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Toast Trims Workforce by 10% Amid Slowing Growth; Seeks Profitability by 2025

Toast, the restaurant management software giant, has announced a significant reduction in its workforce as part of a strategy to counteract slowing growth. 

This shift comes amid a backdrop of shifting dynamics in the restaurant industry, driving significant changes for industry players.

Sweeping Changes at Toast: The Facts

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The New York-based tech company plans to lay off 550 employees, a considerable 10% slice off the giant’s workforce. 

Despite these layoffs, Toast’s recent Q4 earnings exceeded Wall Street’s predictions. 

Earnings per share indicated a loss of 7 cents per share, a better scene than the expected loss of 11 cents. The fourth-quarter revenue also gained praise with a tally at $1.04 billion, beating the expected forecast of $1.02 billion.

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A Look Back at the Growth Journey

The company has seen an almost 35% revenue increment year over year, with its net loss narrowing down from $99 million in the previous year to $36 million in this quarter. 

It was an uptrend reflected since the advent of the pandemic, with many businesses adopting Toast’s mobile ordering and payment tools, doubling the company’s revenue.

However, this sharp demand has begun to see a tapering effect with growth rates cooling down, from 37% in the third quarter, and about 45% in the second quarter.

The Competitive Landscape

Amid declining growth rates, Toast is facing increasing competition from industry veterans such as Block, Fiserv, and Shift4, amplifying survival pressure.

Despite these challenges, Toast continues to exhibit resilience with consistent growth in transactions. The company saw gross payment volume rise by 32%, reflecting $33.70 billion in figures, slightly higher than anticipated $33.53 billion.

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The Financial Implications

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Balancing these layoffs and its goals, Toast anticipates a significant reduction in costs, with charges between $45 and $55 million, likely to surface mainly in the first quarter. The projection shows $100 million in annual savings.

This contraction follows shortly after Aman Narang, co-founder, and now CEO, replaced Chris Comparato at the helm. 

Comparato had foreseen the potential backlash that stemmed from a 99 cents fee for online orders exceeding $10, leading Toast to repeal the fee later.

Looking Ahead: The Forecast

With Narang now overseeing management, he has set his sights on delivering operational profit by early 2025. 

Exploring the crossroads between cost savings, operational efficiency, and heightened competition presents an intriguing case on how this tech giant will steer its way through the changing landscape of the digital restaurant business.

While the dust around these recent layoffs is just starting to settle, all eyes are now on Toast. 

Exploring how this popular software provider will find a meaningful balance between customer satisfaction and bottom-line requirements is a story that promises much intrigue in the tech world. 

This is indeed a story that is still unfolding.

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