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Personal Finance Is Not a Difficult Concept

Life is strange when you think about it, in many ways, it’s much like a game of snakes of ladders, one day you go up a ladder and a few days or years later you might shoot down one. Things though, move in pretty steady motion and next thing you know you’re a year or 20 older!! One day you could be relishing in your all glory and financial success and the next you could be asking for an online business loan, which is not bad if you want to start your own business. Hopefully as the years pass you by, you become more established in your work and finances and used investments for your future wisely so that you can enjoy life at your leisure.

When we are younger, we do not realize the importance of money and how it can ease life in our older years. Life seems long and endless when in our youth, and sometimes we fail to see or plan for when we won’t be able to work as hard. Not all young people get the proper education on economics and what to do with their money. Sadly many of us don’t realize some of the basic economic values that could save us from financial doom. Money, or what to do with money is not something that is taught to our young people in schools and there for they never learn the value of it. Today the world has changed drastically so, my grandchildren little understand the concept of having your own company.

In this age of technology, things happen much quicker and possessions are acquired with credit cards rather than cash. I like to think that I instilled proper values and financial education to my kids, but they are as stubborn as many other people out there, and want everything they want, NOW! I’ve witnessed it too many times, they are unable to deny their kids, what all their friends have, it’s like it has become somewhat of a competition. It’s almost as if. “Well, if his friend Jimmy has it, then he has to have it”. I personally don’t understand it, and I’m sure many of you more modern people are thinking that I need to accept this new way, but it’s hard to watch people go in debt, and they think nothing wrong with it. Sometimes I think the government wants it that way, there is no other explanation for why economics is not a mandatory class in schools, when 80% of the people in this country are in credit card debt!!??

To be financially secure, it takes time and effort. It requires a plan of action for your own business. It goes in this order. Plan, budget, renovations, save, invest in new equipment for your work, and reap the rewards. It’s as simple as that. It’s all about spending less money than you make. The sad thing is that many people cannot live by this very simple rule. If you chose to live your life without rules when it comes to money, you will unfortunately live with the financial implications. It comes down to one thing!! Your choice!!!!!!



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