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Donald Cerrone’s Net Worth

Donald Cerrone's Net WorthEver wonder what professional fighters make? They do it for the money don’t they so they must have a lot. Let’s take a look at Donald Cerrone’s net worth and see what we can learn from it.


Donald Cerrone was born on March 29th, 1983 in Denver Colorado. As a child he was diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder).

He attended Air Academy High School which was when his parents got a divorce. This led Donald Cerrone to live with his grandparents. It was also at this time that he was introduced to fighting.


His amateur career started in high school, but his professional career started in 2006. Starting in the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) and than the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) when they merged in 2010, Donald Cerrone fought in the lightweight division and than in 2016 switched to the Welterweight Division.

Donald Cerrone’s Net Worth

Donald Cerrone’s Net worth is $5 million. He has made this money through a good career as a UFC fighter, however he didn’t allow all of his income to come from that.

He has also made a considerable amount of income from endorsements such as Budweiser, EZGO, Monster Energy, On Nit, and Harley-Davidson. Allowing him to ride a nice motorcycle as well as his pride, a Lamborghini.

He has also started a podcast, or “partycast” as he calls it, providing even more exposure and income.

Lessons Learned

We like to think that people with money have things handed to him, but as we have learned from other net worth articles, that’s not the case. Donald Cerrone’s net worth has grown over time by hard work, not only during a fight, but the training that goes in to each and every fight. It also took time to grow his brand allowing him to get his sponsorship’s, endorsements, etc.

We too need to work hard with everything we do, whether that’s starting a side hustle, freelancing, or whatever else work hard. It’s going to take time to grow our brand or business but we need to be determined and focused, not just when it matters but when no one sees the work we are doing.

Donald Cerrone also didn’t but all his eggs in one basket. He makes money from fighting as well as the endorsements, as well as his podcast. He has multiple streams of income allowing him to not rely soly on one type of income.

That is exactly what we need to do grow multiple streams of income. If you learn nothing else from this site learn that you need to grow multiple income streams. Consider if you have a job making $5000 a month and you lose it, unless you have a lot of money in savings you’re going to be in trouble. However if you have 5 side hustles all making $1000 and you lose one then you’re still making $4000 meaning you’re not in as much trouble.

Our net worth will likely never be the same as Donald Cerrone’s net worth, but if we learn from him than likely much of our financial problems will go away.


Syndicate’s Net Worth, How To Make Money Playing Video Games

Syndicate's Net Worth, How To Make Money Playing VEver wanted to play video games and get paid? Syndicate’s net worth shows us that it is possible.

Who Is Syndicate

Syndicate is really Tom Cassell a 24 year old millionaire. He rose in fame since 2010 where he started his YouTube channel TheSyndicateProject where he currently has over 10,000,000 subscribers.

What started as a hobby lead to him leaving school to pursue the lifestyle he wanted to live. With over 25,000,000 views on his most popular video the ad revenue alone would produce enough income to live on for a long time. Just that one video could have produced between $125,000 and $200,000 so far and it is continuing to have views.

Though he started attending college, he left as he felt he could make enough money to support himself with his vlogging career, a decision that paid off.

How A Hobby Grew To A Job

Though now he is one of the largest gaming vloggers in the world he didn’t start out that way. When he started it was just a hobby for him, since he loved video games and thought he could get others to enjoy it with him.

He focused on Halo, Modern Warfare 2, and later on Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies, all games he enjoyed before he started getting paid to play them.

What Is Syndicate’s Net Worth?

Syndicat’s net worth is currently around $4.72 million. Not bad for someone who plays video games.

He earned this money mostly through the views on his YouTube channel, but he got those views by constantly putting out good videos people would actually want to see. He currently has 3.227 videos ranging from him playing games, to him and his dad hanging out.

Though it seems like what he does is easy, he has put in work. First, he has to get good enough at those games that people would be willing to listen to him play them. It may be fun but it can also be work to get that good at anything.

