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Omo Swap Secures Partnership with Chainlink’s BUILD Incubation Program

In a landmark move set to give momentum to the dynamics of decentralized finance (DeFi), Omo Swap, a leading cross-chain bridge and aggregator platform, has recently announced its collaboration with the much-lauded Chainlink’s BUILD Incubation Program.

This praiseworthy union could be the potent catalyst unlocking new vistas of cross-chain interactions and innovations in the DeFi sphere. By leveraging the unrivaled facilities offered by Chainlink’s incubation program, Omo Swap is set to revolutionize the cross-chain DeFi uses for both everyday and sophisticated users alike.

This alliance also marks a significant leap for Chainlink’s ambition in encouraging and nurturing forward-thinking projects within the blockchain landscape.

Omo Swap
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A Visionary Union: Reinventing Cross-chain DeFi

The highlight of this union rests in Omo Swap securing an alliance with Chainlink – a name synonymous with innovation and reliability in the realm of decentralized oracle technology. This move guarantees a promising future for the start-up and potentially propels it as a thought-leader in this competitive space.

With Chainlink’s extensive suite of resources and tech prowess, Omo Swap is primed to further refine its cross-chain DeFi bridge, augmenting user experiences by providing the ability to securely exchange across multiple blockchain networks.

“Being strategically aligned with Chainlink provides immense credibility for us. Chainlink’s global recognition within the blockchain industry is likely to boost confidence among our user base,” a representative from Omo Swap commented.

Omo Swap: Pushing the Boundaries of DeFi

Omo Swap’s innovation pivots around a model for cross-chain exchanges that eliminates the need for seeding liquidity pools with user assets, a common requirement in the cross-chain technology paradigm. In lieu of this, Omo Swap has introduced a novel, slippage-free bridge connected to decentralized exchanges or DEXs on both the source and destination chains.

“This new model allows a user to swap any token either on-chain or across chains, underscoring our commitment to flexibility, efficiency, and security in the DeFi realm,” adds the Omo Swap representative.

Chainlink’s Contribution: An Oracle Network of Unprecedented Scale

Chainlink's BUILD Incubation Program
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Leveraging Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network, Omo Swap platform will be able to securely connect to external sources of real-time market prices. This interaction ensures the platform’s integrity, providing an extra layer of trust to its users.

By becoming a member of the Chainlink’s BUILD initiative, Omo Swap also gains access to a global network of projects, backers, and builders converging to share innovative blockchain solutions. The partnership is therefore a validation of Omo Swap’s position as a reliable and future-ready cross-chain DeFi bridge.

An Avenue to Explore: Bringing Defi Back to Arbitrum

Omo Swap’s inaugural initiative as a BUILD member gears towards their user community within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Backed by resources from its parent company O3 Labs, the campaign aims to rejuvenate liquidity within the DeFi, bringing it back to the Arbitrum network.

This partnership between Omo Swap and Chainlink signifies not just a powerful collaboration but a pioneering step towards robust competition, innovation, and growth within the cross-chain DeFi sector. 

As this relationship unfolds, the global Defi community eagerly anticipates the transformative changes set to ripple across the industry.


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