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How Saving $10,000 A Year Is Possible

How does an extra $10,000 sound to you? Well unless someone is going to hand you that much money, it may be better for you to start saving $10,000 in a year.

Break It Down

Step one would be to find out exactly how much money we are talking about. I know it seems like a simple question, $10,000, however that sounds too large.

Instead cut it down smaller.

Saving $10,000 a year would take $833 a month, $192 a week, or $27 a day.

Depending on your income even those numbers can seem a bit overwhelming, so let’s see how we can make even these numbers easier to attain.

Cut Costs And Save The Difference

Saving money seems the same as losing weight. We all know we need to eat less and exercise more but doing it seems impossible.

The same is true in saving money, we know we need to spend less but how do we do it?

Start small. Don’t try to do everything at once, if all you can do to start is have one less coffee a day do that.

Those small victories become larger ones. Then cutting coffee out altogether isn’t too much, moving to a smaller apartment becomes the next step. Bringing your lunch every day is common, and eating in instead of going out to eat seems normal.

You know those things will help save money, but doing all of it at once is difficult, try to start one good habit a week.

With each new habit still spend that money, just not on things. Put that money in your savings account. The first week may only be $3 (one less cup of coffee) but by week 5 your saving $15 a week.

Increase Income And Save

You can either view this as your next step, or something to do at the same time.

Increase your income by asking for a raise, starting a side hustle, or selling things you already have.

A raise can be difficult depending on your job and what the company has to spend, however, if you spend some time gathering statistics as to why you are worth more it will help.

If you want to start a side hustle it can be something as simple as driving for Lyft or Uber. Or you can start freelancing, create a business around your skills, start a blog, the list is endless and has been discussed many times.

What’s important though is that you not spend that money. The goal is saving $10,000 in a year, if you have a side hustle that makes your $27 a day that alone can accomplish your goal.

Increasing your income while increasing your savings can make it that much easier.


It will require sacrifice, but it is achievable.

You may have to move somewhere smaller, where you don’t want to live. Or eat food that isn’t as good but provides the needed nourishment. You may have to work the majority of weekends in order to save.

But, at the end, saving $10,000 in a year won’t feel that hard and you’ll have quite the nest egg.


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Lewis Howes Net Worth – From Broke On A Couch To Millionaire

Imagine that you had a rough childhood and that you only had one dream.

That dream was to become a sports star. You weren’t the best at playing, but you had the most determination.

It took you twice as long to do anything and so you put six times the work in so you could be the best.

When the time comes, and you’re living your dream, playing the sport you love you’re injured bringing your lifetime goal to an end.

Lewis Howes doesn’t have to imagine it, he lived it. Afterwards, he was lost, but he got back up and made the life of his dreams. Lewis Howes net worth has grown over the years, what can we learn from it?

A Star Is Born And Dies

After working for a lifetime goal of becoming a professional football player it all came tumbling down. In his first season, he was injured and required a year to recover.

In that time he grew his LinkedIn profile and started hosting events to put his online connections together. He later was asked to do a webinar and offered a course to teach people how to create good LinkedIn profiles. This one-hour webinar brought him $6300.

After that guest spot on a webinar, he then started hosting his own and became the go-to guy for webinars.

The School Of Greatness

Not satisfied with just bringing in money from webinars he started a podcast called The School Of Greatness.

On this podcast, he interviews amazing guests like Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuck, Larry King, and so many others.

They talk about how to grow businesses, how to get in shape, and how to live the life of your dreams. Every guest answers the question “what is your definition of greatness.”

Lewis Howes Net Worth

Lewis Howes net worth is $10 million.

He started by getting sponsorships for his local meetups, then charging for those meetups. After it was by teaching others how to do what he did, LinkedIn and webinars.

Now he has courses on everything from webinars, Instagram, and greatness. He also hosts a live conference every year, is a published author, and has many sponsors on his podcast The School Of Greatness.

What Does Lewis Howes Net Worth Teach You?

Dreams can change, but not the dreamer. Lewis Howes always put 150% behind whatever he does. He had a dream to be a professional football player and did. After that, he wanted to just make money. Now he wants to just touch 100 million peoples life. No matter what he does he put his everything into it.

Likewise whatever we are working on put our everything into it and you will succeed.

Pay the bills first then work on the rest. Lewis Howes didn’t have a dream to be a webinar expert but once it happened he used that to pay the bills until he could do what he really wanted to do.

We sometimes need to do something we don’t like in order to pay our bills. Once we are able to pay our bills then we start working on something more important to us.


Make Millions From Passive Income – Pat Flynn’s Net Worth

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