of high technology, e-mail marketing can be safely positioned as an inexpensive, but very effective alternative to direct mail. As the offers in an e-mail also goes directly to the addressee, and is more likely to interest the reader than an image publication aimed at the masses. At the same time, e-mail marketing is a more promising business area than traditional banner advertising, which is becoming a less and less effective tool. This is due to the recent increase in the number of banners, due to which many users are forced to use utilities that block them.

E-mail marketing and Spam

When we talk about e-mail marketing, it is very important to clearly distinguish between it and spam, which is certainly one of the biggest problems of the modern Internet. Spam is obtrusive, unnecessary postal correspondence advertising certain sites, products or services. The user is not able to unsubscribe from it, and it becomes more difficult to calculate spam because spammers easily fake the names of the senders.

To ensure that your newsletter does not receive such a stigma, try to follow some tips.

  • Send your offers only to those users who really need it. In order to do this, email-marketing platforms such as Campaign Monitor provides a system for creating groups of recipients.
  • Always give users the opportunity to unsubscribe from your newsletter. To do this, at the end of the letters, specify the contact address of the distribution coordinator, or commands for the mail robot.
  • Never fake the name and address of the sender, always keep correspondence honestly, on behalf of your company.
  • We recommend you make your newsletter personalized so that each recipient can read his name in the “To” field. With Campaign Monitor opportunities, you can do this, and many more.
  • Keep track of the correctness and “reputation” of the links you use. Check the links of your partners from being at the list of “undesirable”. Filters also check the link text for the final result. For example, if the text of does not lead to this site, your letter will be considered as spam.
  • Regularly clear, the subscriber database of invalid addresses and contacts of those who unsubscribed, otherwise the system will determine your newsletter as unauthorized.
  • It is also undesirable to send letters containing only links or pictures. In order not to cause system suspicions, always use the text in your emails.
  • Avoid spam words in the body of the letter, most often they relate to the subject of quick enrichment, urgency and free offers (urgent, congratulations, get a million in a minute, click here, without investments, do not delete, earnings, 100% freebie and many others).
  • Do not forget about Double-Opt-In, for the postal service, this is something that proves that the user personally agreed to receive your letters.

Here is some useful infographics from Campaign Monitor to help you avoid spam folder.

Email marketing has tremendous opportunities to improve the effectiveness of any business. The only thing you should do is properly use the existing tools. Email-marketing platform Campaign Monitor is an affordable way to achieve great results in working with a large number of customers.


Is Cryptocurrency a Threat to Accounting Professionals?

cryptocurrency and accounting

Financial transactions are the center of the world of accounting. Whether it is helping a person or business balance their books, monitoring incoming and outgoing payments, or assisting with tax filings, financial transactions are at the core of the field. Since cryptocurrencies don’t follow standard transaction processing protocols, does that mean these digital coins are a threat to accounting professionals?

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4 Quick and Easy Tips for Managing the Finances of Your Small Business

Financial management is one of the most essential tasks of any business owner or manager. One small mistake might have crucial consequences which might lead to the failure of the company. So slipping into bad financial habits for your small business can be extremely dangerous. It might even lead to affect all the investment and hard work which you have put into your business to grow on the market.

If you have just opened your small business and you are not familiarized with basic accounting and money management, it’s imperative to learn them as soon as possible. If you don’t have the time to take a class, there are financial accounting apps like Mint that can help guide you through the basics. Starting your business with smart money habits will help your business grow and enable you to scale it on a successful path.

Read on to learn 4 essential tips for managing the finances of your small business!

Don’t mix personal and business finances

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is to mix their personal and business finances. While it may seem easier in the short run, in the long run it can lead to personal liability, tax audits, and losses for your investors.

By setting a clear budget or sourcing your accounting software for your business, you will be able to steer clear of mixing your business finances from your personal liability. If you keep to it, you will be able to keep proper track of the expenses without any confusion.

