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Vast Bank Discontinues Its Crypto Mobile App Amid Regulatory Pressure

In a surprising move that marks a significant shift in the banking and cryptocurrency world, Vast Bank, a pioneering name in the financial industry, recently announced the closure of its mobile cryptocurrency app. 

This decision arrives after a consent order from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the bank’s precarious financial position. 

Notably, this development further magnifies the ongoing debate around traditional banking institutions’ role in an increasingly digital financial world.

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The Closure: An Unexpected Twist or A Necessary Step?

The statement conveyed Vast Bank’s intent to refund any remaining cryptocurrency through liquidation, marking a resounding end to what was once a beacon for crypto enthusiasts. 

The bank had previously facilitated its customers to buy, sell, and maintain cryptocurrencies in conjunction with a traditional checking account. 

However, all of this had to be sidelined following the OCC’s allegations around the bank’s risk management and control practices.

Micheal Windsor, a senior analyst at Forbes expressed his views, stating, “The closure really emphasizes the challenges traditional institutions might face when dealing with novel financial products like crypto. 

There’s a fine line between reaching out to customers who are increasingly crypto-curious while not triggering regulatory shockwaves.”

Drilling Down: Regulations and Ratios

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The OCC’s consent order pointed out multiple areas of concern, specifically focusing on project management, capital and strategic planning, books and records, custody account controls and risk management for new products- with particular attention on their involvement in cryptocurrency.

Adherence to financial regulations imposed a stringent mandate on Vast Bank, where they were required to maintain a total capital ratio of at least 13% and a leverage ratio of at least 10% within 60 days following the order. 

According to the recent financial figures, the total capital ratio stood at only 4.75%, while the leverage ratio was a concerning 2.46% as on December 31.

Vast Bank’s Crypto Journey: A High-risk High-reward Strategy?

Vast Bank was among the true trailblazers in bringing digital currencies to the realms of traditional banking. 

Established in 2016, it held the unique distinction of being the first federally chartered bank offering customers an avenue to trade cryptocurrencies.

Jenny Stein, a veteran Financial Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York elaborated, “Vast Bank’s journey was an audacious endeavor – a traditional bank embracing a disruptor technology like cryptocurrencies. It was inevitably a high-risk, high-reward strategy.”

Looking Ahead: What Lies in the Future?

Although Vast Bank refrained from expressly attributing its move away from crypto to regulatory uncertainty, experts believe this played a part. 

The fluctuating climate surrounding digital banking regulations and external economic factors has drawn banks back from diving too deep into the crypto wave.

As we trace Vast Bank’s eventful crypto journey, it’s clear that when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the road is filled with uncertainty and risk, especially for traditional banking institutions. 

While the potential rewards of integrating disruptive fintech are alluring, it’s a delicate and uncharted path that demands careful navigation.

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