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The Top Alternatives to Bitcoin

Bitcoin exceeded the expectations of many as it passed its tenth year in existence. A decade ago, the idea of a digital asset secured by programming code and advanced cryptography would have seemed laughable or even insane. Yet, investors pour billions of dollars into bitcoin as many anticipates figures as high as $100,000. While there are many proponents of bitcoin, there are understandably many critics who do not see the cryptocurrency lasting beyond the next ten years. This brings to light the alternative digital assets that may be used to diversify one’s portfolio. Read More


Bitcoin and Ethereum: Could Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin in Market Capitalization?

Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you were to ask if Ethereum’s market capitalization could surpass that of Bitcoin, many would look you straight in the eye and ask if you’re crazy. If you were to ask the same question a decade from now, many could still look you in the eye and ask if you’re crazy. The future only makes sense looking back. Ethereum has not shown much sign of picking up in value to all-time-highs. Yet, many still have hope as it presents more use cases than Bitcoin. Read More


Web3: How Does the New Decentralized Web Change Things?

Web3 decentralized web

According to Statcounter, Opera held 2.73% of the global browser market share as of March 2019. This may not seem like much until you consider other statistics which show it had over 300 million active monthly users. In the context of cryptocurrency adoption, it could mean a lot. Its recent browser update presents a gateway to the new decentralized web which encourages greater adoption of Ethereum. Many may wonder how this affects the price of alternative internet browsers, like Brave and its token BAT. Read More


Forget Bitcoin: Take a Look at These 5 Cryptocurrencies

major cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the most recognized name in cryptocurrency. However, that doesn’t mean it is the best option for investors looking to get into the market. If you are considering putting money into cryptocurrencies, here are five alternatives to Bitcoin that are worth exploring.

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