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International Investment: A look at property investment in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has been making world news recently, and not necessarily for all the right reasons. 

Protests have continued for months now regarding legislation proposed by Hong Kong Government, leading to all manner of uncertainty regarding both the political and economic state of the country. Tourists have shied away from the country, sending nerves across the financial centre.  Read More


How Millennial Money Blogs Can Help College Students and Graduates

If you have recently entered college, you are likely to be adjusting to several things, such as a new environment, new people, and many others. Though not as apparent, another change you may find yourself dealing with is personal finances.  Read More


How to Prepare for Retirement

Are you looking forward to retirement? When people think about retirement, they usually dream about traveling, spending time with their grandchildren, and pursuing a hobby. A question like “Can I retire yet?” seems to be on everyone’s mind.  Read More


What Is Freight Factoring, and How Does It Work?

Running a trucking company is not simple. You can play several roles in a day: founder, administrator, auditor, salesperson, and human resources supervisor, to mention a few. Additionally, if you juggle many tasks, it’s possible to let the most important things fall through the cracks.

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6 Effective Ways To Make Money Online

Over the past several years, an increasing number of people have been turning to the internet to make money. However, the majority of people may become overwhelmed at the sheer number of ways to make money online that are available. 

While there are quite a large number of methods to take advantage of, the majority might not be worth the time investment.

This is primarily because they don’t offer too much of a financial incentive to attract people. However, there are a few common ways that you should be able to do so.


Online webinars have only recently become a popular way to make a living online, although it’s proving to be quite lucrative.

To take advantage of this method, you should need quite a large social media following to offer these webinars to, as well as something interesting for these webinars to focus on.

While this might take a large amount of time to build, it can be a viable option for people who already have both of these. In the majority of cases, these webinars are given for free, although you’ll be able to sell a product while people are there. 

Some webinar hosts have also put their content behind a paywall and make them visible after a user pays a small fee. Typically, this will be a monthly subscription that allows them to see all of your content for the month ahead. 

While this can be quite a notable way of making money, it will need a large amount of time to do. This is primarily because you’ll need to ensure that your webinars are released regularly, which will then attract an increasing number of people to them.

Alongside this, you’ll need to ensure that the topic you’re focusing on is something that people will want to learn about.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the more popular ways of making money online in the past few years, with there being a few notable reasons for this.

However, there is still a large number of people who aren’t aware of what may be involved with affiliate marketing 

While this may seem like a complicated way of earning an extra income, it can be much simpler than many people would believe. This video explains it in an understandable way, which makes it worth looking at.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is the process of partnering with brands or companies and advertising their products online.

When doing so, affiliates will have to use a specific online code or link to drive traffic to the product or service that they’re advertising. By doing so, they’ll be able to earn a commission from each sale.

Depending on the brand that you’ve partnered with, you can expect a variety of percentages from each sale. As such, finding the right brand to partner with to maximize your earning potential could take a significant amount of time.

Alongside this, you’ll need a large enough online audience to advertise and sell to.


Blogging has been a tried and tested way of making money online for a considerable amount of time. However, just creating content for your blog isn’t the primary way that you’ll be able to make money from it.

Instead, there are a few things that you’ll be able to take advantage of.

The most common way of doing so is through advertising, where brands and companies will pay to have their product or service shown on your blog.  

Typically, these will be ads that will be placed on various parts of your blog to attract viewers.

While this may occasionally be done through affiliate marketing, many brands will pay an upfront fee to have their products listed for a certain amount of time.

Alongside this are the likes of Google Adsense and other platforms that will enable you to make a certain amount of money per website visit.


Consulting through the internet has become increasingly common, with experts in a variety of fields capitalizing on how easy and effective it can be. 

While you’ll need to have a certain amount of expertise in a specific area to take advantage of this, it will be a financially fruitful opportunity.

To ensure that you’re able to make money through online consulting, you’ll need a website to draw in potential clients. Alongside this, you’ll need both a sales and marketing funnel to generate leads for your consulting work, which could take a large amount of time.

However, you mightn’t need to generate a large number of clients to make a living with this option. Depending on the niche and how experienced you are in it, you may be able to make a living by consulting with a handful of clients at any given time.  

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another option that has been around for a significant amount of time. However, it’s become much more common in recent years thanks to a variety of platforms that help professionals in this area to make a living. 

While you’ll need to demonstrate a large variety of word skills, and potentially experience in a specific field, it’s never been easier to make a living with freelance writing.

As a result, you could be able to start earning money with this option much faster than you would elsewhere.

One of the only notable drawbacks here is that you’ll have to ensure that you have a consistent workflow and several clients.

Once this is done, however, you should be able to make a sizable amount of money with freelance writing, especially if you take advantage of it full-time. 


Podcasting is one of the newer ways that you’ll be able to make money online, although it has become increasingly popular.  

Despite being relatively new, there have been a significant number of podcasts that have been able to generate quite a substantial amount of money with their podcasts.

There are several ways that this could be done, although the most common of these is through advertising and sponsorship.  

Like many of the other methods of making money online, this will take a considerable amount of time to do, with the majority of this focusing on building an audience.

However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be as difficult as you might believe. Instead, it can be as simple as finding a niche that you know a lot about and focusing on that. Though you’ll need to spend time developing your audience, this could be relatively fast, depending on the area that you’re focused on and how well-produced your podcast is. 

What Are You Waiting on? Let’s Make Some Money!

 While many people might assume that they can only focus on one of the above methods at a time, this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you may be able to blend several of them together.  

This is especially true if you have a blog, as you’ll then be able to include podcasts and affiliate marketing into it.

As such, it’s worth taking the time to consider which of the methods you want to integrate into your online business. While it may take a significant amount of time to choose one and start developing your online presence, this could prove to be well worth the time investment.