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Eben Pagans Net Worth

Eben Pagans Net WorthOther peoples net worth and how they grew it are often the most encouraging. So today we are going to take a closer look at someone who grew not one not two, but three businesses. Then we will see what Eben Pagans net worth teaches us

Who Is Eben Pagan?

Eben Pagan born December 5th 1971 in Brooklyn is a millionaire self help author and speaker. He is also a real estate investor. Married to Annie Lalla a successful business owner on her own.

How Did He Make His Money?

Eben Pagan has a business of books, he produces ebooks and then sets up sales funnels that almost work by themselves.

A simple google search of “Eben Pagan books” will not provide you with any of the books that has made him millions. He wrote much of his books under the name “David DeAngelo”. These books are all about how to better your relationships, or how to get in a relationship. These books started his career and lead to speaking gigs as well as his newer books which are on business and how he grew his original business.

Before starting his online career and business he was a real estate investor and used similar marketing tools to grow that business. It was through those techniques that he was able to grow his online business to the level that it is now.

Now that he has proven to himself and the world that he knows how to grow and maintain a successful business he is offering business training and coaching. No stranger to publishing ebooks he now has them for how to grow a business, no longer under a different name.

Eben Pagans Net Worth

Little is available on Eben Pagan, and what is differs greatly on exactly what his net worth it. It is widely known that his business generates at least $20 million a year. Now he has employee’s and expenses like every business but keeping just a portion of that each year puts him easily in the millionaire club.

Eben Pagans net worth is realistically between $10 and $100 Million the most common I was able to find is $15 million.

Lessons Learned From Eben Pagan

What your currently doing doesn’t have to be what you always do. Eben started with real estate and used what he learned from that to start a online business all about romantic relationships. If you think those two things have nothing to do with each other you would be right, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t learn anything from one that helped the other. His marketing with the real estate helped him market his ebooks.

Whatever you’re currently working on it may not be what you’re doing forever but it can teach you things you’ll use for the rest of your life. Always look for a skill you can learn no matter what job you have.

Eban didn’t stop once he was successful, instead he started another business. Wanting to help others and find other ways to make money he started a business where he teaches others how to start and grow a online business.

We don’t have to stick with the business we start. Thinking about myself and leaving my 9 to 5 what I’m doing now for self employment may not be what I always do and it doesn’t have to be for you either. What you start off doing may just be what you do to pay the bills between the next business that you are truly passionate about.

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