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What Makes Bitcoin Better than Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin Cash is the result of an update (fork) to the Bitcoin ecosystem whereby a new blockchain network was created with Bitcoin serving as the underlying technological infrastructure. Dozens of Bitcoin forks have taken place over the years. Many have also failed over the years. Bitcoin Cash managed to survive, due in part to a strong community of BCH faithfuls. Read More


Bitcoin and Ethereum: Could Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin in Market Capitalization?

Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you were to ask if Ethereum’s market capitalization could surpass that of Bitcoin, many would look you straight in the eye and ask if you’re crazy. If you were to ask the same question a decade from now, many could still look you in the eye and ask if you’re crazy. The future only makes sense looking back. Ethereum has not shown much sign of picking up in value to all-time-highs. Yet, many still have hope as it presents more use cases than Bitcoin. Read More


Jack Dorsey: Is the Man Behind Twitter Right About Bitcoin?

Jack Dorsey bitcoin

Bullish isn’t even the word. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and FinTech firm Square continues to push the movement for bitcoin. Square reached $30 billion in market cap in 2018, a huge leap from the prior year in which its market capitalization was $9 billion, less than that of Cboe and Nasdaq’s at $10 billion and $11.8 billion.

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Tim Draper: Could Bitcoin Be Generations Ahead of Gold?

Tim Draper bitcoin

In less than five years, billionaire venture capital investor, Tim Draper made $89.1 million from Bitcoin. Despite the bear market, his 2014 investment of $18.96 million in Bitcoin is now worth $108 million. The bearish forces of the markets in 2018 have not waned his spirit. He appears as confident as ever, even suggesting that Bitcoin could be a better store of value than gold.
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The Winklevoss Twins and Bitcoin: Could They Be Right?

Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin

At the end of 2017, bitcoin fell 70% from its peak. This fall, while steep was nothing new. Between 2013 and 2015, bitcoin lost 85% of its value. By January 25, the market cap of the apex cryptocurrency was $3,491,684,707 with its price at a (now) shockingly low $253.72. Read More