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Bitcoin Stocks: Investing in Stock Markets With Bitcoin

Investing in the Stock Market With Bitcoin

Are you interested in investing in stocks using virtual currency such as Ethereum and Bitcoin? There are options available including Quantfury, which has apps available in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Quantfury describes itself as “a new paradigm of brokerage that guarantees its users execution of trades and/or investments for their requested size at back to back prices of global and crypto exchanges”. The brokerage bills itself as being fee-free where “maker” and “taker” fees and leverage fees are concerned.

Quantfury allows you to trade across a range of stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stock index futures, ETFs, and forex pairs. This is done using real-time trading via the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and many others. What’s more, Quantfury allows you to top up your account using cryptocurrency including the previously mentioned Ethereum and Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Tether, Dash, and others.

As you might have guessed from the above descriptions, it’s possible to use Quantfury to trade in overseas markets such as Asia and Europe. Users may leverage their cryptocurrency as collateral on the platform in return for trading power to make investments in markets. Quantfury does not bet against its users through spreads, fees, and market prices.

Minimum Deposits and Fees

Abra provides similar trading services to Quantfury with its users being able to invest in ETFs, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and fiat. Investors on the platform use bitcoin as collateral to gain exposure to different asset classes.

The Abra official site includes a reference to interest-bearing accounts for cryptocurrencies. “Earn up to 10% interest p.a. on cryptocurrencies and US dollar stablecoins” which is accomplished by transferring funds from your investment account to the interest-bearing Abra account.

Naturally, this means that funds you wish to invest will not be earning interest, and funds that do earn interest would need to be transferred back to the trading account to be used. It’s a good option for those who structure their investments to move profits into the interest-bearing account and continue working with the original principal amount rather than reinvesting the profits from trading.

Risk Management

Using Bitcoin in the stock market is not risk-free. Like most investments, your risk of losing investments will increase with certain kinds of trading and if you intend to day trade in any context (whether you plan on using Bitcoin in the stock market or not) you should fully understand the rules of day trading and what it means for your funds if you fail to follow certain procedures at the end of each trading day. Abra and other trading resources routinely warn their users that funds are tied to private keys, which in the case of Abra are secured in the Abra app. The first rule of risk management is to maintain control and safety of your mobile device you use to conduct Abra transactions, Bitcoin trades, etc. Never use an unsecured phone to invest in any case whether using Bitcoin, “real” currency, etc. Never relinquish possession of the phone which contains your private keys.

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