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5 things you can do to help improve your finances

When your finances are not in the best shape or if you have money worries, it can affect many areas of your life. You may start to feel more stressed, become withdrawn, or even become angry that you can’t live your life the way you want. Relationships can suffer, and your mental health may even be affected too. 

If this sounds familiar to you – don’t panic. There are many things you can try that will help you save money, reduce outgoings and get things back in order again. Once you have things back in order, you could talk to a certified wealth manager to help you understand how you can manage your finances effectively to ensure that you never find yourself in a similar situation again in the future.

Here are 5 things you can do to help improve your finances.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Have you ever calculated how much you pay each month for TV, magazine, and other subscriptions? If not, give it a go, and you might be shocked at the total. If money is tight at the moment, cancel anything that you wouldn’t deem essential, and it could make a substantial impact on your bank balance. 

Cut up your credit cards

If you have a habit of buying things you can’t afford, one of the best ways to stop yourself from doing this is to cut up your credit cards. It will help remove any temptation you may have to buy unnecessary items and ensure that you only purchase things you can afford. 

Equity release

If you own your own home and need a lump sum of cash to pay off debt, fund your retirement or private care, or supplement your income, this may be something to consider. Equity release is a long-term loan secured against your property that is usually only paid back when you pass away or decide to sell your home. 

It’s not something that should be done without serious consideration, so, for more information, talk to an equity release advisor. They will establish if you are eligible and explain the terms and conditions to you. 

Reduce household bills

Reducing your monthly outgoings can have a drastic impact on your finances, so it’s worth taking the time to see where savings can be made. Reduce your energy bills by switching off lights and appliances when not in use, and don’t turn up the heating unless you have to. 

Use comparison sites to find the best deals for home and car insurance, and when your mobile contract is due for renewal, switch to a sim-only deal instead. Meal planning and online shopping can also help reduce your grocery spending each month, so it’s another great way to save some cash.

Use what you already have at home 

If, like millions of others, you have a habit of buying toiletries and such when you already have a cupboard full at home – stop!! Using up your existing supplies can save you a fortune and can become quite addictive too. 

You might be shocked at how little you spend when you only buy the things you need, so put it into action today and reap the benefits tomorrow!

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