Always keep a track of your expenses

The success of a business depends on healthy finance habits right from the start. If you begin your business with a clear and detailed budget, it will set good spending habits that will result in satisfying rewards. Be sure to be aware of unplanned expenses as a safety net for your budget, and keep track of your expenses, income and profit. Doing this will help you if you choose to look for a loan for your business or various forms of alternative lending too.

Invest in growth

The most important aspect you should consider to help your small business to grow on the market is to continuously re-invest into it. No matter how well you manage the finances of your business, if you do not invest more in its growth it will not bring better financial rewards. Every business faces financial challenges depending on the market trends. However, by continuously investing in the growth of your small business, you will be able to watch its success.

When facing a financial challenge, a business loan might be exactly what you need in order to have the necessary amount of money to continue investing in your business and help it be back on a positive track.

Keep the costs of business trips minimal

Last, having good financial habits for your business is to keep the costs of business trips as low as possible. Business trips are an important part of the success of your business due to the fact that you need to meet with important business partners or sponsors which are crucial for the growth of your business. However, spending too much money for traveling costs is definitely not a good idea. Do not overspend on luxurious travel and accommodation.

Smart money management decisions may not always be easy, but these tips will help get you started. The more you stay on top of your business finances and your cash flow, the more successful you will be able to be in the scaling of your business. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?


7 Cheap Stocks to Buy That Should Take Off in 2019

Forex, stock, market.

A wise man once said that when it comes to the stock market, no risk equals no reward. While that may be true, sometimes it’s the lower-risk investments that can pay off the most.

You could remortgage your house to buy some shares in Google, but with annual returns grinding down to virtually nothing, that’s hardly a rewarding investment. Sometimes the best way to maximize your earnings is to start cheap.

Choosing some cheap stocks to buy at the very start of the year might see you getting a pretty hefty payday by the end of the year. Here are 7 cheap stocks that look bound to take off in 2019.

Cheap Stocks to Buy: Shoe Carnival

The nationwide footwear retailer Shoe Carnival looks set for a promising year. Already valued at around $589 million, signs of growth in 2019 look strong.

Thanks to a recently rolled-out loyalty program which has seen double-digit growth in the last quarter, share values could jump up significantly from their current $38 apiece.


Groupon is undoubtedly one of the best cheap stocks to buy now, given the rock-bottom share price of around $3.63.

While the discount giant has been in the doldrums, a recent viral ad campaign combined with renewed interest from millennials seeking “experience gifts” means that 2019 could be very lucrative indeed.


The Chinese tech giant may be on track to become one of the most highly-valued companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your moment.

Prices dropped to a recent low of $158 a share following fears over the US-China trade war, meaning it has never been a better time to invest in Alibaba stock. Pundits are predicting returns of as high as 54% before the year is out, making this one a pretty good bet.


Now is undoubtedly a good time to start investing in the defense industry. US military expenditures have jumped up to their highest levels since the Cold War, meaning that big contractors are killing it.

While shares in Lockheed Martin might be out of your budget, the defense tech manufacturer Arotech should be an easy purchase. With share prices currently sitting around $3.21, it’s too good an opportunity to miss.

Evolent Health

Like it or loathe it, the healthcare industry is one of the top places to find the best cheap stocks. The industry has been in good health for years and double-digit growth looks set to be the norm.

Shares in Evolent Health, a company that deals with IT infrastructure for hospitals, are currently sitting at around $28. With some big deals in the pipeline in 2019, you can expect some healthy returns over the next 12 months.


Another healthcare company for this one. Quidel may not be one of the most famous companies listed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t growing fast.

Quidel manufacturers diagnostic healthcare products and exports to dozens of countries worldwide. A share in this promising company will set you back a mere $52.67.


It’s always good to finish with a surprise. While Apple stocks might not exactly count as a bargain right now, prices are lower than they have been in years.

Share prices are currently hovering around $153 as a result of the company issuing some pretty dire profit downgrades in January. Nonetheless, growth looks set to bounce back later in the year, with potential returns of as high as 22%.

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The stock market is by its very nature unpredictable. However, with the right investor knowledge and expertise, you’ll always know which are the best cheap stocks to buy. If you want to become a financial pro, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for any guidance you might need.