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How A Dry Ice Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

How A Dry Ice Air Conditioner Can Save You MoneyIf you live in a place that’s hot year round (like me in Florida) then you are always looking for ways to stay cool. Whether that’s wearing lighter clothing, staying in the shade, eating ice cream, or anything else it’s always on your mind.

One way is making your own air conditioning units, especially if you can make it with dry ice.

Where Would A Home Made AC Unit Be Used?

Growing up in Maine, the summers could get hot. Because we only had hot weather for about a week we never had an air conditioner. But for the price, a dry ice air conditioner could have helped, especially since we wouldn’t have had to cool the whole house just a room or two.

I would say the best benefit would be to save money, cool one room but leave the others hot, cool the rooms you’re actually going to be in verses a whole house. It won’t take as much electricity, so you’ll save money.


How Do You Actually Make It?

You will need a

  1. 5-gallon bucket
  2. PVC pipes
  3. a small fan
  4. a drill
  5. and a knife
  6. duck tape
  7. dry ice

Cut holes on the side of the bucket for the PVC to be taped to. Then cut a hole in the lid large enough for the fan to lay on top. Then simply put the ice in the bucket, turn the fan on and enjoy the cool air. Below is a video that explains it way better.


Dry Ice VS Regular?

Regular ice is likely going to be cheaper (depending on where you live). However the thought of mixing water and electricity makes me uneasy. However, if you put the pipes high enough, and make sure not to put too much ice in, then the water won’t be a problem.

Dry ice may concern you because you will be in essence putting CO2 into the air you breath. That sounds really bad so I dug a little deeper. If you have ever been to a party and a punch bowl had fog coming off of it, you have probably had punch that had dry ice IN you drink. shows the many different things dry ice can be used for, one of which is for food. So if it’s put in the things we drink, why wouldn’t it also be ok for it to be in something we use to cool our house. Obviously I’m not an expert and this is my own opinion, but if you use only one unit and the room it’s in isn’t a closet you should be fine.

Ultimately either ice will work, they both have positives and negatives, and when you are dying of heat all you want to do is be cool. So whichever is easier to get use that.

Survive The Heat With A Dry Ice Air Conditioner

If you live where you don’t have central air, or just want to only cool one room, then this may be a great solution. It costs less then $20 and takes less then 20 minutes.

Though regular ice may be a great alternative, dry ice can work without the risk or electrocution.

By using this you can stay cool no matter what the temperature outside is.

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Ways to Save Money Selling Your Home


Selling your house can be a difficult task, more so when it comes to trying to stick to a budget. Those who have had lots of experience either moving around or flipping properties will have discovered some of the many tricks to saving money when selling a home, but for others it feels like you can be tied into things you never knew you could renegotiate.

Fast Florida House Sale is an online realtor that have had many years experience in dealing with home sales, and understands where money can be saved, especially for those looking to sell their home fast. Here is there quick guide as to the things you should look out for.

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Is Primerica Just Another Pyramid Scam?

is-primerica-just-another-pyramid-scamWhile driving for Lyft a passenger mentions to me that he is always looking for more help and thinks I would be perfect for his team. We had spoke about all the different side hustles I do and how hard I work.

It was a short 10 minute ride but at the end he hands me his card and tells me to give him a call if I ever want to make real money, he worked for Primerica.

What Is Primerica?

Primerica is a Main Street Company for Main Street North America. Our mission is to help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. – Primerica’s Official Site.

Basically Primerica is a company that sells life, auto, and home insurance, and offers financial investment solutions.

To do this they higher “life-licensed” individuals who then sell those services to friends, family and anyone else.

Can You Make Money From Primerica?

Once you sell Primerica’s services you will then receive a commission off of that sale. Depending on how many people you know and how good a salesman you are depends on if you can make money or not by becoming a partner with Primerica.

You can also sign people up under you that when they make money you make money. This is commonly called multi-level marketing or pyramid marketing. Many people shy away from things like this thinking that it is a scam just set up to take your money.

Is Primerica A Scam?

Being hesitant is a good idea about any business endeavor. But just casting something off as a scam because you don’t understand it for what it is can be wrong too.