Second, he has actively sought the notice of others, working out deals with other gamers, as well as companies, trying to get his name and brand out there to make this income.

Third, he put all his eggs in the basket. He quit school and really didn’t have a backup he had to make this work, and he succeeded.

What We Learn From Syndicate’s Net Worth

If I was able to make videos all day and get to Syndicate’s net worth of $4.72 million I probably wouldn’t be writing this article. But there are some things that I, and you can learn from his net worth.

First, find something you can see yourself doing for hours a day. He plays video games and loves doing it but I don’t. I can’t stand playing a game for hours and hours, feels like a waste of time to me. But I do enjoy reading, writing, and teaching all things that have allowed me to make a living without having a boss.

Second, just because something looks easy, doesn’t mean it is. Yes his videos look easy to make, but that just means he put a lot of work into it. We too need to make sure whatever we’re working on is the highest quality it can be otherwise no one will buy it or us.

Third, go all in. Sometimes we can take our time and try to see if something will work, and other times we need to go all in and count on it working.


Gary Vaynerchucks Net Worth

Gary Vaynerchucks Net WorthThe best way to reach our goals is to look at people who have got to where we want to go and do what they did. Gary Vaynerchuck is a guy who has accomplished so much, and we should learn as much as possible from him.

Who is Gary Vaynerchuck?

Gary is a media consultant, wine seller, best selling author, and sought after speaker. He is most known for his eccentric speeches about working hard, and how much time we waste in our lives. He doesn’t think everyone is made out to be an entrepreneur like himself but instead only those willing to work hard. So in essence, not everyone will do it but anyone could do it.

How Did Gary Vaynerchuck Make His Money?

In 1999 Gary took over his fathers wine library business which at the time was making 3 million annually. He used his media skills, starting a online video series teaching people about wine, and grew that business to a $60 million business.

After that amazing accomplishment he started teaching others, and started his own media company that helps huge clients grow their business much in the same way he grew his own.

He also has become a best selling author, several times, with books such as Crush It!, The Thank You Economy, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, and #AskGaryVee. Bringing in not only a large influx of cash right away but passive income for the rest of his life.

As if all of those things weren’t enough income for Gary Vaynerchuk he is also a motivational speaker. Charging, by some reports, well over $100,000 per speech.

What Is Gary Vaynerchucks Net Worth?

Celebrity net worths posted that Gary Vaynercuks net worth was $10 million, when he read it he laughed and said that it’s probably closer to $100 million. In January of this year however he stated that his net worth currently sits at $200 million dollars.

What We Learn

Gary didn’t grow up wealthy, he wasn’t handed $400 million dollars. He was given the operation of a million dollar business but instead of resting on what was handed to him he grew it to so much more. The numbers speak for themselves, Gary has grown and created an amazing empire.

Gary’s philosophy on entrepreneurship is that not everyone is made out for it, though anyone could be. Do we want to be the one that he says isn’t “made for it”, or the one who succeeds.

Gary took what he knew and gave so much free stuff that people were happy and willing to pay for more. Many times we are hesitant to help or teach anyone anything we know for fear that we may lose out on some money. If we provide the best free stuff around, then when we do try to sell or ask for money people will be more than happy to pay for more, especially for more contact with you.

Gary is also willing to do things no one else will, he sacrifices time with his family, sleeps less than most people, and many other things. Are we willing to make sacrifices? Are we willing to spend less time with friends and family? Or hold off on having a family all together to reach our long term goals. We need to decide what’s the most important thing for us and work as hard as possible towards that.


What To Do Financially If You Are Going To Jail

What To Do Financially If You Are Going To JailAfter discussing what your credit score will look like with incarceration, I think it’s also important to discuss what to do if you are going to jail. Obviously you did something that may require money to care for, but what about other things? And more important what to do financially if you are going to jail?

