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5 Celebrities That Promote Cryptocurrencies

5 Celebrities That Promote Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to making money, a ton of celebrities will promote almost anything to make a buck. Usually, celebs are hocking the latest fitness gear or skincare regimen. However, some celebrities have also been known to promote finance products. Samuel L. Jackson, for instance, had been the face of Capital One’s credit card commercials for some time. Now, there are even celebrities that promote cryptocurrencies. Here are just a few that have dipped their toes into the proverbial crypto pool. 

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a genius. So, there is no wonder as to why people might look to him for market advice and even the latest tech trends. It’s no big secret that Musk is active in crypto. Last year, he had a hand in helping Dogecoin explode. Though it didn’t quite “make it to the moon,” Musk’s promotion of the coin definitely lent it some favors. All eyes were on Doge the night Musk hosted SNL. He has also revealed that he holds Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to Dogecoin. 

Tim Dillon 

If you don’t know who he is already, Tim Dillon is truly a hidden gem. He is a hysterical standup comedian who hosts his own podcast as well. When he isn’t telling side-splitting rhetoric, he has also been known to promote cryptocurrency. Dillon hosted the Miami Bitcoin conference in 2021 alongside Jake Paul, who we’ll discuss later. It hasn’t been revealed whether he holds any crypto himself, but he’s happy to earn some coin promoting it. 

Snoop Dogg

Artists like Snoop Dogg are also getting in on the crypto game through NFTs. He released a collection called A Journey with the Dogg that brought together memories from Snoop’s early years. The art that accompanied the story is inspired by the NFT movement, according to Crypto.com. Snoop even came out with an original track called “NFT.” A portion of the proceeds from A Journey with the Dogg went to help support emerging artists in the crypto space. Not only has Snoop produced something in the space, but he is investing in the future of NFTs as well. 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg has tried to be one of the celebrities that promote cryptocurrencies. In fact, he has been focused on launching his own, but the project is flopping hard. There has been growing pressure from regulators to ensure the stable coin would not be used for criminal activities, such as money laundering. At one point in time, Libra (now called Diem USD) was backed by a number of major supporters and engineers. Now, most major players have left the project entirely. Zuckerberg hasn’t disclosed that he owns any specific amount of Bitcoin, unless you count his goat named Bitcoin.

Jake Paul

As mentioned above, Jake Paul hosted the Bitcoin Conference in 2021 with Tim Dillon and the Winklevosses. Paul is known for making waves on the internet. More specifically, he calls out professional fighters to take him on in a one-on-one battle. That kind of makes him a prime candidate to promote different cryptos. Paul’s Twitter page has been full of crypto talk in recent months. Many fans have slammed him for it, saying he could truly mess up someone’s finances. 

When it comes to celebrities that promote cryptocurrencies, I’ll leave you with a few words from Jake Paul himself. “Everything I tweet about crypto is not financial advice and I wouldn’t listen to any of it.” Take what these celebs say with a grain of salt. After all, they’re likely getting paid to promote anyway.

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