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Three Way’s To Explode With Confidence And Avoid Selling Yourself Short

How to not sell yourself short

How to not sell yourself short

When I started my own business I was eager to bring in any type of income. What I didn’t realize was that by selling myself short I was really hurting myself in the long run.

After more than a year of running a business I have learned a few ways how not to sell myself short.

Demand What You’re Really Worth

Starting out we are shy, maybe too shy, thinking any money people are willing to pay is worth it, even working for free if we are asked.

Likely though you are selling yourself short. Even those who work in fast food make minimum wage. We never want to work so hard on something and find out we could have made more per hour working at a job like that.

Even if we think there are hundreds if not thousands of other people that can do the same thing we do, we don’t charge less. In fact by selling yourself short people will think that you aren’t good enough and you likely won’t get very many clients.

We don’t want table scraps, we want to be at the table. So ask for what you’re worth.

Grow The Confidence To Not Sell Yourself Short

Lack of confidence can make us sell ourselves short. Thinking we’ll be turned down for what we are actually worth, is the worst thing that could happen to us.

Instead of looking at it like that though, look at it this way. They can’t afford you. You’re so valuable so good at what you do that the price you gave is too high, but that’s because you’re too good for them not the other way around.

Those who will value you won’t think that the price is to high, they’ll never belittle your work, and will treat you better than those who want to lowest price possible.

If you really think your work isn’t good then have others look at it. Friends and family will boost your confidence telling you how great you are, how important. If that isn’t an option join groups of like minded individuals, there are always freelance groups that will make sure you have the right mindset to not sell yourself short.

Don’t Succumb To Giving In And Giving Up

Most of us would rather go into a deep dark cave then put ourselves out their. And when we do put ourselves out there and are turned down we never want to do it again.

But, well not selling yourself short, don’t ever give up. There are going to be dark days where you ask yourself what’s the point. You aren’t worth it, no one wants to work with me. That’s a normal feeling, one we all go through but if you continue, not giving up, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To help, think of a time when you felt successful, you had made it. Whether a project you completed on time and on budget that the client was ecstatic about, or when you helped someone in your Facebook group get the final key to what they were working on, think of this and remember how it felt. You can feel like that again, but only if you don’t sell yourself short and don’t give up.

Selling Yourself Short Doesn’t Sell

Putting the lowest price possible doesn’t mean you’re going to make money. Many times you actually make less money then if you put a higher price on it. It’s important that you ask for what you’re worth, boost your confidence, and never give up.

By following that then you will always sell yourself, but never short.

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