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Beyond Crypto – using tech to leverage your investments with Iban Wallet

We all love cryptocurrencies – that’s why this site was made, that’s why you read it.

But – and there is always a but – we all also know better that to put convert everything we own into crypto. There’s just some things that could go wrong with that, it’s not even worth mentioning.

So what are we to do if we want to get more bang for our bucks these days? We navigate the Fintech spectrum beyond blockchain, of course.

Let’s review an interesting option I’ve crossed paths with – read it all the way through and there may be a little bonus waiting.

What is it – and what does it offer?

Iban Wallet is a european Fintech that manages a digital marketplace of financial products. 

Their model is based on a lean and technology-heavy structure, connecting investors with borrowers making it possible to offer better rates than other institutions. As they say, cut the middle man.

Here is an overview of their available products:

As you can see, these are not the colossal rates you can find on other platforms, but in being paired with your stake in crypto, can have a nice return while providing some balance.

One of the most interesting things you can find here is the fact that $1/€1 is all you need to start your experience. For this kind of service, it’s quite the cheap test-drive.

On top of that, having the freedom to request to withdraw at any time is very welcomed. Bear in mind that this is only available for their starter product – the Iban Account. Other products require a time commitment, but also offer better projected interest rates.

Another thing that you don’t normally see in this space (at least I haven’t – if you have, drop a comment!) It’s that their products are aimed at paying interest daily. So everyday you are able to track the performance of your stake in these products, and the interest accrued is directly added to your account.

A word on protection

First of all, on security.

The platform is available as web-based (www.ibanwallet.com) and as an app for both IOS and Android.

The sign-up process is easy enough, but includes a few security measures on identity verification that are very welcomed.

On to investor protection.

I imagine this is one of the reasons that is behind the interest rates they provide. As with every investment, there is a risk associated, but the mitigation measures in place are impressive.

First, your investment is never tied to a one, specific loan, but to several aggregated ones, which is a nice diversification move.

Then, all the loans are asset-backed, meaning that there is always a collateral that can be executed in case the borrower defaults.

On top of that, all loan originators provide a buyback guarantee. So if a loan is delayed for more than 90 days, the loan originator will have to repurchase it at its nominal value, plus accrued interest.

And should all else fail, they have implemented what they call a Safeguard Trust – basically a capital reserve serving as a last line of defense.

Final notes

As you can see, there are two factors in play that place Iban Wallet as an investing option to consider heavily. In this sort of venture, interest rate plays only a part on the equation, and the other parts are very much welcomed. 

The features are plenty, especially on the protection side. And the fact that you can get into it with very little skin in the game as you try it out makes this a very easy recommendation.

Have you had any experience with this platform? Let everyone know about your experience in the comments!


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