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How Much Does A 2 Liter Full Of Dimes Really Save?

How Much Does A 2 Liter Full Of Dimes Really Save-After scouring the internet for all types of money challenges centered around dimes I found 2 things to be true. First, everyone loves talking about having a 2 liter full of dimes. And second, it seems almost no one has done it.

On Pinterest you can find thousands of pictures that say you can save $400, $500, $600, or even $700 dollars by putting every dime you come across into a 2 liter bottle. You may even have enough to try your luck Zipang Casino which is ジパングカジノ in Japanese.
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The Age Old Question, Do You Tip House Painters?

The Age Old Question, Do You Tip House Painters-

We all know that we should tip our waitress, hair dresser, and maids (if you have one…that is). But who else should we tip? You would never consider tipping your Doctor or Lawyer would you? What about workers on your house? What about painters? Do you tip house painters?

How Much Do Painters Make?

According to Payscale the median hourly rate for a painter is $15.00. If a job takes a 8 hour day then that painter will makes $120 before taxes. Jobs can range in length from a day to a week depending on the size of the house. On top of paying for the actual painter, the materials, license, insurance,  and experience of the person you hire all go into consideration of the price you will be charged.

After seeing a job well done, and paying your large bill, it may be ridiculous to you to then give the painter a tip. And they will not be expecting it. However there are some very good reasons to tip house painters.

Why Do You Tip House Painters?

When we go out to eat we think nothing of tipping. Some of us may have even tried to impress someone by how much we tip. However when it comes time to tip someone who does a big job we are hesitant. But what if our painter did a good job. Not just an as expected job but they went above and beyond. They painted exactly what we asked them too, made sure the yard stayed in good condition, the windows didn’t get any dirt or paint on them, and everything looked amazing when they left. When people do their job well they should receive some sort of additional compensation for that.

Another reason to tip is for the future. If in the future you need to hire that painter for another job but he has another person also wanting to hire him. He will have to choose which one will get priority. Will it be the knew customer he has never worked with? Or, the customer who not only paid on time last time but gave an additional tip to go along with the payment?

How Much Do You Tip House Painters?

After we have decided we are going to tip our house painters the next question is how much? A good amount is 10% to 15%. If the cost is $1000 and they do it a day early and keep everything tidy then they should be closer to the 15% ($150 in this case). However if they didn’t do that great of a job, it took longer then expected, or they have to come out and fix some things they missed I wouldn’t tip.


While tipping a house painter is unnecessary, it can be good to do. Not only do insure that in the future your work is likely given priority you also show gratitude to the painter. You could also “tip” them with things like food and drink while painting. Or you could “tip” them with more work whether for you or someone you know.

What’s important is that you make sure those who you hire feel appreciated so that not only are they willing to work with you again, but they are willing to send quality people to do other things for you. A great house painter knows a great floor guy, and a great cabinet guy, and anything else. They love to help out those who they work with by sending them great customers like you who tip them.


Sandile Shezi’s Net Worth And What We Learn From It

Sandile Shezi's Net Worth And What We Learn From ItHave you ever been told you’re not good enough? That you come from the wrong neighborhood? Or that you’re too young to reach your goals? Then learning about Sandile Shezi’s net worth and career can help you find the confidence to not listen to that noise.

Sandile Shezi’s Net Worth And Career

Sandile Shezi is the youngest millionaire in South Africa at only 23 years old. He started making money at the even younger age of 12 when he started selling muffins at school. He used the money to invest into Forex trading and starting what would later be his empire.

At 12 he wasn’t thought of as entrepreneurial for selling muffins, instead he was laughed at. But those humble beginnings didn’t slow him down. In fact well in college he began making so much money on the side that he left school in order to make keep up.

He didn’t leave it at that though, once he had made his money he went back and got his degree, showing he wasn’t interested only in money but also interested in education.

Though he made sure to receive education, he never took any type of training on Forex trading. He, through trial and error, was able to learn enough to not only make extra money but make more then most people make in their lifetimes.

As of last count Sandile Shezi’s net worth stands at $2.3 million. This money was made through hard work and determination with Forex trading. He then co-founded the Global Forex Institute offering free and paid trainings on Forex trading.

