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Nasdaq Private Market Raises $62.4 Million for Pre-IPO Share Market Expansion

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) announces a successful $62.4 million Series B fundraising round, designed to boost the nascent platform’s expansion of its pre-IPO share market. 

Led by Nasdaq, the oversubscribed round saw participation from major financial institutions such as BNP Paribas, DRW Venture Capital, UBS, and Wells Fargo.

A Trailblazer in Private Share Liquidity

Since spinning off from Nasdaq in 2021, NPM has significantly impacted private market liquidity by providing innovative solutions for easier exchange of privately held shares. 

Nasdaq Private Market
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Currently, NPM boasts over $50 billion in executed transactional value. By incorporating advanced technologies that ensure user security and market stability, NPM strives to reshape the way businesses and investors approach private share markets.

Solutions for Companies and Investors Alike

Recognizing the complex environment of the private market, NPM offers a comprehensive set of dynamic solutions that serve both companies and investors. 

These solutions include Company Solutions, which facilitate tenders and auctions, and the groundbreaking SecondMarket™ Trading Marketplace

Additionally, NPM aims to expedite the transfer and settlement process with patent-pending technology.

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Significance of Investment to Financial Institutions

The robust financial investment in NPM’s Series B round underscores its potential impact on the evolving private market landscape. 

BNP Paribas sees the investment as an opportunity to further its strategy in private markets while providing innovative opportunities for issuers and investors.

“BNP Paribas Global Markets has an ambitious strategy across multiple products in private markets. We’re confident that the partnership with Nasdaq Private Market will help deliver value to our clients and partners,” said Junaid Baig, Head of Strategic Investments for Global Markets at BNP Paribas.

UBS, a fellow participant in the round, also considers its investment in NPM a crucial step toward a more transparent and efficient pre-IPO share market. 

By collaborating with NPM, UBS upholds its commitment to the evolution of versatile and liquid alternatives within private assets.

The Road Ahead for Nasdaq Private Market

This latest round of funding not only solidifies NPM’s value proposition but also strengthens its ability to offer comprehensive private share market solutions. 

Nasdaq Private Market: NPM
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These investments, made by major institutions, demonstrate their confidence in the platform, further cementing its essential role within the private market.

With this substantial capital injection, NPM is positioned to revolutionize the private market landscape by providing better accessibility, transparency, and regulatory oversight. 

The platform signifies a new era for private shares, with both established and emerging firms set to benefit in the ever-changing financial world.

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