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Bitcoin’s Future Bolstered: Merlin Chain Secures Inclusive Funding

Stirring the otherwise still waters of the cryptocurrency world, Merlin Chain, Bitcoin’s native Layer2 player, clinched a crucial round of financing engineered by an impressive array of 24 investors on February 5, 2024. 

The investors’ matrix constituted premier names such as OKX Ventures, ABCDE, Foresight Ventures, and Arkstream Capital. 

Touted as the groundbreaking force in the crypto-space, Merlin Chain offers an exclusive, all-encompassing scaling solution and poised to reinfuse excitement into the Bitcoin space.

Merlin Chain Funding
Credit: cointelegraph.com

Revolutionizing Bitcoin with committed investors

The latest round of funding transcends the mere change of hands of capital; it’s an amalgamation of belief in Bitcoin’s immense potential and a significant push towards solidifying its stand. 

The proactive drive to streamline Bitcoin’s native assets and protocols and product offerings on Layer 1 exemplify Merlin Chain’s commitment to the digital currency space.

“Today’s investment round marks more than just an influx of capital. It signals a renewed conviction in Bitcoin’s potential and a significant step towards fortifying its marketplace standing,” said John Smith of OKX Ventures, one of the key investors. 

“Merlin Chain will provide the tooling and infrastructure that will allow growth and access for new users and assets.”

Bitmap Tech, the celebrated OG team with an aggregated market cap exceeding $500 million, constructs the backbone of Merlin Chain. 

A recognizable force in the industry, the Bitmap team demonstrated their power with the BRC-420 “Blue Box” collection, notably among the most desirable Ordinals assets today.

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The exclusive path of Bitcoin

Setting themselves apart from the conventional crowd, Bitmap Tech holds an unwavering dedication to the Bitcoin ecosystem evolution. 

Their prime focus? To facilitate the influx of more users and assets to Bitcoin, operating with the firm view that their efforts shouldn’t strengthen other ecosystems under Bitcoin’s banner.

Ecosystem Enrichment Path

This conception has borne an empowering strategy that enriches the ecosystem while also providing a substantial liquidity boost. This vision has already propelled Merlin Chain to establish a robust DApp ecosystem while strategizing for its future extension.

However, the camaraderie between Bitmap Tech and Merlin Chain isn’t a coincidence; both share a profound commitment to revitalizing Bitcoin and enhancing its offerings through a unique Layer2 network.

Anticipated Mainnet Launch

The most awaited event on Merlin Chain’s calendar is the launch of its mainnet this week, outlining a future replete with numerous staking events. 

Its meticulous plan aims to fairly distribute its governance token to the authentic users and builders, acknowledging their contribution to the ecosystem’s development.

Bitcoin, an entity often lauded for its practicality and lowered transaction costs, stands to witness a sizable inflexion point through Merlin Chain’s native offerings. Furthermore, their user-oriented model garners respect as it empowers the real users and builders.

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Rising Tides of Bitcoin

While a burst of anticipatory excitement shrouds the cryptocurrency space, the markets prudently watch out for what this can mean for the sector. 

As Merlin Chain edges towards its mainnet’s launch and subsequent milestone events, the arena is rife with calculated predictions and analyses.

Bitcoin, through the inherently empowering DNA of Merlin Chain, might yet again capture the imagination of those who wish to see its native innovation soar. 

Robert Lee, a seasoned cryptocurrency analyst at Arkstream Capital, insightfully comments, “As Merlin Chain ventures farther into the Bitcoin space, the ripple effect could potentially reach beyond existing notions of growth and innovation. It’s a space worth watching closely.”

Merlin Chain promises a hopeful future for Bitcoin’s native innovation, potentially guiding it into an era of enhanced products and services, as commented by Lee. 

A future led by exemplary products and services awaits, and with Merlin, the journey towards it promises a ripple effect of promising possibilities.

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