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New School Seeks to Ease $52M Deficit with West Village Townhouse Sale

In the nucleus of Manhattan’s vibrant West Village, a historic townhouse whispers the stories of a century. 

Owned by The New School university, this prestigious property has become the latest symbol of financial struggle for the institution as it hopes to fight its way out of a looming budget deficit. 

Today, the property stands as a monument to history – and an opportunity for homebuyers seeking a slice of Manhattan opulence with an edge of cultural significance.

Financial Fallout Triggers Property Sale

The New School
Credits: The New School

Grappling with the harsh realities of a hefty $52 million budget deficit for the impending fiscal year, The New School is making earnest efforts to mitigate its financial burdens. 

A visible symbol of their commitment is the listing of the university’s presidential residency – a five-story townhouse located at 21 W. 11th St. Gracing a prime corner of West Village, mere strides from the 100-year-old institution’s campus, the property has been valued at an attractive $20 million by Sotheby’s International Realty.

Although the sale of this unique architectural jewel may not fully absorb the institution’s deficit, it may significantly alleviate its precarious financial situation. 

In the words of The New School’s Chair of Economics, Sanjay Reddy, while speaking with the New York Times, “It’s mainly symbolic, but I think it’s still very, very significant because every million counts. As they say, a million here, a million there and soon you’re talking real money.”

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A Storied Heritage & an Artistic Legacy

Beyond the economic implications, the historic townhouse boasts the enchantment of an artistic legacy. 

“The home was frequented over the decades by an artistic circle of friends including W.H. Auden, Philip Roth, neighbor Stanley Kunitz, Jules Feiffer, and Mark Rothko” reveals the property listing. Notable poets, politicians, artists, and writers have been welcomed into this haven of grace and creativity, enriching its atmosphere with their intellect and talent.

The building’s strategic position, directly opposite the infamous townhouse at 18 W. 11th Street, further amplifies its historical footprint. 

This location witnessed a tragic accident nearly 54 years ago when members of the leftist militant group, the Weather Underground, unintentionally detonated it, claiming three lives.

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Real-Estate Ripple Effects

The trend of property liquidation in education and corporate sectors is not limited to The New School. Miguel McKelvey, co-founder of WeWork, also faced challenges trying to sell his townhouse, which was last listed in 2022, but taken off market in October 2023.

Miguel McKelvey
Credits: Bloomberg

The New School’s move to sell its presidential residence will undoubtedly create ripples within the local real estate market. 

This development, coupled with the listing of another nearby property last week for $6 million, signifies a dynamic market movement that warrants close observance.

As Manhattan’s elite battle through economic tempests and meticulously navigate the real estate chessboard, the sale of The New School’s historic townhouse could ignite a huge strategic play, stirring the dynamics in the heart of West Village. 

But only time will write the conclusive chapter on the fate of this prestigious property.

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