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Eclipse Crypto Review: Investors Should Avoid this Dormant Coin

MTF Cryptomars ratingWe give Eclipse crypto a thumbs down for now. Eclipse appears to have no activity on social media, and their official website is unreachable.  Coingecko.com doesn’t have any ranking for the coin, and it’s value appears to be in a downward momentum. We would not recommend investing in this coin at this time.

What is Eclipse Crypto?

Launched in 2021, Eclipse (ECP) is a BSC project that focuses on developing platforms for BSC tokens. The coin’s code infrastructure is designed to share transaction fees with existing coinholders.  The project burns part of its token supply, and the official whitepaper indicated that the circulating supply is around 693 trillion tokens with about 307 trillion tokens burned.

Social Media

Eclipse’s social media presence is rather small, with only 33,000 followers across Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. Twitter is by far the most popular platform for the project, with 24,000 followers. The official website (eclipsetoken.org) is currently unreachable, and activity across all social media platforms has been dormant for the last seven months. This lack of activity is likely to be a major concern for potential investors.

Daily Market trading volume

Eclipse crypto has a very low trading volume. According to Coingecko, as of the time of this writing, Eclipse crypto is valued at $0.000000001723 with a 24-hour trading volume of only $36,899. This suggests that there is hardly any trading activity for this coin and makes it difficult to transact as there are often few buyers or sellers. Generally speaking, low trading volume makes coins difficult to transact as there are often few buyers or sellers.

Price Momentum

In 2022 Eclipse crypto had a tough year, with the value of its tokens dropping by at least 70%. This has caused some investors to lose confidence in the currency, as evidenced by the low trading volume and market capitalization. However, Eclipse isn’t alone in this regard – many other major cryptocurrencies have seen similar declines in value.

Past 12 Month Price For Eclipse Crypto, Accessed August 16th, 2022 via GoinGecko.

Does Eclipse Crypto Solve A Significant Market Problem?

No. Eclipse Crypto does not solve a significant market problem.

Eclipse is a reflecting and burning community-driven token. Coin owners earn extra crypto by HODLing(Hold ON for Dear Life) which is a strategy of holding onto bitcoin holdings regardless of price fluctuations and volatility. Transactions are taxed and a percentage of the tax gets distributed to the coin investors.  Coins such as  EverGrow Coin (EGC), Safemoon (SAFEMOON) and Reflect Finance (RFI) are belong to this type of coin. Unlike the mentioned, Eclipse was not able to recover since the value plummeted during the 2nd quarter of 2021.

As a whole Eclipse does not appear to have any cash generating economic activity associated with the coin. There have been several attempts to make a comeback as announced on the official Twitter page but all updates seem to have died down by the end of 2021.

As of writing, the token’s whitepaper and website are still inaccessible.

Coin Unranked Status and Price In a downward trend since June 2021

What sets Eclipse apart is the severity of the drop, which has been much worse than most of its competitors.  Moreover, the coin is unranked in Coingecko. As a result, it’s difficult to see Eclipse as a good investment at this time.

In summary, this crypto coin may not be the best option for investors, as it has a dormant social media following, low trading volume and a downward price trend and next to no economic activity associated with the token. There are other coins with more potential that may be better suited for investors.

Do you own any Eclipse Crypto? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments below!

Additional data sources used in this article: Eclipse Crypto webpage, via the waybackmachine.

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