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Best Real World MPG Cars Which are Better Used

carsCars are being assessed every day in real-world conditions. This is to clarify fuel economy among other statistics in the real-world environment. These results prove to be approximately 20% lower than testing which takes place in laboratory conditions. It is therefore extremely important to continually carry on real-world testing to garner accurate and realistic results. Experienced engineers test drive vehicles on different terrain including villages, towns and motorways to make their determinations.

Methods of Testing

There are special sensors used to calculate the road speed. Different types of instruments are used to measure humidity, air pressure and altitude. These variables must be taken into consideration before an accurate calculation of a car’s True MPG can be obtained.

Best Used Cars

There are lots of great reasons to buy a used car, price of course being by far the prime reason. When a classic brand vehicle is purchased second hand it means that most of the time the buyer is getting a real bargain. A used BMW is probably the best bargain of all. It will depreciate very little once that first year has passed and it still retains all its amazing features.

Depreciation Costs You Money

Most people consider tax, insurance and fuel to be the biggest costs when it comes to running a car. However, high depreciation is a forgotten cost in the grand scheme of things. It’s a hard fact to consider, that your brand-new car has depreciated even before it is driven out of the show room. Some cars depreciate faster than others but the normal depreciation for one-year-old cars is 21.2 percent. It is a fact also that new cars depreciate most in the first year.

Some Cars Depreciate Faster Than Others

There are many factors which decide how fast an automobile will depreciate, including whether it’s diesel or petrol, how old it is, how desirable it is or how many miles it has under the bonnet. Take the Mercedes C63 AMG for instance, there is a very steep depreciation predicted for this model. Because of relatively small production numbers and a high selling cost, it will have lost considerable value by the time is arrives on the used market. So, before this car leaves the sales room it is predicted to have lost a whopping £45,000.00 of its sale price of £59,795. That is a huge hit of depreciation.

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