Get your finances in order, and get on with your life!

Retiring In Style

The world is an ever-changing place. In recent years, the economy has fallen and risen like a rogue wave. It cannot be trusted, rather like a playa. One minute it’s there for you, the next it just isn’t around. All your phone calls aren’t going to change that. When you’re working, you don’t need any of that bad karma affecting you later in life. One day you are going to realise that you are just too grey to function right. At this point you’re going to have to kick your heels up and relax. If you don’t get a retirement plan, you’re probably going to end up a dirty hippie. You don’t want that…unless you do. I know I didn’t. Here’s what I did to make sure when I got out I would be balling.

How You Can Make Your Future Safe

If you are one of those people who wants to be able to get out of work someday, buy a yacht and go sailing on the high seas, you need to see this (pun intended). What many people lack is the drive to actually make plans. Like, you could WANT to go parasailing after retirement, but there is huge possibility that you simply won’t start planning for it. If you want to have enough money to live out your golden years in style when you finally retire, you need a retirement plan!

Decide what you want to do. Think long and hard about what you want to do with your life. Also, think about your career right now. Do you see yourself going anywhere in the current line of work? Maybe you’re quite happy just the way you are right now. That’s cool. Just think about how you want to live out your retirement.

Get a retirement fund. This is pretty basic thinking. If you need money for retirement, you need an account that saves you money for it. This is usually called an Individual retirement Account or IRA for short. You can open one of these at almost any bank. Before you do though:

Think about security. The security of your IRA is very important. What if the market should go tits-up, as the expression goes? You’d be up a creek without a paddle. The only problem? You’d also be too wrinkly to dive out and swim for safety. What you need to do is secure your IRA money with physical assets. You could open a gold IRA. This would mean converting your IRA money into real gold! That’s pretty cool, right?

Have an IRA? No problem-o. You can simply do a gold IRA rollover. This means moving out all your retirement money from your current IRA into your new IRA, which can then be converted into gold. This is perfectly legitimate and is done by a lot of people.

Once you have a retirement account sorted out, (and with the gold feature no less) all you have to do is finalise just what percentage of your salary is credited to it every month. You can decide this based on what you want to do! Good luck, and stay golden.


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