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Reddit Removes Bullish Cardano (ADA) News, Sparks Censorship Debate

An unexpected development has recently caught the attention of the burgeoning crypto community. 

Charles Hoskinson, esteemed founder of Cardano, has provided commentary on an intriguing situation involving Cardano-related posts on Reddit. 

This comes in response to Reddit moderators allegedly removing positive news about Cardano’s native token, ADA, twice in the same week.

Positive Cardano News Vanishes from Reddit

A curious chain of events unfolded on Reddit recently when a stake pool operator named “Pride” posted about the potential bullish performance of ADA, Cardano’s native digital currency. 

Credits: Forbes

The post, which piqued many investors’ interests, sparked vibrant dialogues about ADA potentially rallying past the $3 mark in the forthcoming bull cycle.

There was also enthusiastic conversation about Cardano’s “slow but steady” development progress, positioning it optimally for the impending bullish market trends. 

Shockingly, not long after the post gained traction, Reddit’s cryptocurrency subreddit moderators removed it, citing a breach of “content standard” rules.

Cardano Founder Weighs In

As this saga unfolded, fervent ADA advocates vocalized their concerns on various platforms. 

A notable one among them was Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, who reacted to the incident with a nuanced view. 

Charles Hoskinson
Credits: Bitcoin.com News

Hoskinson tweeted, “They hate us because they ain’t us,” implying a potential jealousy-driven motive behind the censorship move.

Hoskinson’s input fuels an ongoing discourse surrounding potential unfair treatment of Cardano within digital media. 

He has been vocal in criticizing crypto media outlets for their possible bias, claiming they elevate negative news about Cardano while not holding other cryptocurrency projects to the same scrutiny.

A Positive Forecast for ADA Amidst Controversy

Despite the recent controversy, ADA has been the subject of quite a few bullish predictions. 

Specifically, “Pride” speculated that, with ADA reclaiming its all-time high of over $3, the Cardano Treasury could see its value soar to an impressive $4.5 billion.

In addition, Changelly’s research team projects that ADA could trade within a range of $56.9 to $68.4 by the year 2040. 

As it stands, ADA resides as the eighth-largest cryptocurrency, boasting a market cap of over $22 billion. In the hours before press time, the token traded at $0.62, marking a 16.67% increase over the previous week.

This saga raises questions about transparency, fairness, and the free flow of information within the cryptocurrency community. 

As the Cardano project continues to develop and ADA seeks to reach new heights, the intrigue remains.

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