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The Art of Writing Dispute Credit Letters

Many power users of credit have black marks in their history. When they show up, you need to know how to knock them off your credit report. Therefore, learning how to write a dispute credit letter is essential to repairing your credit.

You need to know exactly who to contact, how to frame your argument and what credit report errors are more important than others. Identity theft is very common and it is vital that you jump into action at the first sign that someone may have stolen your info. With those types of errors on your credit report, you are going to writing plenty of dispute credit letters. That is exactly what this post is for.

Know How Mistakes Happen

Furnisher Error

The banks, loan institutions and collection agencies that are considered “data furnishers” for credit reports are all staffed by human beings. Which is to say, they are not perfect. Errors made by data furnishers, such as attributing a missed payment to your report that was in fact missed by someone else, actually do happen.

Mixed files

Someone with the same name or a similar name may have their credit actions show up on your report. Be on the lookout for those types of screw-ups

Identity Theft

If someone has stolen your Social Security number and opened up a credit card in your name or applied for a loan, that could end up on your report. You need to know how to craft dispute credit letters in order to combat ID theft.

Old Debts Popping Up

Collection notices are supposed to age off of your report seven years and 180 days after first being noted as delinquent. However, sometimes those debts can change hands to third-party agents, which can muck up the start date of collection notices. Keep a sharp eye out for debts that should be off your report by the letter of the law.

Writing Dispute Credit Letters

There are a few hard & fast rules you want to follow:

Be clear and direct. Know exactly what you want to dispute and how you are going to go about it, before you even start writing. Spell out exactly what is inaccurate about the mistake on your credit report, so the credit bureau you are contacting has the right info. Provide a fix for the mistake.

Don’t start spouting off about federal statutes. The credit bureaus know the laws backwards and forwards. Just stating that you want to initiate a dispute is enough.

Be sure to include your return address. You need the bureaus to send their response to the correct place so you can respond in kind.

Send it by certified mail. Dispute credit letters need have documentation that they reached the right place at the right time.

Provide copies of documents that support your claim. Do Not Send Originals! They can get lost easily.

Be Wary of Credit Repair Companies

Especially ones that claim a guaranteed 100-point rise in your credit score. No company can make claims like that happen and such claims are illegal. Most typical errors can be fixed by writing dispute credit letters, filled with the correct information and making your care politely and concisely.

Utilizing a credit repair company may be necessary if there are errors or items on your credit report that require an additional dash of expertise and experience. Large, complicated identity theft cases, perhaps or a messy divorce settlement.

The bottom line is, learning how to write dispute credit letters is important for the health of your credit report and the fullness of your bank account. It is a very important skill to learn.


Chicago’s Newest Start-Up Helps you Save Money by Comparing Services

Bootler Full Logo Green-01Ever feel like you want to try out some new restaurants, but do not have the time or the money? I for one know how easy it is to get into the routine of eating the same things every single day, but it gets boring quickly. Luckily, I recently stumbled upon something that has helped me mix it up and change the way I eat meals.

While at work the other day, I felt like I wanted to try something new for lunch. My usual turkey sandwich and chips from the shop down the street were just not going to cut it for me. Unfortunately, I was not left with many choices. I could walk further and cut into my lunch time or I could order something. Ordering something seemed like the better option, but I didn’t want to waste extra money on delivery expenses. I began searching online to fulfill my appetite and I came across a new website called GoBootler.

GoBootler is a new Chicago Start-Up that makes ordering food online a lot easier and helps you save money. The directions are pretty straight forward, it’s really no nonsense. You can browse through restaurants by cuisine type or even just search a place you have been wanting to try.  You click on items you want, thus building your meal and then voila, GoBootler compares different delivery companies for the best price. I seriously had no idea how many delivery companies there were. After using this new site, I have saved money and my meals keep getting better and better!


How Business Owners Can Get Debt Help Without Declaring Bankruptcy

Are you a unlucky down and out business owner, constantly taking risky loans just to barely keep yourself afloat? Do you feel like you’ve mortgaged many years of your future just to be able to have a chance in the present? Are you simply behind on some of your regular monthly bills, feeling the pressure? Are you getting annoying phone calls from bill collectors every day, who are whittling away at your kindness or patience? If so, fear not, for there is a lifeline for you — one that could potentially solve these problems and help you get your financial life back on track.

Enter Fast Track Debt relief, a website created solely for setting up debtors with debt management experts who can easily and quickly set up debt consolidation programs with low monthly payments. It is very important to understand that debt free living usually can not be achieved overnight. The professionals over at Fast Track Debt Relief realize this and strive to get you, the client, the lowest monthly payment available for your qualified consolidated debt. Not only do they offer a free initial quote, they guarantee that you will only pay back your debt at a fraction of its original number.

Though plenty of people choose to declare bankruptcy, many debt gurus believe this to be a complete last ditch effort as it could greatly reduce one’s credit score. Think of a debt manager as a lawyer or CPA, except instead of being there to navigate you through taxes and law, they are here to help you maneuver through the complex world of debt. Would you rather go to trial, or have a lawyer cut you a deal? Would you rather get audited or have an accountant do your taxes? Similarly, would you rather declare bankruptcy, or hire a debt manager to lower and consolidate your debt and deal with the collectors? Don’t wait, fix your debt problem today!


