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3 Simple Tasks That Can Earn You Cryptocurrency

3 Simple Tasks That Can Earn You Cryptocurrency

These days, everyone is looking for a side hustle or an easy way to earn extra money. Below are simple tasks that can earn you cryptocurrency. 

Tasks That Can Earn You Cryptocurrency 

There are actually a number of things you can do to earn cryptocurrency, believe it or not. Of course, staking cryptocurrencies is one of the more mainstream ways to earn crypto. I’ve also talked about cryptocurrency mining here on the blog and have done that myself, earning a small bit of Ravencoin. However, both of these things are fairly hands-on, or you have to have the equipment to get the job done. So, what are some simple things to do to earn crypto? 

Install Web Browser Extensions 

Consider installing a Browser like Brave to earn coins while you are using the internet. Brave provides users with  Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) every time they use the browser rather than queueing up Chrome or Firefox. The amount you’ll earn will vary depending on browser use and other factors. 

Read and Publish Content 

Reading and publishing content can also earn you cryptocurrency. Publish0x is a site that allows you to sign up and earn cryptocurrency for writing articles. The site boasts that it has sent more than $426,000 in payments to users since the site’s inception. All of the news and blog posts on the site are crypto-related, so you are limited to what you can discuss, but it can be a good opportunity for writers to diversify their bank a little. Not to mention, you earn while you read too. 

Reddit is another great place to earn crypto just for posting content. You will receive MOONS for posting to r/cryptocurrency and commenting or engaging on posts there. MOONS are technically a type of cryptocurrency. You can only spend them on Reddit though. People use them for paid subscriptions to the subreddit, which is 1,000 MOONS per month. It is also possible to spend them on badges, gifs, stickers, and other items on Reddit. There has been some talk of eventually allowing MOON conversion into other types of crypto, like Ethereum and Bitcoin. That hasn’t happened yet though, so it’s only usable on Reddit.

Using New Search Engines

Everybody uses Google these days. In fact, not many people use any other search engine. It comes installed on your phone, it is the default search for most browsers. One of the more easy tasks that can earn you cryptocurrency is switching your default search engine to something new. 

More specifically, choose something like Presearch Search Engine. This is a relatively new concept. The Presearch Search Engine is a decentralized way to search for information on the web. As we know, companies like Google and Facebook have been accused of censorship in the past. This includes your search results. Best of all, while you use this search engine, you will be earning crypto for every question or query. You can add Presearch as a browser extension too, making it even easier to earn coins. 

These are just a few of the simple tasks that can earn you cryptocurrency. If you have more ideas about how you can earn crypto online, let us know your ideas in the comments below!

Bonus: Flipping Comic Books

The simplest way to earn some cryptocurrency is to buy or trade for some on a cyber-secure crypto exchange site. A good way to raise some spare cash to do so is to try and flip comic books for profit.

Superhero films and the hype around them are now directly influencing the collectibles market for comic books. Whenever Marvel or DC studios announce the release of upcoming films, it causes buying and selling surges in the collectibles marketplace.

If you can source a steady supply of free and cheap comic books, then you check their market value absolutely free on an online comic book price guide. Then, go hustle to sell them.

You won’t become a billionaire overnight flipping vintage comics. But you could definitely create a side hustle for yourself and generate enough income to incrementally and strategically invest in crypto.


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