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Cryptocurrency Storage: Is MetaMask a Good Way to Store Your Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Storage

Losing your cryptocurrency is never fun. It’s devastating, even excruciating. With crypto-insurance in its infancy, the decision between mediums of storage and transfer becomes a lot harder. In a sense, your insurance is your private key but in another sense, your insurance is the programming code behind the mediums of storage used. Read More


Binance (BNB) COIN: How High Can the Crypto Go With Its Decentralized Exchange?

Binance Coin

With updates to the Binance ecosystem in the works, Binance coin (BNB) is rising in value. Investors anticipate new offerings that could drive demand for the virtual currency. A high user base could feed into higher volumes on the exchange. Already, it’s risen to its highest price in 15 months, reaching as high as $24.77, its highest since January 2018. Read More


Cryptocurrency Loans: The Good, The Bad, and The Dharma

Cryptocurrency loans

Loans are a sensitive topic. Blockchain technology presents new ways to address loans in a potentially better light. The blockchain technology used to create crypto-backed loans can increase transparency and trust for all participants, thereby reducing some of the risks typically encountered with loans. Read More


Crypto Spring: The Road to $1 Million Bitcoin

Crypto Spring

Crypto spring is coming-we hope. 2018 was a year full of cold feet and bearish sentiments. According to Coin Market Cap, total crypto market cap peaked at $795.8 billion on January 7, 2018. It was downhill from there as over $680 was chopped off the markets. Crypto winter has been felt. With recent rises in prices and more news of trusted names providing gateways to investment in the space, one must wonder-could crypto spring be near? Read More


Coin Market Cap: Correlation Between Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency market cap

The correlation between the coins is calculated using a correlation coefficient, which shows the strength of the correlation. A correlation of +1 implies a strong correlation, correlation of -1 implies the pair will move in opposite directions and a correlation of 0 suggests no observable linear relationship.

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