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Should You Buy Bitcoin from Coinbase?


Coinbase established itself as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It has a 10 million strong user base which has created $50 billion worth of transactions on the platform. Coinbase operates exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. These are facts very few people now. Thus, it is no surprise that not much is  known by the general populace about Coinbase. Coinbase strikes a chord of intrigue. Its important to explore its workings to unearth the practices of the digital currency exchange and factors to consider when deciding on whether to buy bitcoin from Coinbase Read More


How to Reduce The Costs of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Identifying the hidden costs to investing in cryptocurrencies helps to improve prospects of gaining more profits. Opportunities to reduce costs of investing in cryptocurrenices stem from transaction fees, wallet fees, exchange fees, and dollar cost averaging. Understanding the architecture of cryptocurrency network goes a long way in reducing costs.  Read More


The Top Alternatives to Bitcoin

Bitcoin exceeded the expectations of many as it passed its tenth year in existence. A decade ago, the idea of a digital asset secured by programming code and advanced cryptography would have seemed laughable or even insane. Yet, investors pour billions of dollars into bitcoin as many anticipates figures as high as $100,000. While there are many proponents of bitcoin, there are understandably many critics who do not see the cryptocurrency lasting beyond the next ten years. This brings to light the alternative digital assets that may be used to diversify one’s portfolio. Read More


What Makes Bitcoin Better than Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin Cash is the result of an update (fork) to the Bitcoin ecosystem whereby a new blockchain network was created with Bitcoin serving as the underlying technological infrastructure. Dozens of Bitcoin forks have taken place over the years. Many have also failed over the years. Bitcoin Cash managed to survive, due in part to a strong community of BCH faithfuls. Read More


Bitcoin and Ethereum: Could Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin in Market Capitalization?

Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you were to ask if Ethereum’s market capitalization could surpass that of Bitcoin, many would look you straight in the eye and ask if you’re crazy. If you were to ask the same question a decade from now, many could still look you in the eye and ask if you’re crazy. The future only makes sense looking back. Ethereum has not shown much sign of picking up in value to all-time-highs. Yet, many still have hope as it presents more use cases than Bitcoin. Read More