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Hong Kong Poised for Financial Revolution with Proposed Yuan-Backed Stablecoin

Hong Kong’s vibrant financial scene is primed for another significant shift following recent proposals by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC). 

The impact of this development could bridge international trade transactions and innovation, reinforcing the region’s standing as a global financial hub.

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A Novel Approach to Stablecoin Creation

In a recent address to the local government, the HKGCC advocated for a new approach to currency. The business organization proposed the issuance of a stablecoin, not pegged to the well-treated US dollar or Hong Kong dollar but backed by the Chinese Yuan.

The creation of this stablecoin, the HKGCC argues, would catalyze an innovative wave in the finance sector, resulting in larger RMB adoption and facilitating global economic exchanges.

This Alibaba of the financial concept would revolutionize a sub-sector of cryptocurrency – stablecoins, which are generally revered for their volatility resistance. Presently, stablecoins tied to the Chinese national currency are few and far between, making the HKGCC’s proposal no small measure. 

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The potential establishment of this new stablecoin supplies a symbol of the increasing relevance of virtual assets in today’s ever-evolving financial framework.

Virtual Asset Connect Scheme for Enhanced Trading Opportunities

In a parallel proposition, the HKGCC suggested the establishment of a “Virtual Asset Connect Scheme.” This program aims to provide Mainland companies the leverage of capitalizing on Hong Kong’s robust financial infrastructure for conducting virtual asset trading with their global counterparts.

Its implementation would accommodate a daily limit of around HK$20 billion (~$2.5 billion), serving as an additional engine to accelerate the growth of the virtual asset industry and strengthen Hong Kong’s reputed status as a financial dynamo.

Stablecoin Regulation — An Untamed Frontier

Stablecoin regulation is a swiftly developing landscape in Hong Kong. “Stablecoins could become the interface between traditional finance and the virtual asset market,” the Hong Hong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Chief, Eddie Yue, once stated. 

Yue’s words resonated as the HKMA, Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, in unison, issued a public consultation paper exploring proposals for a stablecoin regulatory regime in December 2023.

Even though the virtual asset market is “still far from maturity,” potential stablecoins’ interface role could bridge the divide between traditional finance and virtual assets. It also aligns with the broader global shift towards increasingly digitized and decentralized financial systems.

Moreover, the recent supply deficit in stablecoins has been a concern for traders and investors around the industry. 

As Castle Island Ventures’ Nic Carter noted on Twitter late last October, the dwindling supply indicated that the stablecoin market could become an “Up Only” scenario from here on. The creation of a yuan-backed stablecoin, therefore, would be a beneficial addition to the market.


The HKGCC’s proposition of a yuan-backed stablecoin, coupled with the creation of a Virtual Asset Connect Scheme, signals a transformative leap lengthening Hong Kong’s stride towards a more inclusive and innovative financial landscape. 

It’s a move worth watching, especially as the intersection between traditional finance and digital currencies continues to evolve.


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