Costs of trading CFDs


Trading CFDs like any other trading instrument is not free. If you are a trader you must know that. The most obvious costs of trading CFDs are the commission charges. Most traders accept the commissions as part of the trading process. The costs that most investors don’t know are the subtle ones such as CFD financing, costs involved in foreign currency exposure, and the spread costs.

All brokers including CMC charge their clients. One of the most popular questions asked by the traders is the costs of trading CFDs because they sometimes seem too good to trust. You may have encountered a broker that advertises low risk commission-free CFD accounts.

Some will even advertise a no loss CFD trading. All these claims are futile, and it is easy to understand why there is much skepticism when dealing with some of the brokers. The truth is that CFD trading has some costs associated with it including the small costs that are often overlooked by most traders.

When you read this article, you will not be skeptical anymore, because you will understand the truth about the costs of trading CFDs. You will not be vulnerable enough to believe the brokers that offer unrealistic deals.

Brokerage costs

Brokers that offer CFD trading charge their clients, though the charges are significantly less than the ones applied to shares.

The charging by different CFD brokerage firms depends on the type of service you receive from the broker. Most CFD brokers charge from 3usd, and the cost increases based on the service you receive. The types of services we are talking about include trading online, hiring an advisory service to execute your trades, or placing your order over the phone. In case you involve the use of advisory services, the trading cost can be extremely high because you give experts the permission to analyze the market for you, and make appropriate trading decisions on your behalf.

Trading CFDs using online platformTrading CFDs online is the cheapest way to trade. Most online brokers will charge a commission of 5 to 10 USD or 0.1%. When you trade higher volumes, you will be given discounts. Figure 1 shows an example of buying a CFD online. From this example, you can see the spread between the bid and the ask price, and the ease of putting the order.

Trading over the phone

The charges that are incurred by the investors when trading over the phone are quite higher than the ones incurred when trading online. Depending on the complexity of your order, you can pay anywhere from 0.125% to 0.35%. Interestingly, there are CFD brokers that will not offer an additional charge for putting your order over the phone.

Charges of using advisory service

The charges incurred when using advisory services are significantly higher than the other types of services. The brokers can offer up to 1% as the cost associated with the advisory service. In case you need a full advisory service, it is better to find the best broker that will make you profit in the market. You need a better compensation for the extra money you pay. To find the best broker that offers a full advisory service, ask for recommendations from your friends, or search for the best brokers in the internet.

Costs involved in accessing opportunities

Financing charge must be paid whether you are trading CFDs or stocks. Financing is an important part of business. Any professional investor understands that opportunities come at a cost. When you trade 5000 USD in the CFD market, you access opportunities that are many times your initial investment.

The brokers charge the CFD financing cost. CFD finance is a small portion of interest, which is debited from the investor’s account when a position is held overnight. As a rule, the open positions that exceed 5.00pm New York time qualify for an overnight CFD financing charge. If you open your CFD position, and close it before 5.00 pm New York time, you will not be charged the overnight financing charge, regardless of the size of your position.


As you have seen, costs are incurred when purchasing CFDs like in any other financial instrument. The costs incurred when buying or selling CFDs are significantly less than the ones incurred when buying or selling shares. As you have seen, there are costs incurred when opening a CFD position using the online platform, over the phone, and when using the advisory services. The financing costs are in the form of overnight interest charges for the positions that exceed a day. It is important to note that the costs are cheap when compared to the huge benefit you can get when trading CFDs.


When Cash Falls Short Before Your Next Pay, Choose a Loan You Can Trust

Ever feel like your household budget and your household expenses live in divergent realities? Try as you might to create an accurate forecast of your income and expenditures, real life has a way of making your plans moot with bills and repairs you had no idea were in your future. Strangely, they usually show up in your mailbox at the same time, compounding your problem. The suspension of your car goes out the same week you need to repair the leak in your water heater; or you get hit with cell phone bill overages the same day you took an unscheduled trip to the walk-in clinic. None of these you can avoid outright, yet with little extra money between now and your next paycheck, you may wonder how you can cover your responsibilities.


While your first thought might go to traditional lenders like banks, these institutions don’t provide quick or easy loans for those without stellar credit. Even those with a high credit rating will still need to wait for approval, which might be too long when you have a stack of time sensitive bills with impending due dates on your desk. When time is tight, a small dollar loan issued by a direct online lender is a preferred alternative.

Typically, these lenders don’t require the same in-depth evaluation of your financial history during your application. You don’t need to supply your credit rating, nor do you have to provide collateral (like your home) in order to qualify. In a streamlined online application, you need only prove that you’re an American over the age of 18 with a valid source of income, email address, and bank account. As a result, you can find out if you qualify very quickly.

The size of their loans, as well as their rates and terms of borrowing money, will also be different. Typically, they’re limited to $200 and $500 though they can increase to $1,000 should you choose a line of credit. What kind of financial product is available in your home state, as well as its size, is determined by your government’s laws. Each state has their own set of policies that regulate online lenders in order to ensure the products they offer are responsible sources of cash. When a lender follows these laws, they’re awarded a state license to do business. To see what options are endorsed in your state, make sure the lender you choose has its license.In places like Delaware, Illinois, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah, there are lenders like MoneyKey that provide products with extended repayment terms so as to lighten the load these loans place on your budget. If you live in any of these states and wish to learn more about this opportunity, check out

A loan or line of credit from a state licensed direct online lender is a practical alternative to traditional loans or credit that can be hard to qualify for. With it at your disposal, you can stay on top of those surprise expenses that keep trying to ruin your budget.