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The Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency CFDs

cryptocurrency cfds

Contract for Difference trading, also known as CFD trading has been used in investment sectors that are older than the cryptocurrency industry. They have enabled people to invest in assets through contracts with brokers. Cryptocurrency CFDs offer an alternative to marking a position directly on a market. Read More


How to Save Money Buying a Car

buying a car

With the number of new car models and deals coming out, it is more tempting than ever to make a purchase on vehicles that one cannot afford. Even if one has enough cash to splurge on a new model, it is rarely ever worth it. As most of us know, as soon as you drive a newly purchased car off the parking lot of the sales showroom, it drops in value. This, in addition to other costs of owning a car, raises several questions on just how costly it can be to own a car. Read More


Is Cryptocurrency Lending a Safe Way to Make Money?

Cryptocurrency loans are changing the way we think of lending. No longer does one have to worry about absurdly high-interest rates or blatantly unfair lending practices that stink of covert coercion. Now, with the power of cryptocurrency lending, you can reap the benefits of low-cost and customer-focused decentralized lending. Read More


Ripple/XRP Market Update: Will Support Hold?

Casual as well as serious investors who follow Ripple have plenty of news to catch up on this week. Not only has there been relevant price action for XRP, but a new U.S. government ruling is set to have a significant impact on the entire economic environment for the popular cyber-currency. Here’s a quick look at the general scenario for Ripple’s coin, the latest price movements and an important legal issue that could change things for anyone with a stake in the crypto-currency issued by Ripple.

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The Hidden Costs of Buying Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have served where fiat has failed. Cryptocurrencies have provided faster, cheaper, and more secure modes of value transfer for individuals and organizations alike. A mother in Uganda may receive remittance payments from her son in Chicago, USA in mere seconds at historically low fees. A man in Zimbabwe ensures his life savings were not corroded by record-breaking inflationary pressure. His family will eat tonight. His daughter will have her school fees paid. Cryptocurrencies have saved lives, remodeled systems, and redefined humanity in ways the world will never forget. Read More