Will you become rich selling Primerica’s services? You could. If you know enough people and are a good enough sales person you can make a good living off of selling through them. But what are the odds?

According to Primerica’s own site the average per person income from Primerica is $5.513.00  per year. Their annual report also notes that they have brought in over 600,000 new partners in the last 3 years but still only have just over 105,000 because so many of the new ones leave.

Yes, it does cost money to start the business, and it will take time and require hard work. But doesn’t anything that is truly worth it in the world?

If I only make the average of $5,513.00 I could still go on a very nice vacation, more than one. I could pay off credit card debt, or invest in my retirement.

I Never Called Him Back

I never did call that guy who gave me his card. Though I was interested in “making real money” I also knew I could do it on my own. I didn’t want a cookie cutter business that I try to sell to my friends and family.

Just because it isn’t for me doesn’t mean though that it’s a scam, it’s something that can make you money. It’s unlikely to make you rich but with the power of compound interest and time it could change your life.

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How to Pass the CFA Exam

test-986769_640The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation can be quite a challenge but it is possible to succeed when you persevere and as long as you are prepared.

There isn’t a magic trick or a secret code to navigate into the program and passing the test. Your approach just has to be organized and disciplined to help you pass each level of the program and to achieve your goal. If you are a first time candidate, here are several tips you can keep in mind to make the cut and pass each level on the first try:

  1. Make a good study plan and be sure you will stick to it. This can get difficult along the way but it is one of the most important steps in your exam preparation. You should be realistic and don’t make your plan too tight as you could fall behind your schedule at some point.

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Where Can You Buy Prescription Drugs With Bitcoin?


10 Years ago I started working for a retail pharmacy in Florida. A typical antibiotic back then cost around $11.99. That same antibiotic now costs $34.99 a more than 200% increase.

What are ways we can fight back against the prices, lessening our burden? And, can Bitcoin which can help us buy our home also help us pay for our prescription drugs.

What Is The Cost Of Prescription Drugs

The average cost of medications has risen 11.3% this year with expectations of 11.6% next year. This isn’t just specialty medication (which has risen by over 18% this year), but all prescriptions across the board. That means your inhaler has gone up, your blood pressure medications, anything and everything that you need just to live a healthy life.

With the rise of prices without the rise of income, the trick is to find a way to cut costs.

You can switch to generics or less expensive brands, go though a preferred pharmacy, take advantage of free medication, or use a mail order.

Why Pay In Bitcoin?

If you have put any amount of your income into Bitcoin for safe keeping, or in hopes of increasing our income then using it may make sense to pay some bills. Other then that it’s another safe way of doing business that isn’t directly tied to your bank accounts providing another level of security when paying for things online.

Where Do You Buy Prescriptions With Bitcoin?

Once you have made your decision to pay with bitcoin it can be overwhelming to find a site that will allow you to do that. Going in to your local pharmacy isn’t likely to be successful, however you can find sites that will mail your prescriptions too you.

A quick google search will pull up what seems like nothing but black market, and illegal drugs for you to purchase. In researching this article a first I thought it may not be possible to find a site that will sell prescriptions for bitcoin. But after searching I was able to find The Swiss Pharmacy.

The Swiss Pharmacy had many reviews on other sites talking about how much people had saved and how quick the service was to get to them. To me that’s a win win, after working in the pharmacy for 10 years myself I know that the biggest complaint people have with mail order pharmacies is that they take too long to get their medication even running out before they receive it.

This Sounds A Little Illegal To Me

The first thing I asked, especially after looking at the initial search results, was is this legal. Again my years of working in the pharmacy also peaked my interest. Many of the sites selling prescriptions require no prescription to get it. I’m not sure how legally those sites operate or even the quality of the medication they use.

With The Swiss Pharmacy they require a prescription in order to send you anything. This makes me feel a lot better about using them verses other sites.

Yes You Can Use Bitcoin To Buy Prescription Drugs

With all of us trying to cut costs by any means, it’s great to see that Bitcoin can offer a safe way of buying drugs online. Reducing our cost for prescriptions and at the same time protecting our accounts.

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