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What can I buy with bitcoin?

Have you heard of bitcoin? More people than ever are investing in this cryptocurrency, which are initially small computer files that can be stored in a digital wallet, on PC hardware or even your smartphone. These digital coins can be moved between buyers and sellers with no middleman or “bank” in between the transaction. You can buy bitcoin via private sellers or exchanges. Many people relish using bitcoin simply because it’s straightforward and there are no banks to deal with – if you’re looking for help with your debt or money issues get some advice from Creditfix.

There is lots to know about bitcoin and how it came about, however, the most important question many potential users want to know, is what can I buy with it? There’s very little point in investing in bitcoin if you can’t use it every day.

Here we’ll take a look at what you can buy with Bitcoin and where you can spend your cryptocurrency.


If you’re someone who likes to travel the world, whether for work or leisure, then you may be pleased to hear that some travel companies accept bitcoin as a means of payment for flights and holidays. From well-known travel firms like Expedia, where you can book everything from your accommodation to your flights and even activities on your break. Air Baltic is an airline company that accepts Bitcoin, as is Webjet and if you fancy a trip into space in the near future, Virgin Galactic the commercial spaceline will also accept Bitcoin.


Once considered something that only teens and young children indulged in, gaming is now something that appeals to the masses. So, it’s just as well that you can enhance your gaming experience with Bitcoin. Xbox and Playstation both accept Bitcoins when purchasing games, add-ons and subscriptions. With other gaming networks such as Big Fish Games and Humble Bundle also accepting Bitcoin payments.

Online shopping

Whether you want to buy something unique and creative, or you want to purchase electronic equipment, more online merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin, simply because more people are hoping to spend their coins with retailers they love! Etsy, Shopify and Overstock are all popular places to spend your Bitcoins.


Lush is a huge worldwide company who specialise in indulgent, cruelty-free bath products, most of which are vegan or vegetarian. If you enjoy a bath bomb, body scrub and a hot bath after a long day, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Lush will accept Bitcoins on their online store.


If you don’t want to spend your Bitcoin on yourself, then you could do something great for someone else. Some charities accept Bitcoin donations including the RNLI, The Water Project and even Save the Children.

What would you spend your Bitcoin on?

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