Figure Out Who You Trust

The first, and most important thing for you to do is decide who it is you trust the most. Not just who you should trust but who you actually trust. Too many people feel a good friend, or even a family member can be trusted only to find out that when they get out they are now broke.

Once you decide who it is you can trust with your money set up a joint checking account. That person will then use that account to pay your mortgage, car loan, credit cards, etc. They can also send money to you in prison to buy things in there (which will be at a HUGE markup).

If there is truly no one that you feel you can trust, you may want to look into hiring a law firm that will care for your bills in your absence.

Speak To Your Lenders

Before going to jail it may be wise to call your lenders and see if there is anything they can do for you. It’s likely they won’t be able to do anything but note that you won’t be available.

They can also freeze your account so no one can try to open any accounts in your name while you’re gone. This may be good, as no one can steal your identity, but may also make it difficult for those you want to care for your finances.

Check In When You Can

Once you’re in prison it’s important that you check in every chance you can. Depending on which prison you’re in and the privileges you are given you may be able to make phone calls, have visitors, or at a minimum write letters to those who are caring for your finances.

But First, Don’t Go To Jail

Now once you have made your decisions, and done what you’ve done, there really is no way to get out of jail. You have had your day in court and lost. But just as a thought the best thing you can do for your finances in the first place is to not go to jail.

If you are in a situation that you feel you can’t get out of, if you need help, go to someone. See a therapist, go to the police, call a friend, check yourself in to a hospital. There is no end to the places that can help you when you’re in need. Take advantage of them before you’ve gone to far and then you’ll never have to worry about what to do financially if you are going to jail.


How Incarceration Impacts Your Credit Score

How Incarceration Impacts Your Credit ScoreSo you’ve made some mistakes in your life and you now have to pay for them. You have been sentenced to 8 months incarceration and are concerned about your finances. You don’t have much debt, a little on credit cards, a car payment, and a mortgage. Actually wow you do have a lot of debt, you’ve never really thought about it before. So now you have all kinds of questions and worries like how incarceration impacts your credit score?

How Incarceration Impacts Your Credit Score

The very short answer is that incarceration doesn’t affect your credit score at all. You won’t get a lower score simply for being incarcerated. Now don’t leave thinking you got your answer because as simple as it sounds, it’s actually far more complicated.

Though your score won’t be affected by being incarcerated, being incarcerated can affect your credit score by not allowing you to pay your debts. While incarcerated you won’t have access to a smart phone, a computer, and in some instances even a landline phone. There really is no way to pay your bills.

Let’s look at the 3 most common debts and how they will be affected while incarcerated.

Credit Cards

With the average credit card debt at $16,748 odds are that you will have at least some credit card debt to pay off. Not only that but some credit card companies will actually close your account if they discover you have been incarcerated. This isn’t because your credit is necessarily bad now just that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to continue to make payments and so they close it to lessen their risk.

Car Loans

If you have gone to a car lot lately to buy a car, then you may be well aware of why the average price is now nearly $30,000 for a car. If when you are incarcerated you just bought a new car or are still making payments on one than this can have a huge impact on your credit score while incarcerated.


Whether you bought your house at the peak of the boom, or got a great deal on it, the odds are that you still have a long way to go to paying it off completely. This will likely be the largest of the debts you have to pay while incarcerated and can also have the biggest affect on your life when you are released.

If you default on your mortgage not only will you not have a place to live when you are released but all the things inside the house, which you won’t be able to remove, will be lost as well.

How To Make Sure Your Credit Stays Good

The easiest and best way to make sure your credit stays good is to never be incarcerated in the first place. The second best way is to find someone you trust and have a joint account opened so that they can continue to pay your credit cards, car loans, and mortgage while you are incarcerated.

Another option may be to sell all of those things and pay off the loans. You won’t need a car or a house for months or even years depending on how long you will be incarcerated so selling them and having the loans payed off may be in your best interest. You may even make enough money to pay off the credit card debt meaning you could leave prison debt free.