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Property Taxes: What New Deductions Can I Take in 2018?

Property Taxes 2018

With new federal income tax laws coming into effect for the 2018 tax year, many have questions about deductions. One of the deductions changing in the current tax year is the property tax deduction.

In fact, when news of the updates spread, some people were rushing to prepay their property taxes to have them apply to their 2017 tax returns. However, not everyone qualifies for that approach, and some couldn’t make the payments in time.

Since there are some many people with questions about property taxes in 2018, here is an overview of what to expect. Read More


Meet Zelle – Your New Best Friend for Sending Cash


Have you ever borrowed money from a family member or friend? How did you pay it back? Did you have to hit an ATM for cash? What about write or send a check from your bank? Did you use a third-party payment app like PayPal or Venmo? No matter how you handled it, there’s a better option in town.

Zelle is making waves in the mobile payment world, especially when paying back friends and family. Instead of being produced by a third-party, a group of banks got together to create a seamless way to transfer funds. If you’re looking for a better way to send money to friends and family, here’s what you need to know about Zelle. Read More


5 Myths About Investing – Debunked

Investment Myths

Myths about investing are everywhere. Some will scare you away from it entirely, while others will trick you out of your money. Others will have you believe that you need to take on too much risk, or not enough. A few even seem to promise guaranteed success, but rarely live up to the hype.

With all of the myths about investing circulating, how are do you find the truth? To help you do just that, here are five myths about investing debunked. Read More


Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately? Here’s Why You Should

Check Your Credit Report

Ah, the credit report. The proverbial backbone of your financial history.

Lenders, insurers, and a range of other companies rely on your credit report details to set your rates, determine your eligibility for products, and even decide whether they should hire you. Ultimately, your credit report is a powerful document which has the potential to significantly alter the course of your life. Read More


Can You Make a Career Freelancing? Yes, You Can!

Are you a self-starter? Consider freelancing.


The idea of making a career out of freelancing is especially attractive to many. Not only can you work on your own terms, selecting your projects that match your preferences, but you can usually work from home – or anywhere in the world.

Transitioning to become a professional freelancer can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you make it a reality. Read More