What is Forex Trading?

Essentially, forex trading is the act of simultaneously buying one currency while selling another, primarily for the purpose of speculation. Currency values rise (appreciate) and fall (depreciate) against each other due to a number of factors including economics and geopolitics. The common goal of forex traders is to profit from these changes in the value of one currency against another by actively speculating on which way forex prices are likely to turn in the future. – CityIndex

Forex trading is how Sandile Shezi’s net worth grew to the point it is. Going all the way back to when he was 12 and continuing till he reached millions only 9 years later at 23.

Now are you going to make that much money from Forex trading? Not likely, but you could possibly replace your 9 to 5 income, or even just pay for a vacation you have been wanting to go on.

Lessons Learned From Sandile Shezi’s Net Worth And Career

You are never to young to start making money, or growing a business. Whether it’s delivering newspapers, walking dogs, or mowing lawns, don’t let your age stop you. You can be great at something at 20, you can bring success to yourself if you are willing to put in the work. Things aren’t going to just come out of they sky, but if you are willing to put in the work you can reach your goals even at an early age.

Risking it all can sometimes be a good idea. Sandile Shezi put all of his money for school into investing and could have lost everything. Instead he grew his net worth to larger than most reach in their life. Though having a safety net is something most if not all recommend, when you have confidence in something and know it will work then risking it all into it sometimes pays off.




What Is Your Starting Credit Score? And Why Is It Important?

What Is Your Starting Credit Score And Why Is It ImportantOne of the most important things anyone should know about themselves is their credit score. But few know what their starting credit score was, or for some what it is.

Why is it important for us to pay attention to? And what can we do to make sure our credit score starts and continues to be good.

What Is Your Starting Credit Score?

If I asked you that what would you give me as an answer? 300 because that’s the lowest it can be? 850 because your score should be perfect since there are no negatives? Or, somewhere in between like the median of 687?

Truth is your starting credit score is simply nothing, or more specifically “no record found”. Whenever someone attempts to run your credit that’s what they’ll see until you get some sort of credit.

When Do You Have An Actual Score?

If you start with nothing, how long does it take to have something? Once you get your first credit card, or loan, etc. You don’t immediately have a credit score.

If you get a credit card and start using it, and pay the balance off every month (which shouldn’t be much) then after 3 months your starting credit score of “no record found” will now be “too new to rate”.

After 6 months however, you will finally have a score. This score will be based on those 6 months of credit use. Did you max out your card every month and not pay the whole thing off? Did you never make a single payment on it? Did you use just a little money and paid it as soon as the statement came in? All of these will have a impact on your credit.

I Have A Score Now Can I Make A Big Purchase?

If after 6 months you decide you want the newest sports car and go to the dealership to get it, you will likely be disappointed.

Even if you have a good score, say 720 to 800, the loan will be difficult to get. The reason is unlike your starting credit score your current score doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes you may have spent 6 months doing everything right. But, the loan officer will see that you only have 6 months of credit and your limit is only $1000 so why would they risk giving you a $40,000 car loan with such little history?

That’s not to say you can’t buy a car, you very well could get a loan through a credit union, or having a friend or family member co-sign a loan for you.

You Start From Nothing Don’t Waste It

Your starting credit score of “no record found” is a good thing. You have nothing negative on your score and you have the option to keep it that way. For the majority of people they have already negatively affected their credit scores in ways that only time will repair. But starting at nothing means you can never make those mistakes, you can get a fantastic credit score in 6 months. You can then continue to grow that score until you get a perfect score, or at least one that’s pretty close.

Finally, for more on this consider checking out pro finance blog’s article on ways to improve your credit score – its does a pretty good job of connecting the dots for you. also has really excellent posting on 4 ways you can monitor your credit for free. Check it out if you get a chance.



Tips to Make 2017 Taxes Less Traumatic

forms-2004856_640Some people find tax time each year to be a traumatic experience, whether they prepare their own taxes or have someone else prepare it for them. However, the good news is that there are ways to make tax time less painful so if you dread that time of year, follow these tips to make it so much simpler.

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